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Field Report: Tuesday London Newsflash

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Field Report: Tuesday London Newsflash
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

UPDATE: Smoothdate TUESDAY July 19th 2005. 352am Venue: London's West End.

Around 12am a text comes thru, it's HBRagdoll in Glasgow, she's saying "Come
back to lovely Scotland!" And her roommate has done a bunk so there's a room
spare" and hmm.. I might just have to come back for a while..

I CRIED coming out of my last set last night. My opener was an interesting one,
to an asian girl. Didn't expect the brunette to come along into set to join
her, she became my target. Italians were fighting in Charing X Road. Police
stopped, got the dogs out. Woof! I said to the girl..
SMOOTH: "OMG I love it, dogs are so great!" HBBOLLY: "I prefer cats". SMOOTH:
(Not getting into her frame) "If you were a dog which one would you be..?" HER:
"bla bla.." SMOOTH: I would be an alsatian cuz they are strong, leaders, they
take charge and they do a good job in the Police Force, see how that dog
stopped that fight? Props!" Etc etc..
Vibed a lot on India, of which I have been to, switched sexual state, invited
chick to feel my ass cuz I am a 'CK Ass Model', she had a nice long feel, Kino
tested her shoulder gradually touched her and released slowly, kino going well,
felt bad about HBAsian, so involved her but really you can't hide it, you have
to weight the kino out properly sometimes. I would say 70:30.

Spelled my name out on HBDancerTonguePierced palm very gently while her eyes
are closed. She told me she couldn't tell the name, was enjoying the feeling of
it. I did it again and busted her when she didn't get it right, she smiled a
little and I was getting hard looking at her in sexual state. Very nice sexual
state going on there. Walked them to bus stop and tongued her down before she
ran to her bus, she would have missed it for the finale, I cut it short on a
high and I'll follow it up. They live in a nice part of London too, so bonus.
Main points as well were that the kino was important. A few hugs to BOTH of
them, saying "I love girls!" appreciating their conversation style kino. Some
kino as reward or assumed to them as that, in a manipulative playerish way. The
target a little longer kino, a little more touching, as I vary attention to
keep their buying temps up enough to keep them at hook point as long as I want
them there.

I cried coming out of set. Real strange emotion. It was like my circuits were
fried at the end of the sarge, and I was overwhelmed by the experience. Gather
round and listen cuz.. I CRIED AFTER A SARGE. The energy was SO overwhelming
during hte sarge, when I kissed HBDancerTonguepierced it was like we both
assumed bf gf status it was very easy, I know this has the potential 2 progress
really well. Just because I came out of state so quickly, like I was playing a
role, yet the emotions were so high in there. Such a quick state shift that it
overwhelmed me. Any other guys (veterans) had this?

There's a POWERFUL love chemical going down and girls can smell it, it was my
2nd set of the night and 2nd success. ALL girls were fucking hot.
Gamewise, I know a fucking LOT about seduction, I know what I am doing with a
girl. I project that I guess and I am happy to know more and keep on knowing.
Guys should adopt this. Instead of looking looking looking. Appreciate what you
have and what you know and start to be happy about it. You're all probably
streets ahead of the next guy.

Thought about the HBModel. How could I be so beautiful and feminine, female
minded to other girls and be such an ass to the Model? It's not right. I should
do something about it.

UPDATE: Smoothdate TUESDAY July 19th 2005. 1:00am Venue: London's West End.
Outside after party for Fab Four.

Missed chance to sarge Ms. Osbourne. She left early. Another time.

Vibed with my pap friend and vibed about picking up chicks. He loves me.

Walked off n left him to go into Lesta Square, met up with HBNightclub. I have
a sunglasses fetish and I had EIGHT pairs with me. She borrowed a pair. She
still sucks at getting guys into nightclubs. I help her and get guys in
straightaway. Persuasion and influence skills guys ;).

She shows me a girl she loves, she's Italian, I sarge her and instantly she
asks where I am from, I give HBNightclub a 'knowing look' even tho she doesn't
realise the significance of such an IOI yet.

Opened a 2 set coming out of a club. They were great fun, comedy from then and
to them all the way, I really excelled in flow with humor and so did they,
kinoing both and one of them harder. I love this girl even if she was eating
beef jerky from the 24hr..grr. No tonguedown for you lady. Will tweak her into
what I want maybe and she'll get my dick. Great rack on her. Solid vibing,
HBNightclub dropped into set I told them she's bi, they were into it. She FONE
style, The sexual chemistry was there thru the busting and kino but they aren't
totally sure. They love me and say we have to go out again etc. I leave them
and walk back into West End some more.

HBNightclub txt'd me at 3am but it didn't come thru, calls me at 12pm the next
day Monday, I told her I was busy skydiving. Grr she gets a tx from this 40 yr
old guy who's tooling her with other chicks, she sends him a tx saying 'i want
to suck your cock' he gives her a time to meet him and she's like she's WON THE
LOTTERY. I said this was lame and you need to get a grip, "he's playing u".
Guys know ne good techs to completely wipe this guy away? BF destroyers I guess
and sub-m locale stuff?

I just feel like doing it. She makes a good pivot.

OMG I bumped into the HBPolish girl was difficult. She said she felt awkward
cuz I bumped into her at the 24hr and I said bye and didnt' hang around. That
will teach her for not answering when I said "Where's my invite to your place?"
I was looking real groomed and nice. She's like "So what's the score, I felt
really awkward, what's going down?". To be honest I don't care too much I went

SMOOTH: "You know what London's like, it moves pretty fast".

She looked dissapointed. Said she was sad, needed a place to get away. London
etc, she is always so tired moan moan, only gets pleasure from buying clothes
etc, works so hard. She can buy me some I will hint at her ass that if she does
she'll get some more love hahahaa.

MORE SMOOTH: "I have been mad busy, I don't recieve my texts sometimes, they
are so irregular.. VERY SUBTLE HINT TO HER TO GET WITH IT.."

She's really upset, so I hold her hand, turn it over and hold it a bit. Tell
her to call me after she finishes nightclub around 3am. She doesn't call,
meanwhile I have sarged another 2 x 2sets for my harem which is builing nicely.

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