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Field Report, NextDayLR: HBRagdoll, street sarge, day2 fuck

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Field Report, NextDayLR: HBRagdoll, street sarge, day2 fuck
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

FR, NextDayLR: HBRagdoll, street sarge, day2 fuck close

It's been really busy at Smoothmethod, sorry to all the guys that I haven't yet
replied to, either for advice, or workshop applications. Videos coming soon.
Here's something that started on Wednesday and carried onto Thursday. It's
like Friday 10th June now and I am off to get some more numbers and closes.
Later.. Enjoy.

Wednesday: I would give her an 8. Ragdoll. Here it goes..

Amazing day, the sun is out. Walking into town. I Feel good. Open a half
Italian girl, didn’t get enough rapport, cockblock just back from a flight,
couldn’t be bothered closing it.

Then I am walking down the road to a 2 set in the street with my wingman, I
approach and open. My target is HBRagdoll. The other girl we’ll call
HBCurrystain. I look around bored as they answer, look at my watch and
fractionate, say I have to go in a bit. As if I am bored of them already.
This was money, set the qualifying frame, they’re emotional girls and they are
just falling into the SmoothGuy trap.

Hit HBRagdoll with a cold read, can’t be bothered remembering which, she went a
little ddb and then the set flowed after hook point. We’re keeping intrigue
high and not telling them what we do. I said ‘We’re playboys, have a good
time.…I’m a gigolo, but relax, friendship is free”. Hugging them both, their
temp keeps going up and I back off and come in again to pump them.

What worked well in this sarge..

This other girl (not the target) has like curry on her top. The negs were
good, one in particular.. “Omg! Eww man, you’re a nice girl with a nice
figure, but you’re dirty, look at those dirty clothes, don’t you have a washing
machine….i guess you’re OK tho…Yea you’re cool, but you should really get a
washing machine”. She is simping and laughing. Good to break her into the set
a little.

She starts to get embarrassed and decides to hide behind her friend and is
hugging her.

HBRagdoll = I could see lots of attraction. Her eyes keep on shooting around
my body and up at me, very strong attraction, I expect it since my value is
higher than hers without trying. My wing was talking with HBCurrystain and we
were talking across them. I move her to my wing’s right side, so we were
facing each other, and her buying temp SHOOTS UP IN THE AIR. Moving her like a
stone and just watching her, kino her and watch her gulp. Nothing she would
ever have experienced before from a guy. She acted very obedient and
regressional. It was very masterly and controlling yet she submitted and was
starting to get very horny. Moving her very firmly with my hands on shoulders.
We are on our own, I cut in, she starts babbling like a fool, then SHE goes
into a qualifying babbling spree of wide and deep rapport. Going into deeper
and deeper inner feelings. I keep on cutting in close and I enjoy pumping her
sexual buying temp up and down many many times. PUMP PUMP PUMP baby. You hug
her and pull away. You keep doing it
Then hug her and she knows you might kiss her. Buying temperature spiking up
and down like a yoyo.

Thursday: Next day, I finish her off, very easy, no resistance, she’s like a
ragdoll in my hands. This is how it went..I go out and sarge a 2 set in the
park. Nice sarge, I’ll post about that another time. Write a txt like.. “call
me, I am in town”. She calls straightaway, she’s calling me “babe” on the fone
and I say that she is not my babe, but she might be if she’s cool enough to
hang with us. I keep her waiting while I sarge this set and fool around
groping and kissing them rockstar style..

Going into the West End high street and sarged everything coming towards me,
got instant closes, I am really firing. Close a couple of easy sets and go to
the City Centre and eventually I go. We get there and she’s waiting there very
patiently and she looks really fit. Really nice top, a little punky looking.
I am going to have fun here.

Lots of cocky n funny, value building stuff that I might edit this post up and
add to. Then, we’re both sitting there. I am talking how people don’t live
their lives to the full they’re not adventurous enough yada yada. My wing goes
and gets a nice surprise for dinner and we’re there talking, I cut in and
tongue her down and have some fun. She likes this, lots and lots of hugs. I
went in for the hug first of all. I think I say something in conversation
about how Ozzy Osbourne is “really wild and he does things like… this…” and I
start kissing her.

Anyway, I bullshit that I have to go back, my wing and I have been filming with
my digicam all day and we need another battery, she can come with if she wants
to. Of course she does. No resistance, she’s my puppydog now! Ok, so off we
all go, having nice esoteric convo, I KNOW it’s on now. This is easy stuff so
I stop gaming her but keep the high value going.

We get home, she loves the leather couch, we get comfy, I tongue her down a few
times and my wing is doing 80s songs “name that tune” on the net. We’re
listening to all sorts of stuff and we watch Scarface, and tonguedown a lot.

She’s like the cool guy’s girl now and very easy talking and stuff. I take her
out into kitchen and rub up on her at the kitchen sink, she nearly leans over
and puts her head in the bowl backwards. I say “No, not here honey”. And I am
doing techs to get her really horny so no LMR. I rub up on her a lot and
really have some fun here. Good feeling. I like this girl but she’s gonna
have to leave after I fuck her, I tell her this. I sit down with her on my lap
and I talk about erogenous zones. How my right nipples is more sensitive than
the left. Sucking on her breasts, she’s my rag doll. I disrobe her and whack
on a rubber. She’s all there on it and we’re doing it in the kitchen, rude I
know, right on the kitchen seat. This was fun, we go back to the room, finish
watching Scarface as if nothing has happened, I wink at her. My frame was very
fuckbuddyish and we just chill and hang for the rest of the night. She’s cool,
true to her word and she leaves at around 4am. Can’t get easier than this. So
this is Thursday night. Tonight’s Friday. I call my hbBigtits and do my techs
so she knows it’s on with the cool guy. She’s gonna call me later and she’s
free on Saturday. It’s all subtext for fucking and I am going to enjoy this
one. I will get a load of numbers tonight and then see her if I have nothing
else lined up. Playboys unite, have the best in life!
You're pumping away, she's like “omg that guy got me so horny”. It's almost
cruel to see them go through this. You might kiss her, you can tell she's
ready. the meal is cooked. That's why i am a Pick Up Artist. SHE went into
rapport and babbled like a fool. I can tell that i got her buying temp up so
high, she couldn't think str8. I could have busted her for it. “OMG, it’s
really funny how you are so turned on, you are talking shit and babbling like a
fool cuz you can’t even think straight!”. “It's funny when you're so attracted
to someone, that you feel shock, and you start to babble shit like a fool”.
Hahaaaaaaaaaaa. Just shocked man. Never seen nething like it. Right in front
of them, pushing them through loads of emotional states, a fucking smash out of
the box thing. Dam this was a good set. I love calibrating this crap. Too
many state changes for this little thing. She was babbling along i was just
nodding and listening, almost bored. I couldn't even be bothered any more.
She just couldn't believe a guy of my value would go for her. Brave girl tho,
she took the goods. “Hi baby! how are you, sexy girl!”
Walk towards her and tease then pull back and say no, you're making me
emotional, feel the vibe the heat, when the circuits are frying. Like Beatles
fan on heat. Calibration. Then keep pumping. Back then forward. When a girl
really can't believe that you like her, she really treasures your love, it
validates her, it's dangerous for her to do this but she wants to. When you've
set the value high, you can pedal her ass.

I come in every night with a new girl, either from sarging or teaching the
thing I remember, she was like, she'd give me ten pounds when I said I was a
Gigolo and I said, “Ok, but we’ll have to make this quick!”

Just met my wing’s dad. He’s a pimp! Great guy. Ok sexy guys and girls I am
back out for more sexy adventures.. later. Got a lot of work to do with
Smoothmethod so it looks like I’ll be missing out on some more sleep. Later.

SmoothGuy69, "the World’s Greatest Seduction Instructor and Pick Up Artist of
repute". (SmoothGuy69).
(Videos of high shenanigans up soon!)

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