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Field Report: got bitch slapped by huge bitch

mASF post by ox

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Field Report: got bitch slapped by huge bitch
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

On 6/6/05 2:29:00 AM, TheAnswer wrote:
>On 6/5/05 12:33:00 PM, ox wrote:
>>Actually the fucking huge
>>bitch pretended she bitch
>>slapped me but actually no.
>>she held my face with her left
>>hand and pretended to bitch
>>slap me with her right
>> me it felt like she
>>was bithc slapping me for
>>real..i mean this girl could
>>kick my ass, taller and fatter
>>than an elephant. fucking
>>phased me.
>time, just grab her hips and say
>"mmmmm...I like it"

i did. actually grinded the huge bitch. lol. i couldnt put my hands around her
back. she was huge man.

(credit: Mystery) and
>continue gaming your set.
i did but i was fucking phased by the bitchslapping. couldnt focus..but plowed

>>last night was big reality
>>check for me. got
>>bitchslapped, got turned down
>>for sex by 2 fbs, plus i
>>staaaallllll like a
>>motherfucker. i am not all
>yea that kind of blows....wutev
>>i go out and my gear is
>>kicking ass. probably one of
>>the nights that i look the
>>hottest. said by different
>>girls by the way. i was
>>looking good but again inner
>>game put me into misery..girls
>>wante me to approach but i was
>>choking like eminem. 2 things
>>happen that made me fall into
>>1 club.
>>goal: open 8 and above
>>girls(except for a couple of
>>cold feet i got, it was
>>go upstairs deck. lean by the
>>rail...wait for girls to
>>i am good..i get ai from 2
>>hb7's. no. i am going for
>>quality shit. didnt open.
>>mistake. should have warm up.
>>spot the cutest set in the
>>fucking bar. a 2 set steaming
>>hot 8,5 and 7,5...
>>i go and open..
>>ox: you girls are punished by
>>being standing alone here.
>>girls start giggling. they are
>>very young.
>>ox: you dont have anyfrinds.
>>hb7,5: we are from out of
>>town. we are from x town.
>>ox: i work with somebody from
>>hb8: really?
>Uhm...ox...why are you seeking rapport
>with them this quick...I know this
>sounds minor, but you're trying to make
>them feel comfortable by filling in
>rapport gaps that the girls will fill in
>when they feel you're high value enough
>to be worth their time. Don't fill in
right. very much so. eye opening.

...just DHV and C&F and cut off
>their conversational threads into your
>own. Girls will always take your
>frame/threads if you do them
>enthusiastically and for gods sake SMILE
>and be ANIMATED!!
i was animated. i was ok. that´s why my rapport seeking mistakes dont seem to
stand out but as you said they do stand out and kill the sarge..very technical

>>ox: o yeah. i always tease her
>>that that town is too small
>>and shit.
>>hb8: well we have an airport.
>>ox: yeah but it is too small.
>YAWN. Boring..logical. Yea, I know this
>may be very nitpicky, but here you have
>once again, IMHO, shown interest by not
>falsely disqualifying yourself/NEGing or
>using any sort of time constraint.

absolutely agree and i am happy you pointed it out. yet my intent was to
slightly neg their town as not having a commercial airport...therefore being
small...but i didnt convey it in the sarge...fuck.

>>they both have piercings. so i
>>stack openers.
>>ox: did it hurt you?
>Would you ask a fat ass whore who was
>slobbering this? Probably not..I mean,
>maybe you were honestly stalling and
>trying to carry out the interaction..but
>this is rapport seeking and in girls'
>eyes, they see you as gaming them.

i have made this mistake for months. now i see the problem..thanks again

>shit would never fly with a 9-10. But,
>great effort to push the set man even
>though you probably knew you were

>>hb8: not really. actually is
>>quite nice.
>>hb7,5 has a giant stud in her
>>ox: wow, dont show me that. it
>>freaks me out.
>>hb7,5 sticks tongue out and
>>makes me look at it...i turn
>>my face away. this line works
>>always. they make you
>>touch/see their stud 100 % of
>>the time.
>>ox: you are a bad girl.
>>hb7,5: no.
>>they are giggly and shit. so i
>>throw in best friend test and
>>it flies...ivd. ha, ha. passed
>>hook point and we are hanging
>>out. my voice is carrying
>>great tonality because i slept
>>a lot. i feel resounding in
>>the air. there are 2 afcs near
>>us waiting to leech but they
>>dont have the gutts to
>>challenge me.i am alpha man.
>>they eat after i eat..
>>ox: ok. let me see your
>>hand(to hb7,5). you are bad.
>>i cant even talk to you. you
>>are bad for me. you have a bad
>>girl line here exactly like my
>>bad boy line over here. we
>>could be together but fight
>>constantly, then the good
>>thing is the make up sex.
>>hb7,5 is giggling and the
>>other one too. i am focusing
>>on hb7,5 because she is giving
>>me the most response and i
>>want hb8 to be jealous. they
>>both tell me they have
>>boyfriends but i choose to
>>ignore that and plow.
>Yea...this happened because of what I
>said conveyed interest
>very quickly by seeking rapport, not
>falsely disqualifying yourself or using
>any sort of time constraint (ex: I gotta
>get going in a sec but...(go into a DHV
>>eventually, i jump into
>>stories about london. c/u
>>smile routine. it all flies...
>>so i started to stall and
>>decided to invite them to next
>>bar. they say they come
>You invited them based on just their
>looks and did not properly qualify them.
>They knew you just wanted to have sex
>with them...on some level you did
>establish some sort of value/attraction
>with them, but not enough for you to
>actually lay them. I'm imagining
>something I do sometimes as well...and
>that's run a great set, but not properly
>disqualify myself to the target and
>qualify her to gain my interest. In
>order to move/bounce/venue change, the
>girl HAS to be qualified verbally and
>nonverbally (like backturns) so she
>jumps at the oppurtunity to come to the
>next venue with you. MAKE SURE TO
>QUALIFY HER before venue changing.

greaaaaaaaaat stuff. fuck yeah...!

>>then i move near a 3 set. i
>>dont open. just stand there.
>>then out of the blue the
>>biggest fatty in the group
>>holds my head with one hand
>>and mock bitch slaps me with
>>the other. i am like wtf.
>>pushed her away from me.
>>ox: what was that all about?
>>fattie: just playing with you.
>>ox: is she always like
>>this...fuck i am adopting you.
>>i start clowning a little bit
>>grinding the fatty. the hb7 is
>>stand i eject. but
>>the incident really phased me.
>>it was unexpected and that
>>huge bitch made my asd kick in
>>big time...fuck.
>>2 bar
>>meet blond 7,5 i met last
>>ox: hi.
>>hb7,5: hi
>>ox: where were you that day.
>>you disappeared(not true i saw
>>her but i was with the
>>brunette i laid last week)
>>hb7,5: really, you are bad. we
>>saw you with a brunette.
>>ox: that girl was bad. where
>>you guys headed after this.
>>hb7,5: to x bar.
>>ox: see you there.
>>hb7,5: ok..bye.
>>it is on. it is so fucking on
>>and i am an ass. i said good
>>bye. fuck up.
>>well, i started stalling after
>>this..couldnt open.
>>i spotted a super hot hb8
>>brunette in a huge ass group
>>of 8 girls. i start giving her
>>ec and she reciprocates. she
>>starts touching hair and dance
>>like mad. fuck.
>>i work my way to her.
>>ox: is this a bachellor party.
>>hb8: yes.
>>ox: who is the lucky girl?
>>she pointed her out to me. we
>>introduce ourselves but the
>>group is mad at me. group
>>theory again. my dragon is
>>about to bit me.
>>hb8: she is my sister. the one
>>getting married.
>Once again..more rapport seeking and
>conveying interest without properly
>running DHV and c&f based attract
>material. This will KILL a sarge as they
>will not chase you if you dont run
>attract material into qualifying...KILL!
>>i started stalling and
>>ejected. fuck.
>>as i go in. i meet my last
>>lay, now fb. she is at the
>>door. i didnt expect her there
>>and i say i have to meet
>>people inside and excuse
>>myself. i am actually quite
>>nervous to have met her there
>>because i didnt call her after
>>the lay and i feel some how
>>afc. we go in. i tongue her
>>down for good times sake and
>>as i move in the crowd i spot
>>my one-year old fb dancing
>>like hell near the rail. she
>>is with friends and a couple
>>of guys..fuck. of all the bars
>>in the world i have 2 fb´s in
>>the venue...i say hello and
>>she is all over me and showing
>>me as a trophy to her friends.
>>she tells me i am a bad boy.
>>she sms me that night and i
>>didnt call back. she starts
>>grinding me mad and i grind
>>back but wont tongue her down
>>becuase i dont want her to get
>>the idea i am going home with
>> i am standoffish and
>>shit which makes her even
>>hornier..she humps my leg like
>>a fucking dog. shit.
>>i excuse myself and go the
>>toilet. gotta let this girl
>>blow off some steam alone. as
>>i go to the toilet i meet
>>hb7,5 blonde from the last
>>bar. she had told me she was
>>going to be there. she is
>>alone waiting for her friends.
>>fuck. i have 2 fb´s in the bar
>>plus this hot blonde waiting
>>for me to make the move.
>>we start fluffing about her
>>job and i start getting near
>>her face. we are talking close
>>to each other and somehow the
>>conversation doesnt have any
>>meaning. we are kinoing and i
>>decide to throw my evolution
>>phase shift and start smelling
>>her hair. she smells back. i
>>say that animals do this in
>>courtship. she says that we
>>are animals..then...her fattie
>>friends come out of the
>>toilet, probably taking a dump
>>from her fat ass and i say
>>good bye without number
>>closing. she offered her phone
>>for me to call "my frinds in
>>the bar" but i refused and
>>said ok...fuck me.
>>my one yearold fb goes out of
>>the bar with me and we walk
>>out side. i dont to fuck that
>>night but i do want to stay in
>>her apartment. i am tired. so
>>i said i am going to check out
>>some friends and will get back
>>to her in the x bar. she ok.
>>so i went to other bars, stall
>>like a mother fucker. didnt
>>open and came back to her for
>>a redemption fuck.
>>i spot my fb friends in a
>>corner. my fb comes back with
>>a couple of guys. she is with
>>one of the guys. she is not
>>actually kissing him but she
>>is all over him. fuck. i am so
>>jealous. she knows i am cool
>>with this but fuck it hurts
>>man. so i eject. totally
>>betaed. she makes me promise
>>to have lunch with her today.
>>fuck no.
>Why not man?? Fuck her and while fucking
>her, yell at her to say that no other
>guy can fuck her as good as you can...on
>a subconcious level, she'll anchor it to
>her sex drive...I havn't field tested
>this myself..but I've heard it works.

it is all ok though with her. we have this arrangement that we can fuck other
people but i was not ready to see that.

>>i called my other fb to fuck
>>and she tells me she has a
>>girlfriend staying over and
>>she cant make it..fuck. that´s
>>a good closing for my
>>night...went home feeling like
>>a loser.shit. gotta get
>>reframed asap.
>>1. big reality check for me.
>>it is good to have fb´s but it
>>is not good to know they fuck
>>other people too.
>>2. mad props to me for opening
>>the hottest sets in the bar.
>>3. always dhv to group, dont
>>go for the target or
>>cockblocks will fly your way.
>>4. be carefull around huge
>>bitches, they are likely to
>>bitch slap you.
>>there is a difference between
>>knowing the path and walking
>>the path.
>"G'head envy me, I'm ASF's MVP, and I
>ain't goin' nowhere so you better get to
>know me" -The_Answer

very technical shit man. thanks a pile. you really pointed out key shit..gonna
implement asap..

see you,


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