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Field Report: boyfriend destroyer rocks

mASF post by ox

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Field Report: boyfriend destroyer rocks
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

OK, I just realized what happened. This night went well until half of it. i was
doing really well until my afc friend started to suck me into his pathetic
reality and ruined it for me. Just a reminder to the boys in the board. GO
SOLO. Dont let your pathetic afc friends suck you in to their own retarded
world. I got sucked in and i thought i was “inmune to the stuff” “o yeah”..ha,

after thurday night and friday evening of sick sex with a brand new fb. I took
a quick 1 hour nap on the floor of my living room(fb next to me, fucking my
sleep with her fucking phone that would not stop..jeez). Drove and left her
home(had to, she cleaned my dirty apartment plus did the shopping, plus
excellent blow jobs) and i went out. I felt on top of the world and made the
same old amateur mistake: i called an afc to go out. I felt like giving
“something back”..shit.

1rst bar:

I am stalling as usual at the beginning. Thinking too much. Sucking my thumb.
Until “i cant sarge and think at the same time”. I am going to crash and burn
right now.

I spot the hottest set. 7 mixed set with a tall blonde(probably 30yo)7,5,
taller than me, spectacular body but ok face but huge curly blonde hair,
cascading and shit. My dick so hard. Great in my book. It looks scary in
retrospect. I get cold feet. Man. I wait for my chance. The guys clear and i go
in. One of the girls i had sarged before.

Ox: hi cher(i called her cher because she has dark hair and looks like cher but
she is very young though)/(i cross my arm over her shoulders and start talking
to her like old friends)
ox: ok, cher when she was young. You look great.(she looks like a fiend,
because she has great face but chubby body)
cher: hi...(we start fluffing about her make up. She is full of that shit...she
even has to shiny spots in the corner of her eyes make her look like a fiend in
the night. She explains all this shit to me and i just pay attention to her and
ignore the group....i am waiting for chance to dhv in style)
ox: hey who are your friends.
Ox to hb6: did your piercing hurt. I cant decide between peircing and tattoo.
Hb6: i dont have a tattoo. But i dont know(standoffish)
hb7,5: i have one....(she starts demanding attention and i notice that. Ha,
ha..i had completely ignore her and neg her with killer bl, ha, ha, big ox).
Ox: hey, you are bad. ok. Dont tell me where it is. I dont want to know. Guys
how do you roll with this girl?
The neg sets in. But she is still standoffish. So i decide it is time to cut
in(i did it man, i cant believeit)
ox: you know i can read your mind right now. (i cut in and talk to her on her
face. I am fucking shorter than this bithc but she is into it anyway)
i run esp..and i dont remember what the fuck else..ah, did some palm reading,
it didnt fly, it looked try hard(i was warming up, my first set).... and she is
still standoffish. Fuck this bitch....i needed to have run esp on the hb6.
Shit. Group theory killing me again.

I go back to afc, bring him in set, introduce him and leave him alone. He
desperately holds my hand and doesnt let go like a little girl. Fuck you man.
Plow like a man. I leave him shitting in his pants with a group of hot women.

The sweetest set:

i am standing near the group i had just opened looking for targets. See a sweet
hb7brunette(nice tits and ass, probably 25,27 yo dancing with her party
friend(party chick hb6)....they are being approached by afc. I wait and go in
when she is alone. She is with 2 more girls being pu by guys.
Ox: hey i know you. You go to my gym and hang on the bar for half an hour and
dont let go. We think you are crazy.
Hb7: wtf.
Ox: yeah. I know you.
Hb7: no, that´s not me. Lol.
I am in. She is lol. And i give her my full body and lean the fuck back.
Ox: you look nice. You work out...(turn her around and look at her ass)
hb7: wtf. Lol.
I notice she is shy but she is into my style because she is like “what is this
guy pulling here”.
After some fluffing.
Ox: can i see your hand? May be i can know a little bit better.
It turns out she knows the basics of palm reading. Cool because i am the
fucking palm read master. I i tought her a couple of things and she is ddbing a
little. She needs more game...ha, ha. I am the man to give it to her. She is
beautiful. Dreamy eyes. Fucking good tits. I love her. I am not sure whether i
am going to cream her tits or her face. Tough choice.

At this time, my afc friend had ejected from the group and met another afc and
they are just standing around, seeing this shit unfold from a cold approach,
and they come near to hear my game over the loud music. They think i am the
smoothest thing since slice bread.

Ox: ok you can be my next girlfriend.
Hb7: me...
ox: o yeah, can you cook?
Hb7: o little
ox: not good( look disappointed)
ox: ok, you rich..
hb7: wellllll....
ox: no, fuck, i am fucking divorcing you.
Hb7: ok, middle class.
Ox: that will do...(hug her, and test the water. She is not pushing me back or
anything. She still needs plowing).
Ox: know i think i like you. It is kind of like i know you in this
short time.
Hb7: really....
ox: have you ever been cubed?
Run the cube. It flies big time. We are holding hands like lovers and shit..
her party friends said they wanted to go but since they saw we were hitting it
off they decided to stay(IF I ONLY HAD BEFRIENDED THEM, SHIT).
We continue to hold hands. We start dancing and her friends are going “o yeah,
al right” she had made a nice catch..they start complimenting my ass and
telling her to hold it. i feel my asd kicking in.
Hb6(friend of hers): you look great together. You have to hook up.
Hb7: o no...i have a boyfriend....
ox: dont worry me too...ha,
i run the pattern “i am so glad you have met the man of your dreams a person
you can trust and tell him anything you want”.
Hb7: no i cant tell him anything i like. He is kind of difficult and we have
ox: i am sure he knows your favourite dish and cooks it for you everyweek...
hb7: no he doesnt(ddb)
ox: and he takes you on romantic walks under the moonlight.
Ha, ha. I am in.
Ox: ok. I would do all that for you.
Hb7: really?
Her friends come and start fluffing me. Ask me where i am from. I say it and
hb7(party chick) says she wants to do me. Then the other hb5 says “hey but i am
the only one without boyfriend, i should do him”. Fuck this shit. ...
we agree to meet in the next bar but they leave and i didnt even

Then i opened some more sets and afc is tellingme to venue change. Wtf. He is
getting bored because his skills are shit. Then i made the mistake of trying to
reframe him and shit..but move. He sucked me in into his fucking reality.

We venue changed 2 times. The places are shit and we dont see hot girls. We go
to another bar and afc is getting bored and starts saying all the guys suck and
are slime...he is getting negative and i try to reframe him without success at
times. Sometimes i make him laugh and he is ok but slides back into afcness.
I see the hottest girl of the night. Hb9 brunette. Total angel. You dont see
girls like that often. She is young with style and she is in a set with 3 girls
and a guy.
I say to afc to follow my lead. I am going to show how you open a mixed set.

to the guy:
ox: hey man your shirt is cool. Does it say van is fucking cool
Afc: thanks.. but it doesnt say van halen.
Ox: that´s my favourite know any place hot to go after this one...
afc starts telling me a story and very pleased i am talking to him and i am so
Ox: hey, man is this your girlfriend.(hb6)
hb6: lol. Nooooooo. She is laughing mad.
Ox: wow, i hope you dont think i am picking him up. I am not gay ok....
hb6: nooooooo
ox: coollll
i am ignoring the super hot 9 and her friend hb7....i am the man. I am group
theory reincarnated. I am fucking mystery....though dhving like ox, my dhv´s
are pathetic though. I am going to learn some sleazy magic tricks.
I start fluffing the hb6 and i pass hook point. Then hb9 starts asking for
attention. I get introed. And i introed my afc, who is shitting in his pants
and smelling already. I fluff the hb7 to my right.
Ox: where are you from?(bad i know)
hb9: i am from x...(she does the accent from that area for me to know)
ox: i dont know but you dont live there anymore(shit)

i fluff and eject shortly after....fuck.

I am fucking proud of myself...afc is bored and starts to suck me in. I try to
make him laugh and reframed him successfully a couple of times but he is
hopless and wants to go home...i go home too...feeling like a fucking
loser..though i reframed myself on the way was not that bad...i had
worse nights.
I am going out tonight. I am determined to rock this shit..


1: i am not so bad at opening groups...ha
2: always dhv and befriend the pays off in the long run.
3: i need some dhv shit or material..
4: befriend the group and be charming....
5: there is no failure just feedback(my new mantra)


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