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Lay Report: my second car extraction.

mASF post by ox

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Lay Report: my second car extraction.
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

“..and everything he lacks hemakes up in denial...and all the girls say i am
pretty fly for a white guy...ah, ah....give it to me baby”

i went out with the determination to make up for my last fr. Nothing is gonna
stop me this time. I am the fucking A in amazing, the fucking U in stud...fuck
this shit, man.

Well, to prepare for my comeback i read loverboy´s “step by step” article on
masf. Cool. man is a genious. He said basically to relax and go one step at a
time. I said: cool, i will just open groups of 3 and run some attract shit, and
neg target and see what happens. If anything i would have chatted beautiful
girls. I will start small(3 or 4 sets) and then rock.

1. open 3 sets and 4 sets(manageable) and neg target.
2. kick some ass. Maintain state at all costs.

1rst bar

i go in in style(usual gear). I chat to afc´s that would become wings later.
Spot a 6 set of older women plus a hot girl(hb7). It is a 6 set. They are near
us sending iois. I tell the afc if they like the hb7. they go yeah. Ok.

Ox: hi.(half body into the set)
You girls are rocking tonight.
Girls start giggling. And i start my convo by fluffing them with commonalities
like where they are from. I slowly turn my body and step out of the afc´s and
going into the group. Afc´s can not believe it.
I neg the target mildly and she is all of suden hooked. She is a big girl,
taller than me.
Hb7: can you dance.
To the group.
Ox: is she always like this?
The group says o yeah. She is even worst.
Ox: well i am very intimmidated.
Hb7: why? Dance with me.
Ox: hey guys how do you roll with this girl?
Huge reaction and i start grinding with her and she is pretty tall for me so i
feel fucking awkward and shit. I fluff and eject. Just a warmer.
Go back to afc´s. I receive mad props. They want to stick with me for the rest
of the night. I say ok. They introduce themselves like little girls. Cool. i
know i am fucking with their reality.
Afc´s point a set. A fatty plus a very young hb7. i go in.

Ox: opinión opener.
I ignore the girl and focus on fatty. In no time fatty is giggling like mad. I
say she is bad. Classic minicold reads. They fly. Then we go into usual stuff
of getting to know each other. Where are you from. Guess. How did you meet? It
turns out they are auntie and niece. Fuck. I eject shortly after. Just warming.

I spot a hot 2 set in the upper deck. I tell the afc´s to follow my lead. We
go up and they are watching me go up all the way. Bar is still empty.
Ox: hi, you guys from out of town.
They are both in their early thirties but are super hot. They work out a lot
and they are wearing super tight cloth, model like kind of girls. A hot hb7,5
brunette(straight hair, beautiful) and a hb7 blonde. i chat them both. Equal
amount of attention. I introduce one afc that engages the blonde. thanks man.
I focus on the hot brunette. She is shy.
Ox: you are shy. I like that.
Hb7,5: no, i am not. (she is hse, i can see. Fantastic. )
Ox: do you believe in esp?
Hb7,5: wtf(she is giving me slightly shittests)
Ox: i can read what you are thinking.
I hold her head with my hands and run esp routine. And i miss on both counts.
But we have a good laugh.
I passed hook point like a mother fucker and i am in. Cool. my game is tight.
Hb7: how old are you? (this is a huge ioi coming from a thirty year old woman.
She doesnt want to fuck younger dudes. She is screening me. Since i look
younger i know where she is coming from.)
Ox: i will tell you if you are a good girl.
Hb: i am not talking to you if you dont tell me.
Ox: guess.
Hb: ummmm
Ox: ok. I am 42 but i look younger because i sleep on ice.
Hb: get out of here!
Ox: no seriously. But if age is a problem, i dont think this is gonna work.
Hb: wtf.
Ox: yes. Ok. You work out. You look fit.(i touch her arm. She is really fit.
Very slim. Stud in her belly botton. Almost no body fat.
Hb: o yeah. Check my bíceps.
We have a bíceps competition and we initiate light kino.
The afc bailed on me(lack of game) and i am with the 2 of them. She tells me
her friend is expecting a baby. I congratulate her girlfriend. They start
showing me the stud in the belly. I say dont do that. It gives me bad feelings.
They make me touch their studs.
Ox: i like you. U can be my next girlfriend.
Hb: but i have a boyfriend.
Ox: no problem. Me too. When are you getting married.
Hb: ummmmmm
Ox: i would marry you this minute if i were your boyfriend
Hb: well, we are kind of thinking about it...
Ox: hey, did you know that monogamy is kind of new concept. 2000 years ago it
didnt exist and girls could get with any man they chose....
It is flying. I can see the concept setting in and she is into it. Ha. I tell
her that since she is a feminist, she should know about it from her “how to
hate man” seminars. She is lol. And i we have a good time. I extract them to
the next bar. Fuck i am good. I go out with both of them and i can see the
looks of the afc´s on my back. Ha,ha..they know i saw and i conquered. Outside
we meet another huge group of their friends and they start talking and
congratulating the blonde on her pregnancy. Cool. i just feel left out and i
say to my girls i will be in the next bar. They all say good bye.

2 bar.
Fucking packed. I meet an fb there. After fluffing for a while, she tells me
she is not calling me anymore and that i should call. I say cool and tongue her
down right there. She is all over me but i say i have to go. I have to meet
hotter girls.
Place is fucking packed. Very hot. I am sweating like a mother fucker.
I spot a 4 set with a hb7,5 blonde. she is blond as fuck and wearing a
supertight dress. Cool. i go in.
Ox: opinión opener. It flies. Group is wide open for me.
I start chatting the fatty group leader. Tell her she is bad and shit. I ignore
target who in no time starts demanding my attention. I hear group theory gurus
nodding their heads, instead of shaking their heads like in the past. I am
solving one of my biggest sp´s. Cutting into the target.
Anyway, i befriend group and slightly neg target who in no time starts
demanding rapport. Where are you from? Where do you work?
She is telling me about her job out of town and how she has to travel. we
exchange rings. i explain my ring to her. she is into it.
I extract the group to another bar where i know somebody and if they want to
check it out. We go out and i continue to befriend the group. No cockblocks
this time. My group game is working big time.++++ha
We go to venue. They leave me alone with my hb7. all the fatties go to dance
and check out the guys.
More rapport with my hb7,5. i am leaning against the wall, very chill and she
is fluffing me. We are talking about recipies for pasta and how i am going to
cook for her. Fatties come back and say they are leaving and if i want to come
with them it is ok. I say may be later and i am going to stick around. Actually
later i went and saw them but i was already hooked up so...
I also did another huge ass grou with hb8 by just fluffing them and leaning
against the wall. They are giggly and interested.

On to the lay....
3 bar.
I was pretty chill that night. Since my game was working out and shit.. i
couldnt care less for the outcome. I was having fun.
As i walk into this packed club where it is almost insane to have a
conversation. It is hot and loud. A girl opens me.

Hb: HEY, you are hot. I want you to meet my friends. We want to know men.
Ox: is it you. I want to meet you.
Hb: no, come and meet my friends. She drags me. I feel my asd hitting me.
It is a huge 6 group. Mostly fatties and uglies. The only fuckable is hb5
brunette and hb5blonde with braces.
I start clowning for the group and they love it. i say what the heck. I felt in
a playful mood. I started sarging THE WHOLE GROUP.
Ox: ok who can cook here? If you can cook, i will marry you.
All the fatties and the 5´s say they can. I said bullshit. You cant cook. You
are all liers.

I start showing my butt to them. They start touching it. the blonde grabs my
bíceps and doesnt let go. I say i is all fun with the uglies. I
notice hb5brunete is dead serious. I aske her if she can cook. I cut in and i
start talking to her right on her face. I giver my necklace(money move) and my
bracelet(huge on her little hand). We start grinding and then i kiss close her.
Cool. she is fuck material. Nice tits. Very slim. Face ok, not deformed or
anything....i decide it is time to pull. No more group shit.

To make a long story short. I venue changed her without resístanse 4 times. Had
food. And in the last bar. I said, my car is right here let´s go. She just
followed my lead. My car was in the same alley and exact position of my last
Fucked her in the car. She came twice through clit stimulation....took her home
and fucked her 2 more times...

Life is good.

I am going 5 for 6. great average. 6 nights out and five lays. Give it to me

1: GROUP THEORY rocks....i am starting to get the hang of it. it is fucking
easy if you dhv well.
2: i rock.
3: take care of logistics: have your car in a good location for fuck close.
4: always after a bad night out, there is a good ROLL LIKE A TANK...

Walking the path...

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