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Field Report: Hotel sarge

mASF post by ox

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Field Report: Hotel sarge
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

i travelled out of town with my team and the hotel was miles away from
civilization. fuck.

anyway, nothing cant stand in my way. gonna sarge anyways even if i have to go
the receptionist old woman for sex.

i dress up with usual gear. my teammates are in the lounge playing games and
getting drunk. they are a little rowdy by the time i arrive.
i spot a hb7 walking across the lobby. i stopped her. she was waiter or maitre
d' or somthing. but she froze.

ox: hi, where can i go out in this town.
hb7: right here we have a disco downstairs. come with me i show you.
we check the place out. it is dead. she says that is crowded later with hotel
we come back upstairs. she is fine. she is a brunette with slightly above
average good looking face. turns me on. i notice she wants to talk becuase
right away we start going into rapport.
ox: yeah, i want to check out other places
hb7: there is one down the road, 5 minutes from here. you should check it out.
ox: why dont you show it to me?
hb7: sure. later.
uhmmm...i am thinking extraction. ha.
ox: ok. what time you get out of work?
hb7: soon, in half an hour.
ox: ok. why dont you take me?
hb7: no prob. i will show the place.
ox: may be we can have a drink
hb7 pauses and thinks about it. i thought i am in. we continue fluffing. and
then i say i am going to be in the lounge with the guys. dont go away without
me. and i leave. everything had been agreed and i was ready to go.

i walk to the lounge. the guys are playing domino and shit. shooting the crap
and getting drunk. i say fuck. i gotta leave this loserĀ“s fest. i spot a mixed
set sitting in the couch. boyfriend and girlfriend. hb7 and guy. my first
boyfriend-girlfriend set where i am going to try for the FIRST TIME to steal
the girl. ha, ha. used to freak me out just the thought of it. (thanks loverboy
for popping my mixed set cherry.)
i go in.

ox: you guys from around here.
i immediatly sit down to put them at ease. i sit next to the girl but the guy
is across but i am always talking to the guy and ignoring the girl.
guy: we are from england.
i spot that they are very receptive to my approach even interested.
ox: i just wanted to find a place to hang.
hb7 and guy: we dont know. we want to go out too.
ox: i was in England last month.
hb7: REALLY, where?
ox: london
then i throw in another story about my time in london, where i was clubbing so
hard that i forgot to check out the big ben. it flies. they are laughing and
loving me. i start fluffing them and we pass hook point like a mother fucker.
my teammates accross the room can believe how smooth i am. they are all sucking
their thumb. girl is totally into me. the guy is standoffish at times but i
always bring him back into the conversation.
ox: why dont you come and hang out with me. i am going to a club with the girl
from the reception.
hb7: really. we would love to.
she tells me it is her birthday and she wants to have a good time. i say no way
you have to go out today.

she is big time into me. guy is totally beta in the corner only speaking when i
address him.
ox: ok. i will get back to you.
i go and hang with the guys. i socially proofed myself by hanging out with them
and making loud jokes and receiving the props for approaching the mix set. they
all wanna hang with me now. ha.

i go back to my girl at the reception.

ox: hey are you getting out or what?
hb7: o yeah. in a couple of minutes. you are not from around here. your accent
is different.
ox: guess?
she doesnt guess and i say where i am from. she is from brazil. and we
transition into wide rapport.
hb7: i am a vegetarian.
ox: o no. i eat meat. we cant hang.
hb7: but i eat fish too.
i am displaying my bl that is fucking money. her boss is 6 feet from us and i
am running all this shit on her. i am leaning back and she is hooked.
we go to another place near the restaurant and i think i miscalibrated a bit
ox: can you cook?
hb7: yes.
ox: i will marry you.
hb7: dont you think you are going too fast.
ox: why. i want to be fed. are you rich?
it flies but the vibe is somewhat killed but still plow. all this time she is
not working and talking to me. we fluff and she has to go and see some
customers. i say i am back in the lounge and not to forget me.
i go back to the guys and the mixed set. the mixed set is happy to see me.
basically she is happy to see me. i fluff and they start saying they are tired
and they are going to check the hotel disco. i tell them it is boring shit.
they say they are probably staying. i say cool.
then the guys are rowdy and start hitting on the hb7receptionist. they fucking
killed it for me. they called and talk to her as a group and asked her for
directions and one of the guys told her she was hot and she is all excusing
herself and wanting to go. the fucking lamos were degrading themselves and
ruining it for me because i was hanging out with them. fuck me.
i still go back to her and try to plow but she was very standoffish and said
that she was not coming with me but she would show me the place instead. she
tells me the directions and i go there. it was 5 minutes walk and it was
closing when i arrived. i talk to 2 uglies for the sake of game. run some
routines and got them eating on my hand for 30 minutes. even started kino with
one. cool. bar closes and i go back to hotel. say goodbye to uglies. one of
them was more than sad to see me go.

back to the hotel lame disco. place is empty. only the guys and some families
with children(wtf). music is good though. my mixed set is there. they wave at
me. i go back to them and resume sarging.
by this time my social proof is through the roof with the girl hb7 and she is
reinitiating the convos when i stop talking and shit. guy is totally betaed
himself in the corner. i feel almost sorry for him. nice guy.

she tells me it is her birthday and that she got presents from him. he gave her
a t-shirt and a full day in a health spa with massages and shit.
ox: i want to have a boyfriend like yours.
we all laugh and guy is hitting beta bottom. he cant stop me anymore. he goes
to the toilet and disappears for a while. i escalate kino quickly and she is
giving it back.
ox: i am coming back to london in the summer.
hb7: are you kidding. i will take out. no problem.
i am thinking. wtf. she wants it.
boyfriend comes and she says she is taking me out in summer. boyfriend is not
very excited but he stills oked me. she offers phone number. cool. bar is
she realizes that giving me the phone in front of her boyfriend is outrageous
and then offers me e-mail. we exchange e-mails and say good bye.
i did 3 sets in the whole night.

1- i am fucking money.
2- seriously, key to mixed sets: go in neutral, run material and lay back
3- seated sets: sit down immediatly and lay back.
4- on girls at work, you have to be smooth and dont escalate too quickly. state
dies down as soon as they go back to work and logical mind engages. so it is
better to keep it under the radar and cool until isolation.
5- mad props to me for sarging in extreme conditions. i mean, the hotel was
dead as disco and i still manage to practice and sarge.

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