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Lay Report: triple hookup + lay

mASF post by ox

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Lay Report: triple hookup + lay
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

“and all the girls say “i am pretty fly for a white guy”..the world loves
wannabe pua´s..”
ha, ha..give it to me baby, aha, aha.......fuckkkkkkkkk

i am happier than a gay giraffe. I am going 4x4. what a streak..4 weekends for
different girls.I am good or what. I think i am a natural.ha, fuck the
naturals, we masfers rock..but enough about me let´s get to the good stuff.


Actually i went out in style, wanting to pu but brazilian hb came out of the
blue and had to stick to her. She promised to give it to me(sex) next weekend
cool. I tool her into a bar, left her with her hot girlfriends and went to pu
for an hour and came back to her. That hour of pu was one of the most horrible
chapter in my short ass pu career. Girls would not open, i was creepy and out
of delivery. I couldnt plow and choked. Fuck. I started doubting myself,
finally came back to my hbbrazilian and ended the night on a high
note....fuck..but went home feeling like a failure. I dont know why. Fuck that


I am determined to make up for the friday. I am going to pu like there is no
end. I started reframing myself with “i am outcomeless”, “i can pu hot
chicks”...shit like that. I was hot and ready to go.

First hook up

My target is to:

Open hb7-8-9 only. So i will screen sets and not throw away my putime on lesser
girls. Actually i couldnt accomplish this goal, except for a few occasions.

I rolled into 1rst bar. Totally reframed and ready and....start stalling.
Fucking choking like eminem...i said to myself “it is cool. Dont work it up.
Keep cool.” So totally kicked back and waited for the emotions to clear and
start puing. I open a couple of afc´s and started fluffing and leaned against
the rail of the upstairs deck. Girls are dancing and i am watching. I feel afc
as fuck. Is this the idea? No way.
There is a flock of girsl from a bachellor party. The girl that is getting
married has a devil´s 2 redhorns on that are actually dicks on her head. Her
girlfriends are all crazy dancing. Cool. I open a hb5chubby from the group. She
is not bad but she is just a 5 in my scale. She got nice tits and nice face but
she is a little chubby.
In seconds she is laughing and we initiate light kino.
Ox: you from out of town(opener)
Hb5: some yes.(proceeds to give me all the information about the group)
I fluff her with commonalities while i lean back on the rail(stole it from lb)
She is giving me full attention and is totally laughing at my stupid jokes like
there is no end.
Finally friends go and she must go too. Then we briefly kiss goodbye. I sense
she digs me big time. But it is just a thought...ha, little that i know at this

I move around and want to open. I see a 2 set(hb6 and hb7). I open with
situational. I try to work the 6 to get to the 7...the 7 is totally breaking
rapport with me and i start dancing and grinding with 6. I kissclose her in
under 10 minutes. Fuck. I am good. We continue to dance and grind and she tells
me she just broke up with boyfriend..good, revenge fuck. I am in.
I continue to hug her and kiss her and the other one is acting bitchy and
jealous and giving me and the 6 killer looks. I say fuck...i dont see any way
of separating those 2. i eject and say i will meet them in the next bar. They
say cool. Hb7 is not even talking to me. She is mad as hell at the hb6. bad
vibe. I eject.

I moved on. Great. Open the hotties that´s my goal.

Next bar.
See a 2 set next to the bar, a hb7.5 and an ugly. Ugly goes to the toilet and i
open. My standard opener for lonewolfs
Ox: are you alone because your friends left you.
Hb7,5: no, she just went for a second
Ox: wanna know why: cause you are bad.
Great response. I am in.
I start fluffing her with commonalities. Throw a minicold read. It flies,..then
followup with palm read. She ddb´s. I say we are too similar and we can never
get along. But we can have great make up sex..standard shit.
i lean agains the wall like i just dont care(loverboy style) and the sets run
smoothly from that moment on.

Uglie comes and i start befriending her. I give her a lot of attention and
ignore for a while my target. My target keeps pulling my arm and jumping in the
conversation. Fuck that. I run esp on the uglie and it flies. Cool. I am way
passed hook point. I plow and i get my rewards. I talk for about half an hour
until they go to another bar. They invite me and i decline....she was too stuck
up for my taste. Waste of amo.

Next bar.

I go upstairs. I see the girls(hb6 and hb7) which i have kiss closed before.
They are surrounded by a flock of afc´s. I moved in, grab hb6 from behind and
tongue her down to the astonishment of the boys and girls. Where did this guy
spring from? Ha, ha. I tongue her down and physically remove her from her
pissed off friend. We start grinding big time and it is on. Bitchy hb7 starts
giving the killer looks to my 6. fuckkkk. Then we start a tug of war. I win.
She pisses off more and continue bitching. Fuck. I grab and afc and introduce
him to the 7. i physically push him against her. He starts grinding her but she
comes back. Fuck. She is physically removing my 6 from me. Very funny. 6 is
having a good time. They say they are lesbian and start tonguing down in front
of me and the crowd of afc´s goes wild. I am like wtf. Girls tonguing down in
front of my face. I am wild too. Fuck this shit. My hb6 brings about the idea
of threesome because there is no way i can peel her off the other one. I say
cool. Let´s do it. But i see the logistics are fucked and hb7 is bitchy as
hell. She gets mad and leaves hb6 stays with me. Great. Fuck she comes back
again. Man it never ends and i am getting tired. After all it is just a 6. it
is not worth it. I introduce her to a good-looking afc next to us. All of a
sudden i lose my 6 to the afc. Guy is fucking good looking and taller than me.
I physically peel her off him. Come here you bitch. I continue to grind and
tongue her down. She goes back to afc and i eject out of boredome. Cool. Fuck
that crazy bitch. I am cool. I moved on.

It is raining outside and i go under the umbrella of a girl without asking for
permission. She loves it. We talk shortly and i eject.

2 hook up.

I go to bar and shortly after girls with the umbrellas arrive. I can safely say
they are hb6 both and way too young for me 21, 22 years old. But ox likes
young pussy. O yeah.
Ox: you the girls with the umbrellas.
Hb6brunette: o yeah...we remember you.
Good reaction. I sucked them in. I run best friends. It flies through the roof.
The blonde disappears after 3 minutes of girlcoding. So it is me and the
Hb6brunette: where are you from?
Ox: guess?
We start fluffing and i can see she is locked on to me and i throw the
evolution phaseshift, which i have reduced to barely smelling her collogne and
saying i love it and tongue her down.
Anyway, i start smelling her and she is responsive. I hold her face with my
hands and tongue her down. she gives a sweet kiss. Loved it. I immediatly break
tongue down and break rapport. We fluff. I see that she is not comfortable. She
didnt expect the tongue down. we start grinding. In order to build comfort and
trust i exchange watches and bracelets with her. Huge confidence builder. We
kiss and the bar closes. I try for extraction it is a no go. We exchange
numbers and promised to meet next weekend. We tongue down passionately. Cool.
Second hook up of the night.

3 hookup and lay
I move to a bar and i meet the bachellor party girls. Hb5 is with them.
Immediately she runs to me. We is laughing and happy to see me. We start
dancing and sense she wants my dick. I look at her face and she is giving me
the “ox fuck me now or drop dead”. I kiss close her in under 10 minutes. Short
kiss on the lips. Nothing big. Group of girls is watching and giggling. They
are happy to see her hooking up. I start extraction tactics. Let´s go to this
bar to dance salsa. She had just been there. Damn.
A hb7 come from the group and introduces herself to me. She starts telling me
about all the group and shit.
Ox: is she a good girl(hb5).
Hb7: she is good. She is good fuck. We just slept together last week.(true by
the way, i am thinking secret society shit)
Ox: wtf.
Hb7: o yeah, she sucks dick really well
Ox: wtf.(i am thinking it is a shit test)
Hb7 starts hugging my hb6 and sticks her tongue out and they both touch tongues
in front of me. My dick is so hard man. It is so fucking cool.
Hb7 ejects after saying hb5 is a good fuck and can suck dick and she means it.
She is actually pimping for her..
I starts pushing for extraction. Bar is closing. Then the conferencing and
negotiation starts. My hb5 starts telling her friends that she is leaving with
me. She gets the group approval. I am already used to this so i just kick back
and wait for the group to approve my extraction. I am so used to this that it
is fucking boring. Finally they say they are going to be in x bar.
We leave and she starts shittesting me about going back home. I say i take her
in my car. She says she doesnt trust me because we just met. I give her my
bracelet(money move) and tell her that if i dont take her home she can keep it.
She can buy a nice taxi ride with my bracelet. She loves this and is at ease.
At this point it doesnt look like nothing is gonna happen.
I take her to the walk on the beach. It is very romantic. I tell her it is very
Hb5: you are such a player.
Ox: what is it about players that you like so much.
She says she likes the seduction part.
I tell her to go to another after hours bar. She says no. Wtf. She says we wont
have time because i have to take her home. She hints that the reason that we
wont have time is that we are going to fuck. Wtf. At this point, i say cool.
Car extraction. Thanks loverboy. When loverboy told me i should isolate girls
back to car, i thought he was nuts. It all made sense now. Fucking lb was usual…

My car is parked in an alley. Great location.
We get to the car. I pull the seats back.
Immediatly we start taking off clothes. I eat her pussy out, she is moaning
like hell. I strip her. It is fucking broad daylight already. Her body is very
nice. Nice breasts and she is not as chubby as i thought in the beggining. She
is wearing a thong. Bj. And i fucked her and she came with clit stimulation.
Great fuck. One of the best ever. On the way back to her house she says she
doesnt do this with all the guys. She also asks me my age. They always want to
know my age after i fuck them young...ha, ha..i say guess. She says i am 27.
ha, ha. She is 28. I tell her that in our next fuck we will work it out.
I DONT REMEMBER HER FUCKING NAME. HA...i made an entry in my phone hbchubby.
Fuck this shit. it is happening over and over.

1. Time: 1 hour to lay.
2. push for extraction, early.
3. just kiss the girl. Dont do any fancy shit. If she is locked, go for it.
4. extract girls to car.
5. to build c & t give them something you are wearing to wear. Necklace,
bracelet, ring, etc.
6. bummer: didnt pu hotter chicks for the sake of the lay. Always the same shit
happens. I guess it was worth it.
7. mad props to my man lb for the extraction tactics.

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