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Field Report: plowing

mASF post by ox

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Field Report: plowing
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

hi there,

nice day: in the afternoon i got invited to a classy restaurant dinner by my 1
year old fb. she was celebrating our anniversary or something. she paid and
brought me home. wanted to fuck in her apartment and i said no. got hornier and
i said may be tomorrow. she lives out of town.

later, another fb called me and wants to hang. i ignored the call.

funny my lifestyle today.

let´s get to the good stuff.


my goal is to get to rapport and plow like a motherfucker. dont eject so soon.
goal accomplished.

gear: bad ass ring and bracelet, plus big-ass celtic cross belt buckle(new
adquisition), kind of the one jlaix uses in karaoke video. it is fucking huge.
i hide it somehow under t-shirt but it sticks out.

ALL MY SETS OPEN NATURALLY. must have been loverboy boot camp. even those sets
that get stuck i plow them and literally make girls like me by changing
threads(thanks lb)and plowing. i just plow and they start giggling and shit. i
am getting into the social intelligence shit. girls know it and i know it.

street set. i stopped a moving set for the fuck of it. it open nicely, girls
wanted to talk. i went genuine all the way, volunteer information about myself,
almost no attract game and i went smoothly. one girl i was ignoring and negging
was totally giggly and wanted dick. i plowed for 15 minutes and ejected out of
boredome. passed hook point like a motherfucker. mad props to me. huge shift in
state. i get in the mood for game. exactly what i wanted.
hit first bar. not crowded. fluff with door guy, who buys me beer. fluff some
more. guy thinks i am cool and wants to be seen with me. socially proofed i
hear you say.
open a long wolf. probably hb5. i talk to her for around 30 minutes and eject.
she was a little shy. but loved my game. my afc followers arrived as usual and
i pass the girl hb5 to one of them who finally hooked up with her. easy. i
spiked her and he hooked her. i am probably the nicest man in the whole world.
she was not hot anyway. afc stayed with her all night. they were into each
i start opening and all the sets open. i am so surprised that i have to stop
sometimes and think i have some kind of magnet. i open and fluff. and i keep
rolling, rolling,rolling..most sets last anywhere around 15-20 minutes and i
eject out of boredom. i open all the hot sets in the club. girls reaction is
like: "wow this cool guy is talking to us"(no bragging here, i am the first one
surprised, it didnt used to happen AT ALL. i plow everyset and eject.
the remaining afc follows me everywhere. he tells me there is the hottest blond
in the club dancing somewhereand i should open her. she is a hb9. she is
getting all the attention of afc´s. she is putting a show and is happy to snuff
guys, left and right.
i said to myself. she is another girl. i went in with opener-neg.
ox: is your hair really blond?
hb9: not really. ( i can see the sound of her bitch shield dropped on the
ox: wow, it looks fake...
i dropped the ball because she is lse. she is not responding and i dont want to
plow her. too much work. afc is flipping out with my performance.
i go back to a previously open set and reopen. set blows right open again. hot
set. i eject out of boredom and lack of fluff material.
we leave. as i leave i continue to open sets and do some throwaways.

in this bar, i probably did 7-8 sets in 1 hour and plowed in half of them.

i am feeling great.

BEST SET OF THE NIGHT. tight game. mad props to ox.
i see a mixed set. guy and 2 girls. my favourite scenario. i open the girl who
is alone. ignore the other 2. she is hb7. she had given me mad ec for
sometime(fuck the 3 second rule).
after i created some ec tension, she open like a fucking A.
i open with some shit i made up. i dont even use openers anymore.
ox: i know you from somewhere.
hb7: i dont know.

i am coming in with half body as usual. reaction is awsome. she is giggly and
making mad ec.
i plowed.
ox: yeah, you always go to the cross bar and hang from it.
she is lol and is not even funny what i am saying. that´s how tight my bl and
tonality is today guys. I plow with who lies more. and jelous girlfriend.
i cut through the group and miniisolate her in the counter. i lean agains the
counter and she is mini isolated. learnd from my man loverboy. fucking money.
she is all over me. we start kino and i start escalation. i start invading her
space and she likes it.
i say i am going to read her palm and i isolate her to a "brighter area"(darker
than the previous one). i throw the palm read and it flies through the roof.
she ddb´s on me. we are holding hands and kinoing. afc comes and kind of ruins
her state but goes away and i start plowing to rapport(goal for the night)
i start with " i know that you can tell a lot about a person from his job". she
ddb´s. i am sensitive all of a sudden. we continue to talk and i am about to
kiss her and i start creating tension. triangular gaze. she wants it. she is
giving me the window but i tease her. i go in but go back. she is hot as hell.
i throw my evolution phase shift. it flies and i go for kiss close. she wont
have it and tells me she has boyfriend. i throw boyfriend destroyer, it flies.
she starts giving resistance. tells me that her group is her family and know
her boyfriend. shiiiiiit. she gives me phone number and as i leave. i say let´s
kiss. she kisses me in half my lips and i eject with her phone number. we are
having a day 2.
i did more sets but not worth mentioning. they all open, including those i
thought that would not open.


1: 100 percent of my sets open tonight. must have been the bootcamp or my
tonality and bl that was through the roof. i am still at odds.
2: i plow through rapport but need better rapport. more connection. cube...s
3: my game is tight.
4: rapport is very good but can easily become lame and commonalities. it didnt
happen today though.

see you
keep rolling, rolling, rolling...ha, ha.

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