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Field Report: taken for a pro player

mASF post by ox

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Field Report: taken for a pro player
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, March 3, 2005


Went out. Great. I am starting to understand the concept of social
intelligence. Because i am becoming socially intelligent. Except for 2
occasions maybe, my sets would open naturally. I did probably anywhere around
20(initial goal of 12), i plow in 60 percent of the cases until i run out of
material or got distracted by another hotter set. I approached MY FIRST MIXED
SET. I used to have this thing going on where it was impossible for me to
approach mixed sets. No more. Props to me.
MY body language has come a long way now. It is totally spot on and i have
stopped fidgeting my hands which is great. Now sets open naturally and i pass
social hook point in most of the cases. In fact my body language and peacocking
is gone so far that last night i was taken(mistakenly) FOR A PROFESSIONAL
FOOTBALL PLAYER. LOL. It was fun to see a whole group of chicks qualifying
themselves to me and one of them ask me for another football player with whom
she had ons. It was funny as hell. She kept telling me her name and that i
should mention her name to him in our next game. Lol. Fuck that. They all
started touching me, my tryceps my abs, even wanted me to strip. Fuck. I had a
ton of fun. Celebrities dont have to game, they just take. Those guys have it

On to the field report.


My usual tight clothe: i bought a new kick ass t-shirt, very arty and tight, it
has on the back “who is your god”. Fucking cool. Ring, bracelet(still waiting
for gothic watch and belt buckle from e-bay, credit nilatak)

1: being shakeless( i thought that this is going to be my goal always, since i
have inner game» issues. Thanks organic)(goal accomplished, inner game» as solid
as rock)
2. open 12(i did 20)
3. dont stall(for whatever reason, never, never stall, speak like a mother
fucker)-goal was accomplished)

i am going to speak only about three sets which i think are educational, the
rest is useless. It would be a waste of amo.

1 set
3 set with one guy. My goal is to open the guy with situational display killed
bd and get attraction from 2 smoking hot girls.

I open the guy with situational. It flies. I am giving him half my body. I
pause. I move slowly, give him my back and reopen. I did this 3 times and the
guy thinks i am cools. Girls think i am cool but i continue ignoring them and
fluffing the guy. It works. Girls get really antsy. They want to know more. I
continue fluffing the guy and doing my bl routine. Hands in back pockets,
leaning back, chin up. Girls start dancing as hell. They want me to open. I
wont though. I am socially proofed in this bar so it helps.
Anway, guy tells me one of them is his sister and the other is a friend. They
are going to x bar and if i want to tag along. I say no.
Interesting thing was my body language. You could say a bunch of commonalities
with the right body language and people think you are cool. Fuck that.

2 set

5 set with guy.
I open the chubby one. She is cute but chubby. Hb5chubby.

I give half my body and say

Ox: situational.
It flies. She starts smiling. My target is a hb7brunette with curly hair.
Hb5chubby starts smiling and giving me iois all over the place. Hb7 brunette is
jealous. And during the set she starts pinching my arm and trying to cock block
me and shit. I ignore her and it makes her even hornier.
I run all the routines: jelaousgirlfriend, mini cold read(ddbs) strawberry(we
start kino and talking sexual, she cant get her hands off my tryceps, i love
them), cube(ddbs).
Her bt is through the roof. I figured i will kiss her in front of her friends
from work i start my evolution phase shift(which these days it boils down to
smelling her neck and going for kiss close, that´s how fast it is for me).
I half kissed her on the lips. She puts up some resistance. I tried to venue
change, she invites the group but the group says no. I can see that peer
presure is a biggie her. People from work usually have this kind of pressure.
I number close as i leave and she gives me a puppy look like saying why you
damn ox get me horny and leave me all wet?
Great set. My body language held the set. I said a lot of stupid crap and i
leaned back and moved slowly. I remember ijjis(be unimpressed), a couple of
times people bumped into me. I turn around SLOWLY, it was so good to see that.

now i now i can amog anybody.

I am talking to an hb8 that i met in another occasion and i am running game and
this guy appears out of nowhere, and tries to talk to her. Big guy in his early
thirties and fucking not paying attention to me and focusing on the girl. I
totally laid back let him speak for awhile. He had no game and came off
suplicating and shit. I on the contrary raised my value as hell.
Ox: you should marry this guy. He is fucking smart.
Hb7: what
Guy: whoa. I am not talking married here man.
Ox: your jacket is great. It is a killer man
Guy: no it is very cheap. (he sounds apologetic)
Ox: wow man you are the bomb(i put my hand over him like buddies)
Guy doesnt know how to react. I shake his hand and totally give him my back and
position myself between him and the girl.
This manouver was done in the atmost natural manner. He is totally blown out of
the water and disappears. My girl is ddbing.
I continue to game her but i stalled and left. Fuck that. I pulled out.

Then i left and went to another bar and i was confused for a professional
football player. I had a blast.

Learning points:

1. bl kills. It is my grand discovery. Bl plus my gym body can keep me above
the water and passing the hook points.
2. you can amog if you are ready to ready. Have your shit together
when facing a guy. Compliment, be nice and kill him with back turn.
3. i am slowly getting the social intelligence being talked about. God it must
kill to be pua for real. These people can get into any set and hold it. I want
to get there too.
4. realized it is better to center mygoals around inner game» in my case. Being
shakeless despite pressure it is going to be my goal.

What´s reality
Ps: i have a day 2 with hb6. she is coming to town, just to meet me(my dick).
Great. While i wrote this report i had 2 messages from her and one from a fuck
buddy. Life is good. Gotta keep the bitches in’m leaches.

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