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How do I counter girl‘s sex-talk? Also: test flake

mASF post by IN10SE

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How do I counter girl‘s sex-talk? Also: test flake
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mASF post by "IN10SE"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004

On 12/27/04 11:37:00 AM, Heisse wrote:
>Wow, I have heavyweights
>analyzing my situ, thanks
>On 12/26/04 1:31:00 PM, IN10SE wrote:
>>Your job - DON'T respond. I'll
>>often just say - "Well any
>>girl can do that - but can you
>>COOK!? - No? hmmmm... I don't
>>think I can date you then!"
>>Yep - you heard me right!
>Actually, looks like she doesn't cook.
>That's why I left a message on her
>machine later saying that I don't care
>about massage, she should cook something
>for me.

Nice -

>And, also she doesn't even throw her
>trash out when we eat at a place like
>McDonald's, she leaves empty cups on the

Bad manners! She needs some schooling by Emily Post...

>>1) It creates tension. A buddy
>>of mine - Swinggcat has this
>>thing called tension loops...
>>it's a similar thing that I'm
>>doing - but physically. Call
>>it "Sexual tension loops".
>What is a tension loop»? Where's a loop
>structure here?

Basically you're creating an unresolved emotion or physical sensation. Like
when you cut off a movie without knowing the ending, it just makes you want to
know the ending even more!

>>3) It lets her know you aren't
>>a "typical guy" - you PASS the
>>"Shit test"
>I avoid the typical guy act like a
>>7) It Creates a contrast if
>>you go back and forth between
>>"Hot Verbal/Cold physical<=>
>>Cold physical/Hot verbal" that
>>further draws her into you.
>I do that all the time.
>How should I counter/prevent flakes in
>this case?

By demonstrating value and demonstrating that you understand her world as you
draw her into yours.

Now how to do this? It's about finding a balance for the particular person that
you're with.

To find the balance between attraction and comfort, between differences and
similarities, between pushing away and pulling toward, cold and warm, holding
out and giving in, physical passion and emotional connection , between tension
and release, which are really all just different ways of expressing the same
two fundamental energies... (X and X) is where the Mastery of Seduction is. Be
conscious of the energy you're cycling through at all times.

>When I talk to her on the phone, should
>I touch sexual topics at all? Should it
>be all friendly/LJBF?

No, you should cycle between both attraction energy and comfort energy.

Attraction energy:
differences, novelty, excitement, adventure, sponteneity
pushing away, busting on chicks
being cool and aloof
holding out
creating physical passion and escalating kino
creating tension

Comfort energy:
finding similarities, trust, commonalities, common beliefs and values
pulling toward
being warm, genuine and real
giving in
emotional connection and caring

You can actually VIBE in each energy. I should say that past your initial hook
, it should ALL be vibing.

PICK UP =>(attraction/comfort hook points, isolation)=> VIBING
=>(attraction/comfort hook points, isolation)=> END GAME

This is another way of looking at beginning, mid and end game phases.

Mastery in Seduction is about being conscious of what energy you're sharing
with a woman and cycling through both of them in a way that FRACTIONATES and
deepens each state.

Then all I need is ISOLATION.

>How about relationship/EV topics?

Those are great if you're in comfort energy - but a better way to go is by DHV
- by demonstrating high value, which could be used in either attraction energy
or comfort energy depending on the context and the individual woman that you're

Examples are:

1) An interesting career that you speak about with passion

Attraction - if it's a career with high social status, if you're passionate
about it, if it's exciting/adventurous/different

Comfort - If its a career that shows the human side of you, how fulfilling it
is for you as a person on a deep level... etc.

2) Walking into set with 2 pivots or pawns to demonstrate your social

Attraction - If these are women that are hot and of high social value, it makes
you more attractive by virtue of being with them - social proof

Comfort - That you are a guy who "gets it" who's in the "secret society" club,
that if you have social value and comfort with these women - you are someone
that she can be comfortable with as well.

3) Holding her entire set with powerfully intriguing stories

Attraction - Demonstrates you as an authority, entertaining, different, unique

Comfort - If you gain a rapport with her friends, she can feel like you're
accepted by them and thus she can feel comfortable with you

4) Demonstrating a vast store of knowledge about subjects that she finds
interesting and intriguing

Attraction - Authority frame, showing that you're interesting, unique and

Comfort - Because you understand what interests her it implies that you
understand her as a person, thus building a basis of common interests and
building rapport

>Should I use deep tonality or use
>regular voice?

Just focus on the energy of the interaction and the tonality will come. The
tonality is secondary to the VIBE ENERGY that you're feeling with this
person... in fact EVERYTHING (words, body language, kino, eye contact, language
patterns/themes/stories, etc.) is secondary to the VIBE ENERGY - either
attraction energy or comfort energy. (and in the END GAME - sexual vibe energy)

Just like what you DO during the sexual phase (END GAME) is secondary to the
SEXUAL VIBE that you share with someone - have you ever been with a chick where
you had this awesome sexual vibe while you were with her and everything that
happened just seemed to flow naturally, where you stopped thinking and just DID
IT? This is what vibing is about.

Questions, Comments?


the earth turned to bring us closer
it turned on itself and in us
until it finally brought us together in this dream

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