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You must have routines

mASF post by Chaco

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You must have routines
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mASF post by "Chaco"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

Thanks for your comments. I don't think we are disagreeing however.

>Anyways, the issue is the fact that
>improv takes awhile to learn and get
>good at. And it takes less time to get
>good at telling routines.. so i'd
>recommend using routines first (however,
>they are not NECESSARY in any case).
>Too get passed the hook point just
>requires a balance of high value (it's
>best if you can get them to the OAP) and
>improv works, i'll vouch for it.

Yes, it certianly works. But as you note, it works once you learn how to do it.
And learning how do it is helped enormously by having either taken other PUA's
canned routines, or having developed your own routines, and having used them in
live sets that get good respondes. Once you have done that, you can develop a
natural instinct for what makes for an effective comment/routine/story and can
learn to generate them on the spot through improv. So I agree with you.

As I pointed out, I was writing that post for guys who have not gone though the
stages of either mastering canned routines or having developed their own, so I
didn't it discuss what may be possible at higher levels. I wrote for the guys I
see (or hear about) getting blown out set after set because "they ran out of
things to say." I still would argue for anyone who is not a semi-natural to
begin with, that routines are the best way to go, which you seem to be saying
as well.

>I'm not sure where you developed these
>ideas, but from my experience, i view
>this differently.

I got it from my own field experience and from having observed a number of
other guys in the lair who have trouble getting past social hook points. The
reason cited is usually "I ran out of things to say." And usually this occures
in under 5 minutes, and sometimes in as little as 2 minutes. Hence, I suggested
work on developing material. And for people in such a situation, I think this
should be a requirement. While yes, it may be theoretically possible to
entirely skip that stage, I think it will take far longer to become good going
straight to improv or even to "vibing" as some say. Again, from your post I
think we agree on that point.


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