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You must have routines

mASF post by parkblvd

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You must have routines
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mASF post by "parkblvd"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

Hey Chaco - it seems that's we're at the same spot in our progression. Your
whole post made sense, and of course, we can both see how the other posters who
are more advanced are giving off subtleties that convince the girls to continue
the conversation. (ijjji, for instance, is 100% right, but what he does won't
work for me - YET)

I wrote a LONG ASS post about how to construct routines. I never posted it,
since it sounds a bit too obvious, but since I read your post, I think I'll put
it up, since you seem a *little* too attached to your specific routines.
Routines are like girls - there are always more.

Don't get me wrong - I really like where you're coming from, and I think there
are other dudes on the board at this point. Also, since Jay is NOT into
routines, we're never going to see a good section in TFM about them, so we
might as well post on them until someone ends up with something definitive.

One more thing:

>Lately there has been a lot of talk
>about vibing. I honestly don't know what
>this means. I know you need awesome body
>language, but you can't sit there engage
>in some wordless Vulcan mind-meld with
>her, you words do matter. You have to be
>socially interesting enough to get past
>social hook points and you need to be
>interesting enough to get past
>attraction hook points (combined with
>tight body language subcommunication).

Social vibing is... damnit, I need a good metaphor. You know - give me a week,
and I'll write a little post with the best metaphor I can come up with. We
both know *what* it is - might as well put it into words a bit better.


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