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Seduction model

mASF post by Jade

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Seduction model
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mASF post by "Jade"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, June 6, 2004

>I have absolutely no idea how the words Follow,
>Pace, and Lead apply to a typical interaction.

You match her state, compare personalities and values, and finally lead her
into a more desirable state. This is what I have always done when I have gotten
laid, so it works.

Those last two phases are core concepts in NLP so I didn't just "wing it". I
just added the third phase that has been missing from the NLP model, and
defined the hook points.

>when you are arrogant, they become arrogant.

That is also true; states are infectious. That's why it is better to match her
state, you will be making it harder if she happens to be open for conversation
to begin with. You may even drive her away; has happened to me a few times.

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