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mASF post by IN10SE

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mASF post by "IN10SE"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2004

Hey Harmless... how could I forget! Sexual Vibing is what you vibe INTO...

Of course, sexual vibing is somewhat dependent on CONTEXT - The context of an
interaction between a man and a woman is most often times sexual anyway.

Take for example when you go out with a woman on a date... I've talked to women
about this and questions that go through their minds are,"Is this the kind of
guy I could sleep with?" (Seduction phase), "Is this the kind of guy that I'm
attracted to?" (Attraction game), and "Is this the kind of guy that I could be
comfortable with? or "Is he Boyfriend material?"

A woman SHOULD be asking herself these questions if you're doing well -
because the answers to these get you past these hook points.

Now I just have the frame that in essentially ALL female to male interactions
there is a sexual element. Maybe I'm being "Freudist" in view - but it's a view
that serves me.

Now Sexual Vibing specifically is about taking attraction and comfort game to a
SEXUAL game. There's a specific point when you've built up enough attraction
and comfort that things move into the END GAME where things take on a sexual
vibe. This is entering the SEDUCTION phase and END GAME and you bet there is
vibing that occurs here!

The vibing is amplified when 2 things occur:
1) You make a chick physically feel a NEED for you - by touching her, teasing
her physically, taking away, hot/cold kino... you want to create
DISSATISFACTION. Because it is this dissatisfaction that creates the PUSH that
will MOVE her from where she's at now to where you want her to be!

2) You verbally lead her DESIRE - Through innuendo, by taking about sex (just
casual convo), sexual themes, sexual books/movies/etc. I do this through my
Sexual Value Elicitation. (see archive)

Put the 2 together and you have both push and pull... some seduction systems
out there focus mainly on PUSH, some mainly on PULL - I do BOTH.

Comments, Questions?


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