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Field Report: Thursday #closes

mASF post by Catch

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Field Report: Thursday #closes
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mASF post by "Catch"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2004

Just got in from sarging with my wing, Thursdays are quiet around here but we
got a few fun sets.

Started with a throwaway, then saw a mixed three set, two girls one bloke. I
have only opened a few mixed sets but want to do more of them, so I went in
with an opinion opener. The set were shocked at me rolling up and just talking
to them, but I ran my opener. Next thing I know they're grabbing another guy in
from a table nearby, he was obviously the alpha of the group. They said to ask
him what he thought, but by then I was getting overly self-conscious which I am
sure showed up in my voice. Ran the opener then ejected. Need to do more mixed
sets so I am comfortable in this situation, which I wasn't tonight.

Wing opened the next set and chatted for a bit.

Then we sat next to a 3set of girls, at first I didn't think they were that
hot, and I asked them about places to go. At this point I wasn't looking to
game them, I genuinely wanted the info, but we got talking and they were
actually ok, maybe two 7's and 8. They were also really fun girls, and all five
of us had a good laugh, very little canned stuff, just joking around and on the
fly C&F. #closed the most outgoing one, even though she wasn't the hottest, so
I said we could all hang out together sometime, which will give me a chance to
sarge her friend properly.

Couple more sets, nothing worth mentioning, then into the main pub we got to a
lot. Wing opened a two set sitting on stools, and I came in shortly after. Ran
a few routines and got some laughs, then it kind of started to drift away from
us a bit. The convo had lulled, but I thought fuck this, i'm not ejecting, we
can just stand here until they talk. So we hung on, and they picked up their
part in the convo. cool. From then on it was more joking around, just having
fun with them C&P style. A few times one of them got a bit testy, but nothing
that a *shrug* didn't put right (thanks Dimitri!).

Now we were in well with them, but they were still sitting at stools and we
were standing up. I remembered TD talking about getting comfortable in set, so
I tried to get my girl to stand up, at which point I was gonna steal her seat,
but she wasn't having it, probably guessed what I was gonna do.

OK, so we're both still standing, so I thought next best thing was to try and
get them semi isolated so I could focus on my girl. I tried shifting my BL
slightly to the side to see if she would follow, and turn away from her friend
slightly (as described in 26's FR), but she didn't take that so we were still
gaming them with them facing each other.

Got IOI's and a bit of rapport chat, mostly just loads of joking and fun, so
i'm not sure how it will turn out, but we number closed and were in that set
nearly an hour. We'll see.

Not bad considering how quiet Thursdays are.

Things I learnt;

I need to do more mixed sets. It felt like opening my first set ever!

Stay in set. If the convo lulls just chill, as long as you don't look wierd
standing there it will be ok.

Work on shifting BL more to test for hook points. At the time I did it she
obviously wasn't attracted enough to follow my lead. Try again later if she
doesn't go the first time, maybe use a solid routine/story to keep her
interested while I move?



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