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Field Report: Sucka Punk Fool Clubbin‘

mASF post by twentysix

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Field Report: Sucka Punk Fool Clubbin‘
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mASF post by "twentysix"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2004

Good fucking time Thursday night.

I’ll get to the meat of things. Went out at the last minute with Tenmagnet and

In Toronto, went to Havana and My Apartment – hit up a lot of sets.

In My Apartment (this is a club name guys) I hit up this 6-set, 5 guys and 1

I bust in and run my opener. All of the dudes are looking at me like ‘What the
Fuck is this Shit??’
So, I just roll my opener and stack my routines, just talking like they’re all
my friends already. That’s really what we’re doing here guys anyway. We’re
going under the radar with the indirect approach. We’re not ‘picking up’, we’re
being cool guys who under the radar have a strategic plan to ‘pick up’.

So, as I’m rolling my opener this huge 6’4 Alpha dude steps to the Alpha
fucking plate. He barks out:

6’4Alpha: Shouldn’t you run home to your daddy?
26: (26 looks at him, recognizing that he said something and continued telling
the story unphased).

My target was super in to me, but she kept trying to turn her body in to the
group and away from me. She liked me, but at this point in the sarge she had
more of an investment in the original set.

So I keep rolling my game on her. I know I can extract her from this set.

So I keep rolling. I use my guy/girl names routine on the whole set. However,
as I roll this shit I calibrate how much I really need to direct my
conversation to the rest of the group.
Take a look around guys. Look at the facial expressions and body language of
the rest of the group – try to calculate who these people are to her.

I calibrated and determined that all 5 of the dudes around her were
non-factors…most likely guys that just met her. Only that 6’4Alpha dude was my
challenge…and I looked forward to dealing with him.

6’4Alpha: Hey. Shouldn’t you be running home to your daddy?
26: I love this guy. (26 puts his hand on his 6’4Alphas shoulder. Speaking in a
voice that belittles him and makes him look like he’s mine)

That’s all it took to blow the guy out of the set. Alpha battles usually don’t
go on too long. They usually happen – BAM! It takes two seconds to set

Remember guys…you are in control of the set.

Ok…so 6’4Alpha guy is standing there fuming at me. Just staring at me. Before I
hit the set he was in control and MACing my target in front of his boys. Now he
was standing to the side, alone, watching me slowly pull his girl away (with
body language) from the set.

Above I was mentioning that my target kept trying to go back in to her original
conversation with those guys. I hadn’t invested enough time.

I had her at about a 70 per cent back turn to her original set, but I had to be
careful of where I placed my body language, I don’t want to place it so she can
see her original set again and maybe reinitiate chat or get them involved
again. They were out. I did my work. I don’t want to do it over again.
Regardless, this is easy. Use your body language to drip her away from the set
she was once in.

First, I asked her how she knows all of them. Oh, let’s make a name for this
chick – HBStimulusBumbleBeeFreak.

HBStimulusBumbleBeeFreak – I don’t know them. I thought you knew them.
26 – These guys (making a disgusting facial expression)? No way, my friends are
over there (making a head motion to my left (I don’t’ even know if that’s where
my friends were, point is, make non-important parts of the conversation

The funny thing is that she also thought that I knew them. Why? Probably
because like many of my friends that I roll with, we all walk up to these huge
groups and start talking like we already know everyone. That’s one of the
coolest skills you learn doing this.
So I have her turned 70 per cent away from her group.
What are my goals?

- To get her 100 per cent turned away
- To get 6’4Alpha totally out of the scenario
- To lead her away with body language at least 3 strides away from her group.
When she subconsciously realizes this she will know that *I* am her new set.
And the guys will realize that they are totally blown out.
- Move her to another area of the club

Concentrate on one goal at a time. I don’t think of each goal. The whole
scenario is in my brain. Massive field experience is the key here. Go out like
motherfuckers dudes. It’s the main way to learn this shit. And roll with guys
who play.

- To get her 100 per cent turned away
Ok. This was done easily. I do it by testing for hook-points.
Hook-Points are areas in the convo when you have the girl totally locked in on
the conversation with you.

To test for this is easy and fun. When you’re talking to her (Face to face or
body to body) take a step backwards. If she moves closer to you as you backup
you have hit a hook point and you can continue to subtly shift her body
language to where you want it (i.e. where you want her).
Also, move your body to the right/left and see if she faces you head on. If she
has, again, you have hit a hook-point.

If she doesn’t do any of this stuff you have to do what I was doing earlier in
the conversation with her when I was trying to get my hook-point with her:

Pile on the fucking game. Pile on your material. Run the game plan. Things will
go well if you follow the game plan and are fucking in the ‘know’ (meaning you
just fucking know) that you’ll get her.

So, test for hook-points. Take steps backwards…move your body around to see if
she’ll follow/adjust.

I hit my hook-point. I was testing for them, calibrating where I was in the
interaction. Eventually, I realized I hooked her when I ran some more solid
routines. I have a rendition of the spin routine that I use as a cold-read. I
will post about it some other time.

At this point she was hooked. So I back up and shift my body language so I’m
looking directly at the original group I stole her from. She followed me,
meaning that her back was now completely away from the original group. We were
also about three to four strides away from that group. All planned. I could see
visually that they were out. They knew it because they started doing their
normal thing again. I wasn’t on their minds any more. MONEY!

So, now I have her alone. I am now just chilling with her. The work is over.
Doing this conveys high value (approaching mixed sets), cool speech
tones/changes in speed with voice, out-alphaing, being in your own world.

So now it’s cool. I’m just chatting her. This is where you want to be. You’ve
done the bulk of the work. Now you’re in the clear, especially if you hit up
mixed sets…you can convey value fast doing this, it literally means you have to
game less.

Use the guys as part of your game. Having guys in set can literally give you
the ability to drop many of your routines to get the girl hooked. It’s such a
great conveyance of value. Take it and see. Just have a few out alphas ready to
go, but in many cases, these dudes that are with these girls are N-O-N –
F-A-C-T-O-R-S. Hard to believe, but it’s true. At the David D seminar this past
weekend David did this whole thing on the ‘chances’ of getting physically hurt
in set. He determined the majorly minute minute minute chances of this
happened. When he talked about this it blew me away! It opened my eyes even
more! I can’t really remember how to explain it, but it was wicked!

Ok, so I bring this girl to the dance floor. We dance, talk with her cousin.
This is important guys. Move the girl around the club. Get her used to walking
around the club with you. The more she does this (especially when outside of
the club)…the more she envisions herself with you.

Make statements, don’t ask questions.

Meaning, pull her and say where you’re going in the club. Grab her by the hand,
do that 40s style hook shit with your arm and take her around the club to where
you want to go (know where you’re going – dance floor, sit down in a quite area

If you *ask* her to go somewhere with you then you’re falling in the beta

So we’re dancing. I want to hang with Tenmagnet and Joy_Stick. So I pull her
off the dance floor and get her number and bust. When I say ‘bust’ I mean I
busted a load all over her face! FYI…‘Bust’ as in ‘leave’.


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