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Hook Points

mASF post by Tommy W

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Hook Points
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mASF post by "Tommy W"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2004

I liked your original post in this thread. Very good read.

On 5/4/04 10:16:00 PM, IN10SE wrote:
>Shifting between attraction
>game and comfort game is very
>intuitive for me.
>To me, attraction game is best
>to start out with and as a
>default to go back to when
>you're in uncharted rapport
>So when I'm in comfort game,
>and things start to get deep,
>I just break it up by saying,
>"Wow... we're getting kind of
>deep here... we should talk
>about the weather or
>something!" Then I switch into
>attraction/cocky/playful mode.

Yes, i do this as well... the reason why it works so well is b/c she chases
after the rapport. IE - it's the same as when you approach and she becomes
really attracted - the absence of rapport is attraction. This is why you
should raise your value before doing rapport (giving her rapport right away
will kill off a lot of the attraction). In fact, i've had wings that would
introduce me when i went into their set, and the girls would become
disinterested and i'd have to work against the current b/c the wing gave them
my _name_! Which is weird, but it IS rapport that they're giving the girl when
she doesn't want it yet - thus killing off a lot of the attraction.

Well, when you are in comfort and Trust (rapport building), you can break the
rapport, which sub communicates that you are not as interested in the rapport
as she is - which makes her "earn it". It's the same factor as when she says
"where are you from?" and you say "guess." (btw, guess requires a high BT to
pull off, so i wouldn't recommend it until you have it high and she rapport
seeks). So when you break rapport, she is chasing after it. Papa actually has
a really good routine for this (Favorite color). It's the perfect example of
taking a time when she is really into c&t, and you kinda pull away a bit - thus
making her _chase_ you into bed.

"Favorite color" from memory:
"What's your favorite color?" [answer = blue] "OMG... mine's red!!!... OMG, we
both have a favorite color!!"

This one is great b/c you are teasing her ABOUT the rapport seeking.

>When the attraction has been
>built up a bit, I may ask a
>serious or deeper question or
>switch to something about
>relationships. It's always a
>cycling back and forth between
>superficial light fun game and
>deeper meaningful comfort
>And about qualifying, I do
>this in attract game mainly.
>The way I do this is that I
>make the chick qualify herself
>to me. Let's say were talking
>and she mentions something
>about not being able to cook -
>I look real disappointed and
>say, "Oh.... really? That's
>too bad - I guess I can't date
>you then..." and the chick
>will almost always start
>qualifying herself to me...
>saying things like, "But I can
>learn how... and maybe take
>cooking classes... blah
>blah..." Then I say, "I'm just
>kidding! I just wanted to see
>what you'd say!" and I laugh
>with them.

This requires some field intuition to pull off, but it is another way of making
her work for it that i like. I often just use qualifying statements in my game
(no push pull, just qualifying). "Ok, so how old are you?"... "what about your
height.. you're wearing high heel shoes.."

The important thing about qualifying them is to seem more interested when they
PASS the qualifying remarks. ie - if she says "omg.. no really, i'm young
enough for you!!", then i must make her feel like she's getting somewhere b/c
she's qualifying - hence, she's EARNING IT.

I never qualify her with words, this just isn't in my game. I will never
compliment a girl. I qualify girls with my BL (where it's pointed) and with
kino. So when she starts qualifying, i'll direct more BL towards her... i'll
shift my feet (from 90 degrees from her to 80 degrees, and then 70, then 60,
etc.. every time she qualifies).

One thing that i realized recently is that i had a hardcore sticking point of
NOT CARING about where the interaction went. So i wouldn't even show that much
interest... which was sub communicating that although she's in to me, i don't
care - this would make her 'crush' on me, last quickly. So what i've been
doing recently is to show small amounts of interest in people if they are
showing interest in me - this doesn't mean huge IOIs, but it does mean that if
they are trying to impress me with a joke or something, i'll chuckle... which
makes them think that they're getting somewhere with me. LOL, so i'm making
them earn it, without putting forth almost ANY effort. Needless to say, i love
the effects of it.

>If she qualifies herself, take
>it a sign that not only is she
>interested, you're also pretty
>close to your reaching your
>hook points - depending on the
>degree to which she qualifies
>herself. Getting a woman to
>qualify herself to you is
>basically making a woman
>supplicate to you. (Notice the
>frame reversal from the
>typical afc/hot chick
>Another one that I do all the
>time is I'll talk to a chick
>about music and if she says
>something like, "I can't stand
>country music!" I'll say,
>"Oh... really? That's too
>bad... You know I LOVE country
>music - it's my favorite... I
>guess I can't date you
>then!..." Then they'll start
>to apologize and waffle about
>how they like SOME country
>music - etc... and I follow
>with, "Just stop... it's
>really ok... I'm just KIDDING!
>- I hate country music too - I
>just wanted to see what you'd

HAHA, that's good. Lately i've been looking at how certain statements are
rapport based (c&t), and others are breaking rapport based (attract). This
instance reminded me of last night - i had negged this girl too much, and she
found out that i had worn eye shadow before. So she goes into a tangent of
"THAT'S JUST WEIRD!!" and so i treat it as a shit test: "THAT'S NOTHING!! I'VE
WORN EYELINER AS WELL!!", but the thing is it _wasn't_ a shit test, but it was
the results of me negging her too much (if she liked me, then she'd consider
changing her opinion on the subject... or think nothing of it from the
beginning). At first, negs will make them become attracted, but too many will
make her think that you consider her a piece of poo :)
So you need to stay away from negging too much and KNOW WHEN YOU ARE negging.
[end rant]

>So this is how I use
>qualifying in the attract
>Back to hook points, when the
>hook point have been reached
>in both attract and comfort
>game- (via the chicks
>sub-communication/IOI's) then
>I move into a seduction game -
>which is where things take on
>a sexual vibe.

I've found that in a lot of instances, there is a subtle change in tonality
when you enter/pass the hook points (for people that wonder when it happens).

>And as far as a seduction
>phase hook point - of COURSE
>there's one! If a chick comes
>in to you place after a night
>out and it's after 1 AM or if
>she comes in to your place
>late in the evening and wants
>to check out your bed room...
>and lays down on your BED, or
>unbuttons her pants to "relax"
>or "get more
>comfortable"...(!!!) - take
>this as an OBVIOUS seduction
>hook point.

Kinda on the subject: it's similar to when a girl is into you and she tells you
that she's visiting from out of town. These are signals that we should
definitely know about and use to our advantage.

>And of course when
>you've reached the seduction
>hook point - then don't waste
>any more energy on comfort
>game or attract game - just do
>Comments, Questions?

Good post. I'm looking forward to reading more from you.


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