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Hook Points

mASF post by Jade

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Hook Points
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mASF post by "Jade"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2004

This matches my perception of seduction as a sequence of mental states; I have
been referring to the states themselves rather than the hook points between
them to model the process: C&F -> Rapport -> Sexual.

I know how to recognise the first hook point; she starts asking questions about
you for no apparent reason. But I'm not sure what defines the second hook
point; would that be when she initiates kino? She does not necessarily start
touching you with her hands, but will come close enough to touch you somehow,
such as sitting as close as possible.

I'm not convinced that there is a third hook point; maybe I've passed it by
chance without knowing that it was there.

By the way, I also do that cycling thing; combined C&F and rapport talk is
totally natural for me.

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