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Throw out your Funny Stories

mASF post by Tommy W

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Throw out your Funny Stories
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mASF post by "Tommy W"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2004

On 4/25/04 8:52:53 AM, Harmless wrote:
>Her attraction for you is the SAME
>THING as her


On 4/25/04 3:39:00 PM, toecutter wrote:

No, my stories are good. I also use stories from PUMs that have been
field-tested a lot. What i've been coming up with is that they are good for
after higher value is established. More on this below..

On 4/25/04 10:54:00 PM, IN10SE wrote:
>I get what you're saying
>because I do the same thing.
>When I focus on attraction
>stage, I do things that create
>When I focus on comfort stage,
>I do things that build
>Now the thing is, I cycle
>through these both - don't ask
>me when I do it or how I know
>when to switch between
>different modes - call it
>instinct, to me it's VIBING -
>but what it does, is it
>creates a CONTRAST and a
>hot/cold effect - a
>fractionation that accelerates
>me to the END GAME.

You switching b/t the 2 makes her stay there as well as makes you emotionally
relevant to her. In this case, your "vibing" term means that it's

Here's the model currently:
(tell funny stories until the end of attract phase)

For a set that you enter and the girl is already attracted:
(tell funny stories until the end of attract phase)

Here's why:
The first model is for HBs that are not interested in you at first. Once you
have created enough attraction (higher value), they will want some rapport, so
they will usually seek rapport from you (since you are right there talking to
them and it would be acceptable to seek rapport from you). The "BT" means good
BT material that pumps her BT, but does not build any rapport (or very little
rapport is built while pumping her buying temp). A good example of good BT
material are mini-cold reads. You are making her giggly without telling her
anything about yourself. This is why i would consider mini-cold read routines
(like "i love you", "comfort and trust", "sexual predators") good BT material -
notice how this pumps her BT without telling her anything about you. Once you
have DHVed enough, you need to keep their BT up, but you also need to start
building RAPPORT. To do this, use your FUNNY STORIES (these are routines that
pump BT and build rapport, but do not change value enough for her to become
disinterested - although they WILL DHV overtime: which is good anyway since you
want to get the most value over them that is possible while they still stay
there). So the FUNNY STORIES act as a _transition_ between creating higher
value (negs and DHVs while keeping her BT up to stay there) and C&T phase
(creating a deeper level of connection and rapport). FUNNY STORIES should not
be used until attraction is there b/c they have a rapport element in them and
give her rapport when she doesn't desire it yet... so you are swimming against
the current, so to speak. Of course if you enter and she's already sending out
IOIs, then you just go over to funny stories until the end of the attract

One of the differences b/t this model and MM is that there is no lock in
necessary. If there is no time for a lock-in/if it's not possible, then you
come in with something that will pump her BT (either an opener or BT material),
then DHV while her BT is up... then pump her BT more to keep her there... then
DHV more while her BT is up... then pump BT more to keep her there (since
DHVing usually lowers BT)... then DHV again to raise your perceived value...
now that she is attracted to you, you can switch over to FUNNY STORIES
(material that pumps BT while inserting small amounts of rapport) until enough
rapport is built so that you can enter C&T phase (with a high level of
attraction already established). Neg where appropriate and if needed.

Basically all this model is saying is that you don't want to tell any funny
stories (which have built in rapport factors) UNTIL they WANT the rapport. In
order to want the rapport, you need to have them feeling attraction. If you
walk up and say "hi", and then they ask your name, you can assume that the DHVs
and negs don't need to be used at all, OR very little.

[As far as IVDs go in DHVing, they take about 25 seconds for the girl to
realize the change in value (for you to see the effects of DHVing to them). In
comparison, with c&f you can see the effects in about 5 seconds. So if you use
an IVD, don't be expecting immediate results.]

>But if I'm meeting a chick for
>a day 2, I have to build
>attraction first - and doing
>this includes telling funny
>stories and doing the kinds of
>things that create PHYSICAL
>tension and make them
>recognize that they want more
>and need more physically.

Well, you need to "build attraction first" means that you need to pump BT... to
keep them there and interested in pursuing the interaction.

>Then I'll switch to the
>comfort building - and
>building rapport, and just
>VIBING with them - making them
>recognize that they want more

"Vibing" in this case means improvising.

>Physical - Emotional...
>If things get too deep - I
>switch back to light
>attraction mode.

IOW, if you begin to use very rapport based material before it's necessary, her
BT will drop and she'll start to show signs that mean that she's becoming less
interested... which means that you need to go back to some BT-type material
(funny stories are best here, since you don't want to break a LOT of rapport
when you do them) so that she stays there and is interested in the

>The momentum that I get from
>switching back and forth,
>deepens both the attraction
>and the comfort and propels us
>to the END GAME where I start
>to deepen the sexual rapport.
>But in my experience, I've
>needed both attraction (break
>rapport/tension) material, and
>comfort (build rapport)


>A good seduction is
>a balance of both because too
>much of one can have a way of
>out doing the other. But then
>again it's also CONTEXT or
>venue dependent.
>Club chicks are mainly an
>attraction game. For them to
>ONS with you, they just need a
>huge amount of attraction game
>and just enough comfort game
>to know that you aren't a
>psycho or axe murderer.

I'm assuming that you are talking about party chicks, here.

>LTR's on the other hand are
>more of a balance of
>attraction game and comfort
>game. And the more you have
>and can build of both, the
>happier they will be with the

You're talking about normal chicks, here.

>On one last note, when I focus
>on attraction game or comfort
>game, sure I have specific
>material that I use - but
>better than that is where you
>can just VIBE in those modes -

"vibing" means 'improvise', here.

>where you can know that at any
>given time, you're doing an
>ATTRACTION game, and when
>you're doing a COMFORT game.
>Where you come up with your
>OWN material on the fly from
>your own life... just knowing
>what mode you're in - and of
>course knowing when you''ve
>passed the hook points of each
>and gone into END GAME.
>Part of really being good at
>this stuff is being able to
>recognize where you're AT in
>the game, and where you want
>to go next in the game - and
>knowing what to do to take it
>there - THEN just VIBING the
>whole way through...
>Questions, Comments?


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