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Throw out your Funny Stories

mASF post by IN10SE

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Throw out your Funny Stories
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mASF post by "IN10SE"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2004


I get what you're saying because I do the same thing.

When I focus on attraction stage, I do things that create TENSION.

When I focus on comfort stage, I do things that build RAPPORT.

Now the thing is, I cycle through these both - don't ask me when I do it or how
I know when to switch between different modes - call it instinct, to me it's
VIBING - but what it does, is it creates a CONTRAST and a hot/cold effect - a
fractionation that accelerates me to the END GAME.

But if I'm meeting a chick for a day 2, I have to build attraction first - and
doing this includes telling funny stories and doing the kinds of things that
create PHYSICAL tension and make them recognize that they want more and need
more physically.

Then I'll switch to the comfort building - and building rapport, and just
VIBING with them - making them recognize that they want more EMOTIONALLY.

Physical - Emotional... simple.

If things get too deep - I switch back to light attraction mode.

The momentum that I get from switching back and forth, deepens both the
attraction and the comfort and propels us to the END GAME where I start to
deepen the sexual rapport.

But in my experience, I've needed both attraction (break rapport/tension)
material, and comfort (build rapport) material. A good seduction is a balance
of both because too much of one can have a way of out doing the other. But then
again it's also CONTEXT or venue dependent.

Club chicks are mainly an attraction game. For them to ONS with you, they just
need a huge amount of attraction game and just enough comfort game to know that
you aren't a psycho or axe murderer.

LTR's on the other hand are more of a balance of attraction game and comfort
game. And the more you have and can build of both, the happier they will be
with the relationship.

On one last note, when I focus on attraction game or comfort game, sure I have
specific material that I use - but better than that is where you can just VIBE
in those modes - where you can know that at any given time, you're doing an
ATTRACTION game, and when you're doing a COMFORT game. Where you come up with
your OWN material on the fly from your own life... just knowing what mode
you're in - and of course knowing when you''ve passed the hook points of each
and gone into END GAME.

Part of really being good at this stuff is being able to recognize where you're
AT in the game, and where you want to go next in the game - and knowing what to
do to take it there - THEN just VIBING the whole way through...

Questions, Comments?


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