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Model the rich, handsome and famous

mASF post by Loverboy

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Model the rich, handsome and famous
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mASF post by "Loverboy"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, November 11, 2004

I was inspired to write this after reading some replies to my general "I've
fucked over 3000+ women!" post I put up about the 62 year old player I met.

A good number of guys brought up in that thread that this guy is probably
extremely rich... maybe even famous. This is probably why the guy is getting
laid so much.

I totally can understand that point of view. In fact, for this 62 year old
dude, I have no doubt he's got alot of money because he had the right
mannerisms for it from what I observed.

For the upcoming interview, I actually WANT the guy to be rich, hell, even
famous and good looking. The more the merrier.

'But Loverboy, why would you want that?', I hear alot of you say. Wouldn't it
be better, if he was poor, ugly, bald, old, with bad breath... a bit like the
Iranian from Hell story on Maniac High's site. I think that was one of the
first stories I read before the game, and I remember thinking to myself,
'Shit.. if this story is true, surely if someone that looks like him can fuck
chicks, I am way better than that in all areas, I can do it too!' Then again,
I drift, as that story was more about persistence.

One of the first things you would've heard before you got into the game is
something like 'You don't have to be famous, rich or good looking to pick up
chicks'. This statement, as it is written, is TRUE. I AGREE with it. Alot of
PUAs are not famous, rich, or good looking. And alot of rich, famous and good
looking guys don't necessarily get laid. And this gives encouragement to
people who may have limiting beliefs about what they see as their own

Most of you came into the game, because you were INSECURE in some aspect of
your own life, possibly depressed, frustrated, unhappy and had many negative
anchors in your life at the time. The younger age group, may have came here
out of curiosity, but the LSE/insecurity aspect applies to most other guys who
went on the internet to search for 'pick up lines' or 'how to get a girlfriend'
or 'how to attract women' which led them here. Then after a while you forget
that. I know I came here because I had some insecurities about myself, when I
saw it as a lack of 'tactics, techniques' etc. etc. The old, fat, ugly, bald
guys who get laid therefore becomes appealing to them.

Let me ask you something- do you think that this is self improvement, or
finding an excuse to rationalize why you aren't getting laid as much as you
should be?

I think this is the thinking behind why most people don't want to spend their
money to learn from guys who are good looking/rich/famous. This is why when
people saw pics of badboy, they are like 'What can I learn from him, he looks
good... and only when they find out he walks with a limp they think
differently... This is why we have posts about 'But the RSD guys live in a
mansion... of course they pull...' only to then realize that they don't
actually need that shit. Etc. Etc.

It is understandable that many of us see entities like nice cars, fast boats,
$$$, VIP queue jumps and chiseled cheekbones to be contributing factors. I
don't disagree with that, but I'm simply saying that the core of PU actually
comes down to the non entities, the behavioural science at its finest.

Think about it. Modelling a rich person's mannerisms & behaviour would include
those components which he developed from being rich. Likewise with other
traits that are considered to be successful. This is by realizing he's got
that trait, doing what he can with that particular trait, and as feedback
developing neural pathways that give him the strong consistent mannerisms he

Have you guys ever watched MTV cribs? One evening, I watched Usher, Jackass,
Robbie Williams, Hugh Hefner, Wu Tang and Snoop Dogg show around their cribs.
These people are all VERY different from one another, in terms of their screen
personas. But I was surprised when I was watching them just being them, and
showing around their homes. They all had very similar mannerisms and
composures. To write about this would be a whole new thread, but I mean
seriously... Wu Tang and Hugh Hefner? Can you believe it? What the fuck?

Alot of this stemmed from their beliefs as a result of their success. Belief
is what creates change, and in the case of waht I observed they all had certain
traits that indicated of their high value. It was like when I hung out with
the Prince William posse, I can tell the wannabes from the truly social elites
just by the way they look around a room, the way they stand, the way they react
to anything you say. I learned alot by modelling these guys, and by being in
that reality. I don't think I would've gotten the same experience if I was
modelling some guy who simply says he has strong inner game» and thinks he is
high social status, because he would not have any backing of that experience to
fall onto.

Half a year ago I was a completely different person. I didn't want to learn
from guys who are rich, famous or good looking, nor did I think I could learn
anything from them, especially if I had all those things, surely I won't be
here? Instead, I wanted to learn from guys who were ugly and poor, because
surely, if they can do it, I can too!! But then, I realized that this was
purely out of my own insecurities and lack of belief in success.

I was shopping with TD a while back when we saw this guy who I thought was from
the boy band 'Blue' (NOT BLUE the AMOG king at the London workshop, btw.. LOL).
Tyler had no clue who they were, but he instantly analyzed the guy based on his
mannerisms with his girl, and said he actually probably wasn't famous. I was
like.. WTF? To me this guy looked alpha, acted alpha, and looked like the guy
from Blue.

Then, just by accident, I found out a few days later that Blue has been on
tour. Tyler was right. He wasn't the guy from Blue! He wasn't famous!

What's my point of this anecdote? People who are famous/good looking/rich all
have a set of mannerisms. I cam starting to spot these myself now. Tyler
probably developed his instincts through the high society culture in LA filled
with celebs and rich kids and influential people and his strong analytical
abilities. Most of these celebs have a set of mannerisms that most average
people won't develop even if they try to 'fake it till they make it'. These
people are called the 'wannabes', the 'fakes', the 'social climbers', as we all
know. I can spot them a mile away. It's actually alot of fun to point them

I actually gamed up an LA actress the other day. One of my very first (I'm not
counting the Katie Holmes and Sarah Michelle Gellar because I didn't have the
same analytical abilities back then as I do now). Her mannerisms and the way
she thinks/communicates is very different from most people. Given she did
qualify alot to me, but I'm referring to her behaviour.. the way she
operates... the way she behaves.

I'd actually LIKE for this guy to be rich/famous/etc. The way I see it, these
are THE guys we want to model on for behaviour/mannerisms... and try to
understand their mindset.

Similar to how alot of the PU stuff could be reverse engineered off naturals.

In my opinion, I'm in the game not just to pick up chicks anymore. For me,
it's a matter of SUCCESS in all walks of my life. And I'm going to learn this
from the best of the best.


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