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Example of a PU (game plan)

mASF post by loverboy

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Example of a PU (game plan)
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mASF post by "loverboy"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, April 4, 2004

I'm reposting my current game plan after speaking with DoctorOwl to try and get
better with some help and hopefully share some useful field tested ideas. Alot
of this stuff is credited to some of you geniuses. I have been freestyling
alot more in field lately but I'd like to get a very solid game down to the
essence so I can whip it out as I need it like my tiny dick. :p () are what
the girl responds verbally/nonverbally. Any constructive help is appreciated.

DIRECT approach. I used to open over the shoulder but now I just walk right up
to groups, full EC with all the girls with a big smile. Confident, but not
leaning in. 'Hey guys, I just bought a puppy for my sister, and can't seem to
come up with a good name for it. Let's hear some suggestions!!' ('Is it a boy
or a girl?' / 'what kind of a dog is it') 'Easy lady, I have only met u for
like 15 seconds and u're talking to me about sex already... ;) haha. boy or
girl... I don't know. I didn't sniff!' (hahaha!) / 'it's the vicious kind. have
u ever seen men in black. it looks a bit like that one, even though this one
hasn't learned english yet. My mom tried to get it to sit and it started
barking. Told it to 'give paw' and it sat.' (hahaha) It's not the kind of dog
u'd want. i don't think u can handle it... u look like a bad girl' ('hahaha' /
'Call it X!!' / 'Erm...' looks at friends, talk and try to come up with a name,
'Dunno....' / IOI of some kind)

-> photo routine 'look here's a picture of it... i told u it looks vicious'
(noooo it's sooo cute!!! awww) 'oh and here are my kittens ('awwwwwwwwwwwww'),
'oh and here is my bitch' -> photo of nicole kidman / kylie and me ('hahaha!' /
OMG!!! is that x /y!!!!!! OMG!! OMG!! How did you get that pic!! Is that really
you???' / 'ah, cool... /whatever') 'No, it's not me of course! It's a double
figure. WHy would I EVER put myself in danger? But screw the bitches, I prefer
my gimps (photo of hugh grant and me) 'OMG!! It's HUGH GRANT!! HOW!!! AHH!H!H!
AHH!!! '

I use a similar routine to open guys in mixed sets. Often times I would show
them a picture of me and Hugh Hefner. Next thing these alpha guys are like
kittens in a prairie jungle. ('Holy shit man!!! OMG it's hUgh hefner!!! u
hooked up with any of those playmates?')

Story 1

I guess the fact that I'm not in LA helps alot.. but of course, some girls are
alot less responsive to this kind of stuff. I just watch their reactions. I
won't bother with it if I think they aren't responding to high profile celebs.

Cold reading: 'You look like you might be trouble. Stay away from me! / OMG, u
girls are like powerpuff girls... but where's bubbles? / You're trouble aren't
u... i'm going to call u little miss trouble and u little miss evil.' / Best
friends (are you a psychologist!!!!??) 'no. since i was released from prison
last year i've been a freelance gynaecologist. when was ur last checkup?' (OMG
u're sooo rude!!! really, what do u do....') 'porn star / butt model / guy in
elevator' ('ok.... tell me, really.. else I'm leaving! / 'yeah, whatever....' +

'OMG, u're sooo cute when u're mad!! AWWW keep that face.. Wait.. I'm gonna get
a photoo.....' (this suddenly gave me the idea that I can get a gallery of all
the HBs I PU with them pulling angry faces)

If the chick says something funny 'omg u're sooo funny... yeah... u're almost
so feisty, u're busting my feistometer. are u one of those girls that is so
feisty and is a snuggler that when u snuggle up to a lover after sex (SP can do
no harm) and sleep you think you get 8 hours of extra sleep each night?
('hahahahah' giggling uncontrollably, but then 'what?? i dont understand!!!
what do u mean????') 'I mean you're so feisty, even if I want to pack u in a
suitcase or bubble wrap and take you shopping in Hong Kong I think you might
just burst.'

Story to 1 girl if they IOI me with questions: 'Yeah, I like this city. People
here seem cool. Also the girls here seem so much more genuine. Almost every
single girl I've dated in LA has had plastic surgery or does cocaine. If I were
a cocaine dealing plastic surgeon I'd also need an OD clinic in the boob
theatre!!' (I'm sure I can expand this to convey more)

'Pull my finger' (every chick fell for this, some chicks laugh when I crack up
when they do it, others are less responsive)

'Ok.. u're cool. I'm gonna adopt u as my little sister!!' (giggles) 'Oh.. and
we should totally like make out in public where everyone knows of our
relationship.... that would be funny... even better... u can dress up like a
nun and I a priest and we'lll go at it!!!'

'U're either the coolest girl, or like this total weirdo... anyway i'm curious
about you....tell me, are u adventerous... can u cook... ok this relationship
isn't going to work out.' (sometimes I get shit tested 'What relationship???')

'OMG, I wanna marry u!!!' (awwww!!!!) 'Yeah. Then I'd shag ur brains out,
divorce u, and take half ur money.' (u're such an ass / u cheeky sod!!!!)

Push pull: 'Where are u from? Hmm.. never kissed a girl from x. You might be
lucky to be the first ;) Actually nah, I bet u use too much tongue!!! Wait, do
girls from x know how to kiss? I've noticed that girls here kiss like fish...
on a scale of 1-10 how good a kisser are u?' (I've found that bringing up the
subject of kissing quite early on is actually good and I'm gauging their
reaction through this)

'Fuck, marry and kill.' -> only done this once
'Who wants to be a millionaire' -> only done this once

Trust test -> most girls take my hands but don't squeeze when I squeeze. So I
fail them. Offer them a resit.


ISOLATE 2 (if I didn't isolate yet e.g if I did the cube with their friends
around, I say that the musci is too loud to tell her about her so let's go
somewhere else)

FROM HERE I OFTEN FREESTYLE. I would certainly like to have more structure
after I isolate!!! I would probably run a few of the following:

Rapport from CUBE. Kino. Or even hold their hands while I tell them about it.
Or act like I'm palm reading while I tell them about the cube. Problem is I
haven't found any smooth transition to go from the cube to a close.

Hair test -> 'mm u smell nice...' -> close. (so far, been good. but like in the
case where i spent a whole hour sarging this chick with a BF she did go 'i
can't... i can't... i've been with my BF for 4 years and i never cheated on

I don't know if this is too much mateiral before I close. Sometimes I see a
real hottie who's a 9.5, and I just think, will I need to alter my game in any
way? More negs? Or not? DO I need to game her longer than others? lol.

My goal, is certainly to get a full close but in the club, I aim to just to
tongue down 9+s and go from there.
I feel that the whole dynamics change once the kissing occurs. The rest, is a
matter of building C&T, controlling their ASDs, LMRs and logistics for the

lov***a@ya***[ ? ]

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