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HB10 bullshit

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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HB10 bullshit
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2003

On 7/15/03 8:17:00 AM, WildSpirit wrote:
***Thanks Wild Spirit. I think if we are realistic and compare:

- gold
- dollars
- political power
- economical power
- an HB10

It seems clear to me that the HB10 for evolutionary and other biological
reasons ( which are elucidated at the best in the Treatise of Love ) have in
the modern world a power comparable to the first 4 of the list.

This is one big reason I keep MLTRs and take care to be high status male» with
my work and business. It puts things in the right perspective at least for what
is concerned with me. Also Maniac seems to be of the same ideas. He writes in
his posts that a pair or nice legs would give in a bar so much power to a chick
that he would never consider exclusivity with one woman.

Why HB10 have so much power? It is because AFC males are attracted to them for
biological reasons in a such a way they are not able to rise their prize so
HB10s are wanted on all the markets at any prize. In put in the group of AFC
males also very alpha males in the work and business field who act like AFCs
with women. For example with my primary who is a 10 we have the agreement we
both have secondaries. I am following what happens between her and the guys
behind her.. Well she is going out with guys who have plenty of money.. they
are calling her at the phone day and night. Some of those guys bring her by car
everywhere she wants. Most of those guys send her text messages and make her
telephone calls tens of times a day. She was close to some nervous breakdown
last months. I had to teach her what is "relationship expectation management"
and after that she has been much in better balance.

So why should´t she use that power? What would we guys do if one day one would
tell us you are the President of the Microsoft Corporation or you are Hugh
Hefner? Would´t we use that power? Of course we would.

Of course if all the males would act like PUAs do then we would have HBs
begging for sex from men at every corner of the streets. Even paying for it.

It would be like gold sellers finding out one morning that no one gives a shit
about gold anymore..

So what we do here is very wise: we put power balance on the equalitiness
level. When I look at other guys in my town I can see I am a lucky one.

"Even the most courageous among us only rarely has the courage for that which
he really knows" Friedrich Nietzsche - The Twilight of The Idols
>On 7/15/03 3:06:00 AM, zarathustra_fi
>>>I realized that on 10s, you
>>>DONT do that.
>>>(Unless she already has fallen
>>>in love with you)
>>***Yes Wild Spirit. I can sign
>>this statement fully. Reason
>>is that if she hasn´t already
>>fallen in love for the guy she
>>feels that like a sign of
>>weakness and as supplicant
>>behavior even if the guy is
>>not supplicant and is the best
>>alpha of the universe.
>>>Cuz suddenly I became 'same as
>>>the other worshippers of her'.
>>***Yes. And as she is
>>approached all the time she
>>has very little time to check
>>is she right or not. So she
>>simply does not check is she
>>right. Women are lazy and they
>>do not worry about are they
>>fair or not.
>Good analysis there zarathustra.
>In modern age society theres a belief
>that women are emotional and
>considerate, (and men not) while in
>fact, they are cruel and harsh against
>(especially AFC) men.
>But after a woman is in love, you can do
>almost everything and she would be ok
>with it.
>If theyre not in love, especially the
>tens can act like that girl from the
>>>Before that I was so close to
>>>be her prince on white horse.
>>***Yes. Especially if she is
>>HSE HB10 probably she can
>>sacrifice also her sexual
>>needs for the sake to wait for
>>the Prince. Or let a
>>"boyfriend" fuck her twice a
>>year without she feeling
>>anything at all in the act.
>>>It all went so fast I coudn't
>>>even understand it while it
>>>was happening. WTF?
>>***Yes. With HB10s everything
>>goes with the speed of the
>yeah thats really sucks big time.
>Solid game all the time, but 1 mistake
>and its all gone.
>>>Then it went from sex-talk to
>>>She told me she wanted to be
>>>friends and didnt want a
>>>I tried to recover of course
>>>and said that I also didnt
>>>want a relationship, told her
>>>stories like just live in the
>>>moment, Our world routine.
>>>Partly recovered with that.
>>***Yes. You did. Agree. She is
>>now unsure about the evalution
>>of you and your seduction.
>>>I reframed of me having
>>>feelings for her to me still
>>>having feelings for past dead
>>>gf. Luckily I told her
>>>previously about my dead gf in
>>>the past.
>>***That was good.
>>>She was kind of expecting me
>>>to suggest a date, (like I did
>>>a few times earlier). But I
>>>didnt as a punishment for her
>>>saying she was busy with
>>>schooltests when I suggested
>>>to meet two times before.
>>>She was really surprised after
>>>me not suggesting to meet with
>>>her again.
>>>Im questioning now if I did
>>>the right thing.
>>>Guys what do you think?
>>***You did absolutely the
>>right thing. Especially if you
>>have the possibility to meet
>>her again without telling her
>>you want to meet her. I am
>>reading so many stories like
>>this on the forum and also
>>have experiences of my own I
>>start to strongly believe that
>>best way to lay a 10 is =
>>strong negging busting
>>behavior + strong social
>>proof. I get clearly the
>>impression that if she is
>>overhelmed by constant AFC
>>whorshipping as many 10 are
>>she is not able to evaluate at
>>all any other way the guy
>>approaches her no matter how
>>experienced. Se even a short
>>EV with her may be felt by her
>>as supplicant. One has to
>>treat HB10s like shit and with
>>strong social proof. I get
>>more and more convinced it is
>>the only way.
>>Any comment?
>If she's a JAP then youre right
>Whats also very important with them is
>to stay a challenge.
>Never let them know they have you, even
>if you have slept with them.
>I learned this the hard way..
>But not all tens are heartless bitches
>with bitchshields beyond the atmosphere.
>They all hate guys who are hitting on
>them and supplicating (AFCs) like all
>HBs, but I have met some of 10s who were
>really looking for an emotional (and
>sexual of course) relationship with the
>best guy available.
>Not to use and control them, but a real
>Am I right on this guys or have they
>brain washed me with their SHB powers?
>Cuz after reading some posts, I noticed
>the HB 10s are alienated like
>feelingless creatures who only want to
>use and control men.
>Peace Out,

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