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Update from field: experiences/insights travelling

mASF post by TylerDurden

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Update from field: experiences/insights travelling
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2003

I posted on my calender to try to post an update of what I've been up to,
because I knew I wouldn't have time to keep up with all of the friends I've
made over this internet chat board during the 6 months I was posting here.

Just wanted to post and say 'what's up' to everyone here, and say that I'm
doing awesome.

Right now I'm travelling with Papa, all around the world, sarging around 8
hours per day, hooking up with girls, making friends, and taking in all the

It's been a really great experience for me, because I hadn't ever really
travelled much outside of my corner of Canada, and my experience/perspective
was very limited.

One of the coolest things, I think, is that I've gained an awesome perspective
on all the debates that went on while I was participating on this board.

It's funny because everyone has their own method and style, and there is
definetely more than one way to get laid.

I'm in the field 5-10 hours per day now.. Even if I get a full-close, I'm back
out into the field as soon as I'm done to play more for the rest of the day..
I'm learning alot of great new shit.. It's awesome for my game.. Imagine what
YOUR game could be like, if you could arrange your priorities to get some time
off to just nonstop PLAY.. It's fucking awesome, and we've come up with so many
Add to that, that I've met almost all of the highest skilled PUAs in North
America (well from the internet scene at least.. haven't met Hugh Hefner yet,
but soon I hope), and I've assimilated all of their best manneurisms BORG-STYLE

The only underground scene PUAs I have left to meet in North America that are
top priority are:
-Rick H.
-a few others

All of those guys I'm making plans to meet soon, and I'm even going to travel
to Medford Oregon to hookup with Gunwitch next time that I'm on the west coast.

I always used to wonder why all these guys who *all* seemed really smart would
advocate CONFLICTING practises.. FINALLY I think that I understand why now.

From what I can tell, everyone's systems work to varying degrees, but just work
*best* in the ENVIRONMENT that they play THEIR game in.

Some quick examples off the top of my head:
-Mystery Method
-Craig Method
-Juggler Method
-Gunwitch Method

I've had chances to see EACH of these in the environments that they were

Go to NYC, LA, or Toronto, and try to PU in a club without knowledge of MM..
Good luck bros, cause you're gonna be in for a hard time..

But its SO WEIRD, cause when I went to Pacific Beach, and met up with Craig
(from the archives), he said that you needed to run really short 20 second
sets, and just leave, to show no neediness until later on in the night (as
opposed to standard long MM sets). Funny thing was, I BOMBED when I tried to
run standard MM in Pacific Beach.. So finally I try Craig's short-set method,
and BOOM, I'm working the room like a pro.. I had chicks coming to ME by the
end of the night, and I was like the money shit of the whole club..

Then I went to Ann Arbour to hang out with Juggler for a bit.. I saw the
environment that Juggler was from, and tried my hardcore C&F shit.. didn't work
that well.. So I say "fuck this" and go straight to Juggler's immediate open
conversational thread rapport tactics.. BOOM, girls react way better, IOIs, etc

I can finally see now why Breakbeat would advise no routines.. In places like
Ann Arbour, they blow you out, because they are highly genuine people there,
and detect even the slightest incongruency.. In Toronto or L.A. though, the
more glossy you are the better.. (of course being genuine is never bad.. but
the polished routines are still key in those posh-environments like
Toronto/LA/NYC and you usually don't get very far without them)..

Finally, and this was FUNNY SHIT, I'm sitting in a truck stop with Papa and
Mystery.. It's in the middle of nowhere, driving back from the NYC workshop..
It's trailer-park deluxe, total white-trash shit.. So I say "Papa, fuck this
shit dude, we're in Gunwitch territory.. I say try GWM on that waitress.. PURE
neutral talk, with sexual state".. he does it, and she's MAD digging it.. she
wasn't lonewolf, but she was taken in by it nonetheless.. so she shit tests him
a bit, and I say "Papa dude, you're doing pure GWM, so you've gotta handle it
just like Gunwitch, and yell at her and cuss her out and shit"... so he starts
saying "fuck this shit.. WTF are you talking about girl??? WTF is this shit???
give me a kiss NOOOOW".. she kisses near his ear by accident and he's like
"WHAT THE FUCK???? you kissed my ear????!!" and she's GAGA-eyed over him, madly
in love with him.. so he drags her back behind the restaurant or something (I'm
not clear on this), and I dunno what happened cause I cracked up so hard I was
crying so I had to leave.. (FR from him to come hopefully, cause I've asked him
to post more on this board).. this was some funny shit just to watch, and
Mystery videotaped the whole thing on his Sony Cliee for future entertainment

Anyway, point is, ALL these methods work AMAZING in the environments that they
were DESIGNED in.

So its like, ALL of us ASF boys are doing our work, and adapting to the
environments that we're in.. So we argue and debate on the board what works
best, and we think "what the fuck this guy must be on crack, cause I tried what
he's saying and it doesn't get great results"..

But what's ACTUALLY happening here is that EVERYONE who plays the game alot
devises a great method that works for THEM in THEIR environment, and they just
post what they've seen work.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing that remains true of ALL environments though is
BODYLANGUAGE and CONFIDENCE.. Actually, as much as I appreciate the less
complicated approaches, I find it ironic that sometimes even the guys who
advocate less techniques are making the fallacy of forgetting that no matter
WHAT technique you use, you'll get laid alot if you're confident with your
approach. Bodylanguage and tonality make up SO much of the sarge, that
regardless of tactics you'll get laid very easily if you play the game alot.
For edge-junkies like me though, tactics just make the game more fun.

Still, no matter WHERE you sarge, bodylanguage and tonality make up like 90% of
the sarge. I was just checking that "dorks" post that my wingman Papa posted,
and I saw that some of the guys were worried it was too entertaining to the
chicks.. I'd say that's a very valid concern and was raised fairly.. Thing is,
no matter WHERE you sarge, as long as you have the right
confident/bodylanguage/etc, you won't be taken as supplicating.. You're ALPHA,
so you can even get away with taking chicks out to dinner and PAYING, so long
as retain that PUA alphaness.. ASF-uninformed guys DO get laid doing AFC shit
all the time, so long as they're alpha.. If you're alpha, entertaining the
chick just comes off something that you're doing to amuse YOURSELF, and makes
you look even cooler, since you're alpha enough to be beyond any question that
you might be supplicating.. I mean, supplication is bad because the chick
interprets it as an ungenuine way of gaining her attention (beta).. but if
you're clearly alpha (bodylanguage/tonality/socialproof/manneurisms), then it
won't be interpreted that way, so its not always a problem.. When you're in the
field 10 hours PER DAY, you have alot of leeway, because you're forced to learn
that sort of alpha confidence and bodylanguage - BOOTCAMP STYLE :)

Tactics and such are just to get you started, or to give you advanced edges..
But once you are a full-PUA, you can break any rule you want and still get
laid, because so many GOOD things are internalized that you're on automatic
cruise control.

I just think its cool that having travelled outside of my corner of Canada, my
game is more versatile, in that I can identify personality types much faster
now, and CALIBRATE in order to sarge any particular girl.

I still have a long way to go in terms of perfect calibration, but it comes
alot easier now.

I'd love to hear about any of the experiences that any of you guys had, in
terms of travelling and finding a necessity to adapt your style to suit the
different environments.

***So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on the board for helping me out
BIGTIME by answering my posts and discussing my ideas over the last six months.

I really appreciate all the input, even from lesser-known ASF guys, many of
whom I took their advice to heart.

I remember when I used to think thoughts like "man, I wish that there wasn't
even such thing as women, because I've had so many emotional problems over
them, and I'll never be able to meet hot women".. Now, when I see hot chicks, I
just think "playtime!"

So huge thanks to everyone who plays the game for taking the time to contribute
their experience and ideas, and effect the lives of poor lonely bastard guys
like I used to be in a really positive way.

If you have a chance to travel and meet PUAs, I really recommend taking it,
because it will make a very positive difference in your life.


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