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Re: How Do You See Your Life In Your Latter years

mASF post by finalD

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Re: How Do You See Your Life In Your Latter years
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, March 3, 2003

little_grasshopper21 wrote in
news:[email protected]:

> My take on all this is that very few guys will be able to keep
> PU'ing hot young chicks indefinitely a la Hugh Hefner or
> whatever, but who knows. Nothing's impossible.
Funny. I don't think like that any more ... I just assume that "older
men" will be able to PU hot young chicks BETTER than younger men. I
don't know if that's simply a "confidence issue" which I have
accomplished successfully, or a "reframe" which is entirely neutral
as to its veracity, or actually a TRUISM about the world.

I believe that men in their 40s and 50s are ideally suited to become
PUAs whose targets are 25 to 40 year-old HBs. In your 60s and 70s,
the man will have to increase his target base from 25-40 outwards to
20-50, but I have no complaints about that. If I'm 66 and still
sarging 30-year-olds, and banging some of them as well as some 45-
year-olds, who's complaining!?

What I perceive of myself as I grow older (and, of course, this is
WISHFUL thinking and therefore more a GOAL than a necessary
likelihood) is that my ATTITUDE brings me a great deal of rewards.

I am no longer AFC. Therefore, in the workplace I rise to positions
of dominance over AFCs, and find myself more and more often looked to
as a leader rather than a follower. I am not a technician of a single
particular skill, but rather am an adept generalist with a wise
knowledge of a variety of cultures, languages, histories, etc.
Consequently, I view my successes to be coming less from traditional
fields and traditional hierarchies (where getting "in the door" and
the initial levels of promotion are largely based on technical skill
in a particular venue, such as computer programming or tax preparing
or kindergarten teaching). Rather, I intend to succeed in more "broad
based" things, such as starting my own businesses, marketing
intellectual property (websites, how-to books, teaching aids, etc.),
running non-profit things, working with large institutions (schools,
foundations), and in the public arena (chambers of commerce,
politics, arts and musical institutions). Those are good guesses as
to where I'm going.

I am no longer AFC. Therefore, among relatives there is a type of
happiness that I'm around, a sense that I'm not needy, an awareness
that any party can invite me whether it's formal or informal, that I
host enjoyable events for my uneducated trailer-park cousins and my
Harvard law-school classmates.

I am no longer AFC. I run marathons, perhaps triathlons; and I play
on an adult men's league soccer team.

I perform with a vocal ensemble like Chanticleer or the Tallis
Scholars (that type of group) at Carnegie Hall, and other elite
venues. I jam with Bruce Willis and John Goodman on my electric

I perceive that a willingness to stand outside the confines of
society's traditional strictures has advantages and a few oft-
unmentioned disadvantages. Few men were ever been elected President
(at least not recently) who were also unmarried and confirmed
bachelors-for-life. Political wives are just "supposed" to be on
candidates' arms. So, it's not like I claim that trying to be a PUA
is going to "automatically" qualify me as more desirable to the
general populace than trying to be an AFC would. There's still all
the OTHER issues to cover -- learning to play guitar, for example. :)

I perceive a few big houses, a small one that I live in, lots of
condo's that I rent to suckers at an exorbitant fee. I perceive
working at what I LIKE to do most of my day. Never ever thinking
"ooooh gawd I don't want to get up and go to work today" because my
work occupies my mind. Often reaching across the bed from me and
grabbing the ass of a firm, hot-looking young woman, and forgetting
about work for a while. Then leaving her there in the post-coital
warmth to NOT succumb to security and "luv," but rather forge ahead
in the world.

I perceive no problems with the idea of being "unattached" or not
having "settled down." There will probably be very few children in my
life. I do not have siblings, so I therefore cannot be an uncle to
nephews or neices. I don't intend to have my own children. I might be
convinced otherwise, I don't know.

I perceive spending suitable time practicing my musical instruments,
such that I become adept at them, perhaps professionally performing.
I perceive writing works of literature that bust into Norton's while
I'm still alive.

Unfortunately, I don't perceive walking on the moon, ever, although
that has always been a dream of mine. I don't perceive running for
President of the United States. I do perceive perhaps getting lucky
enough to hit the "State Senator" level or so, if I continue to be
interested in politics by the time I'm of suitably high enough
profile to be able to run for that sort of thing (naturally, I would
probably preface it with a few stints as a Mayor or School Board
member or something, as the system usually requires).

I perceive extremely hot women. Executive secretaries bending over
their desks, and me porking them from behind. Stunning "perfect" call
girls sent by business associates or rival political factions in an
attempt to woo me to their side. Wives of ambassadors with straying
glances. Daisy Duke types whom I meet on my peregrinations at
laundromats or in parking lots, who titter and coo about my nice
suits and my silver hair -- the silver hair around my cock. All of
them naked in my bed, sometimes two or three at a time. I look out of
crinkled, wizened eyes at them, I let my eyes smile, I reach for the
Viagra ...

I am not unhappy, in these perceptions, to have "failed to settle
down." Settling down is a choice, while not settling down is simply a
default value. I simply choose to continue the status quo, in the
absence of some single woman who can convince me that she is worthy
of foregoing all the above rewards. I am not closed to such a
possibility. I have not met any woman who even comes CLOSE to being
as valuable as that to me.

I also perceive living long after the death of my parents and,
unfortunately, being happy about it. I currently live as though my
father has a large influence on me, and my mother too, and I need
(personal sticking point) to move beyond that to live my own life
rather than the life of "expectations."

In all these hopes and dreams and perceptions, I notice a marked
confidence, a calm manner, an ability to confront surprising
incidents with both equanimity and dispassionate concern. I am not a
whiner, or a teatotaller, or a knee-jerk liberal, or a circle-the-
wagons conservative. I am Will Rogers and Atticus Finch and Lou
Gherig wrapped up in one stalwart statue of man. Gary Cooper's
character, in all the movies he ever played -- although not quite as
strong-silent, a little more elfin or puckish, with the Good Ole Boy
of Terry Bradshaw or (gasp! not the looks, I hope!) Ross Perot.

Well, you asked ...

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