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Limit game base on age?

mASF post by pickettcs

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Limit game base on age?
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mASF post by "pickettcs"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2003

Hey bro, your post interested me, I have thought about this topic, just not in
any depth until right now. I'm starting to get up there in age alittle also.
While I am only 27 I am starting to see the same things you do, only on a
limited basis although. (I look young for my age)

>I am 35, and like many other
>guys, I like girls in their
>20's, even early 20's…ok, even
>late teens :-) But there are
>two issues related to this:
>1) It seems like many, if not
>most, young women just don't
>view me as a potential sex
>partner. Like in my yoga
>class, the younger women tend
>to walk past me like I am
>invisible (I am in good shape,
>I swear).

Not sure how much this applys in your case, but sometimes a youthful "makeover"
will help alot. I have friends that are a few years older than me (30's) that
I have helped with this. Sometimes time goes so fast you don't start to notice
that you are slowly lagging behind in the younger "trendy" things, ie. Slang,
dress etc. Take a serious look at yourself and look at what you could do to fit
in more. This may not be the problem in your case but it's worth checking in
too, a slight change could make a huge difference in how you are percieved!
For instance, even at my age I've talked to people in the 18-22 age range often
and have no clue what they are talking about, they use words I've never heard
of before (This applys alot in the USA where slang changes yearly, I don't know
how much it matters in other countrys) Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up
and I'm 8+ years younger than you are, plus I work with alot of younger

>2) This is also a practical
>problem, which is that many
>women in their 30's are
>married or engaged or getting
>close to marriage, so there is
>less availability among women
>my age. (Yes, I am sure some
>PUAs can get, and enjoy
>married women for quick,
>no-strings sex, but even after
>I have mastered this PUA
>stuff, I would really prefer
>not to mess with married
>So this leads to some
>1) Do some PUA's limit their
>game to women closer to their
>age because younger ones are
>too hard to get on a high
>percentage basis? (I know
>it's not impossible, my last
>girlfriend was 24-25 and even
>I seduced a 20 year old intern
>3 years ago). Or if they go
>after the young ones, do they
>just accept that it will be
>more hit and miss?

Yeah as you get older, it gets slightly harder the younger they are. Then
again, the better YOU get the less this will matter. Ever seen what Hugh
Hefner keeps around the hosue? I know he's rich and runs Playboy, but the man
has GAME! Not to say he's alot older than you.

>2) Do some PUA's adjust their
>games to attract younger
>women? If so, how?

I explained it slightly above.. but yes you must change you game according to
each and every women, they are all different, this especially applys to age
differences! Start getting into things the younger people in your country are
into, to learn more. Maybe even start talking to girls online that are younger
and ask them alot of questions about things you don't understand!

>3) Are there any general
>observations about attracting
>younger women with different
>methods? Gunwitch v. SS v.
>MM? I know there are many
>types of younger women, so
>that question may not be
>totally fair, but for PUAs who
>use a mix of styles, can
>anything general be observed?

Maybe alittle, For instance if you meet young party girls (19-23 lets say)
Normally they are going for your look and alphaness, don't worry about
rapport.. Go Gunwitch on them, or use Tylers new theorys which are a mix of MM
and his own stuff IMO. More mature young girls will go more for SS, patterns
maybe some light MM type of stuff the same as older women are. I think the
point I'm trying to make is, it depends on their attitude more than their age.
The Fact is, younger girls are more likely to be more "party" oriented and out
to just have fun.. As women age just like men they are more apt to be more
"settled". I don't know if I explained this right I'm just rattleing it off
the top of my head! Hope it helped regardless..


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