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Re: Double Your Dating»- Is It Good II?

mASF post by ErosLA77

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Re: Double Your Dating»- Is It Good II?
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mASF post by "ErosLA77"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, July 7, 2002

>Subject: Double Your Dating- Is It Good II?
>From: age***t@ro***.com[ ? ] (Joseph_Lyon)
>Date: Thu, Jul 25, 2002 1:27 PM
>Message-id: <49e***e@po***.com[ ? ]>
>I bought the Double Your Dating E-book and though their are some good
>things in it, I regret buying it.

DeAngelo is just one of many of a HOST of imitators, would-be competitors,
watered-down wanna-be's and the rest who smell money, but either have nothing
new to offer or have advice which is impractical for anyone who doesn't have
their looks/money/lifestyle.

>Aside from some tips on clothing which I could have gotten from Maxim
>magazine or anywhere else and a few cool ball-busting lines, it is
>basically a rehashed copy of Ross Jeffrie's stuff.

My first book from 1988 has better stuff!

>I have spent over $1000 on Ross's stuff, and I don't regret a penny of
>However, David D.s book is about the level of Ross's first book "How
>to get the women you desire into bed"
>I felt like I was experiencing deja vu when I read it. David makes fun
>of NLP on cliff's list yet tells his students to use it in the book.

Well, he DOES use it more than he says. But he's got a marketing problem;
since I've got the corner on NLP for seduction, if he mentions it too much, he
appears to be just another "me-too" imitator. If he leaves it out, he devalues
any power of what he teaches.

>The cocky and funny stuff is good but Ross has been teaching cocky and
>funny for 10 yrs and I learned nothing new.

Geez, you would think the guy discovered sliced bread, the way he touts "cocky
and funny". I've been teaching it for YEARS.

> Also, if you only use David's tech then you will only get a certain
>type of woman.
> Some women don't respond as well to cocky and funny. If a David
>student doesn't have cocky and funny, he has nothing.
>SS however shows a student how to give women a near ecstatic
>passionate experience without even touching her.
> Which one do you think would be more effective to seduce women?
>A guy who can inspire a little attraction and challenge by busting
>balls and neghitting, or a guy who can do that AND make her
>hallucinate and cum in her pants without laying a finger on her?

Duh. He can't honestly deny language is a key to eliciting and creating
states. So he basically ignores the whole thing for fear of looking like a
total copy-cat.
> David's stuff does work on young girls and women with low
>self-esteem who think that they should be dominated by men. But most
>real women need something more than just that. She could get that from
>any jerk in the neighborhood.

Well, if you are also a jerk who is great looking, lives in a huge party
mansion at the top of Mt. Olympus exclusive neighborhood in the Hollywood
Hills, drive a fancy, late-model car, and you are roomates with a guy (Rick H)
who has more naked chicks running around than anyone except maybe Tommy Lee or
Hugh Hefner, who COULDN'T get laid?

> Plus, David doesn't have the communication with his students that
>Ross does. He answers their questions curtly on his newsletter and
>doesn't encourage discussion like Ross does. I get the impression that
>Ross really cares about his students whereas David makes fun of his
>own students when they are failing and simply says "Good! I told you
>so!" when a student writes in sharing sucess.

David won't even print, much less respond to challenges to his material's

> Plus, David is a very good looking guy. There is no way he can
>identify with his students like Ross can.
> Wherever you are on this ladder, Ross has been their too, and he can
>tell you how he got to the next wrung. What's more, if you are on his
>list, he has proven time and time again that he is willing to share
>his secrets with even the most inexperienced newbies.
>David on the other hand just says "Stop being a wus and read my book!"
>as if his techniques work on every woman every time regardless of the
>situation and regardless of the students state, beliefs, tonality,
>composure, etc.

I heard the best part of his LA seminar........

And that he padded out the event by spending a day reading from notes about
evolutionary biology and genetics, etc. etc. etc..(and he got the science
wrong, by the way!)
> If you want to be cheap then buy from the copy-cat and you might
>have mediocre to decent success with a certain type of woman. By
>Ross's stuff and you will have great sucess with all kinds of women.
> Oh yeah! Being a true master of seduction takes time and
>intelligence. If you aren't very bright SS might be beyond you- it is
>the most powerful seduction tech in the world so of course it is.
> So if you are cheap and are just looking for a girlfriend and aren't
>necessarilly concerned with having the best woman you can get,
>DoubleYour Dating might be for you.
> But if you want to drwarf the success of legendary heros like Don
>Juan, SS is the only option.

Thanks. The truth about DeAngelo and the rest of the bottom of the barrel
imitators is coming out..slowly, to be sure, but coming out nonetheless!

You know, at my seminars, you see guys like Doc Dave...75 lbs overweight and
getting hot women! Or Kamal..a skinny, tiny Hindu..GETTING HOT WOMEN! DeAngelo
has great looking guys talking about how THEY get, who can you
really reasonably learn from and get the same results?


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