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Re: looking for e-mail suggestions

mASF post by Phase2

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Re: looking for e-mail suggestions
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mASF post by "Phase2"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Read Style's "Solid Personals Game", there's some cool stuff in there.

In particular you could go for something like;

"fluff fluff, so I'll tell you what feisty; write back and tell me two
qualities you possess that would make me want to get to know you better . In
return, since you liked my picture so much I'll send you another one - two
if I like what you have to say"

- Phase

<Iron_Rinn> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
>I have done quite a bit of internet dating in the past and had pretty much
> gotten out of that scene over the past few months. a couple days ago I
> got a
> "tease", meaning that
> one of the members wanted me to contact her.
> So I contacted her and she quickly responded positively.
> I am not sure how to follow up, so I figured I'd bounce
> it off you guys and see if anyone has any good suggestions.
> Here is our exchange:
> I got your message, you little tease.
> Cute profile - you seem like a feisty powerpuff
> girl. I don't know if we'd get along.
> Are you spontaneous?
> -(IronRinn)
> Yes, I am quite the little tease, aren't I?!?
> I'm surprised that you could surmise that I am feisty from my profile...I
> certainly can be feisty and strong willed . You can't handle a woman like
> me?
> Why wouldn't we get along? What makes you such a challenge?
> Yes, I'm very Whats your name and what happened to your
> pic?
> -(HB Internet)
> P.S. NO baggage, DEFINITELY not sexually repressed, and I love men!

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