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One Year results - Feedback needed

mASF post by jacques

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One Year results - Feedback needed
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mASF post by "jacques"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/13/05 6:58:00 AM, ACoolGuy wrote:

>I still suck as physically
>escalating. For me it just
>feels unnatural to make out
>with women if you I don’t have
>extremely obvious and clear

It IS unnatural to make out without going through a progression of kino first.
I suspect that is your problem (it's mine...). Start light (touch her hair, her
shoulders, the small of her back or take her hand) and progress. At least that
is my mission for this month.

>Basically the situation I want
>to be in is to date several
>women at the same time and
>after a while pick one of them
>as a girlfriend. I honestly do
>not aim for 100 one night
>stands or having MLTR. I just
>want to have one great
>girlfriend and that is it.

While I think that men who want to have "done" 100s of women are crazy, you
have to realize that this site is NOT designed for what you want to do. In
particular, the "relationship" part sucks. Big time.

>Thinking about trying net
>dating. Tried that before
>though without any results. I
>think the problem comes down
>to looks. Basically if you see
>a picture of me I think most
>people would classify me as
>bad looking or below average.
>Now, in clubs I go up to 7
>just from having a great body
>language and an 8 if you have
>seen me dancing.
>Unfortunately, none of that
>shows in picture.

No. Internet dating sucks, plain simple. Here in Germany the man/woman
ratio is between 10 to 1 and 40 to 1 AND many women are fakes or
prostitutes. I suspect that Sweden is similar.

>Street game I have tried
>without getting anything out
>from it. Basically if I do an
>opinion opener in a club it
>often leads to a fun
>conversation that has nothing
>to do with the opinion opener
>at all. It is just a way to
>get things started. But in
>street environment I deliver
>the opener, get friendly
>answers but they just answer
>my opener and nothing more. In
>clubs women seems to
>understand that the opener is
>just a way to start a
>conversation but outside of
>clubs the sub communication
>does not seem to be present.
>Not sure if it has anything to
>do with me living in Sweden or

I suspect it has to do with living in northern Europe. Italian girls living in
in Germany complain about never being spoken to when walking in the
streets. Really.

> Basically I do not now
>anyone that has even attempted
>to do pickup outside of clubs.
>Talking to people you do not
>know when you are not drunk is
>extremely rare. But honestly I
>do not think that is the real
>problem – I actually have no
>picture in my mind of how a
>street pick should work. Sure,
>I can go up group of good
>looking women and deliver my
>opener with ease, no problem,
>but I do not have a clue on
>what to do next.

Have you tried to ask her number?

>I am starting to feel like
>time is running out. I have
>passed 30 and cannot dedicate
>too much energy to this area
>anymore. I just want to solve
>it so that I can move on to
>other parts of my life.

"Solve it"? This is supposed to be FUN, remember?

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