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Internet dating - is anyone interested?

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Internet dating - is anyone interested?
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

There are those fools who believe internet dating is lame. Forgetting stupidly
that those same hot chicks that you see in the bars and at the malls plug into
the internet every night.

The internet is the largest singles bar in the world!!!

To not take advantage of this is lame and stupid. You still need the same
skills to seduce her as you would in person cause you still gotta meet the

I'm meeting a girl from Utah in Reno this friday for 2 days of wild sex. She is
perfect for me. She is the right age, and has the right attitude towards men
and women.

She is submissive to my dominance!

She already is excited to give me everything that I want sexually. And she has
a nice rack too:

On the internet you can specify exactly what your looking for. It's like
ordering a brand new car before you go into the show room.

If your only looking for sex there are sites for that. If your looking for a
relationship there are sites for that. You can find just about any style of
relationship site that you can think of.

I am looking for a relationship. But it must be with the same type that I
attract in the night clubs. Real women who are super feminine.

I used to be one of those haters of internet dating until I got into it a few
months ago. My profile pulls like mad.

But it pulls exactly what I'm looking for. Only super passionate feminine
women will respond to my words. Superficial ones will only look at my smile
and comment.

Those end up in the trash bin.

I've used the internet to meet and fuck quite a few women in the past few
months. I hardly even go out to night clubs anymore.

I use the same skills of pimping their minds over the internet that I do in

cc_: yes to be at your side, "under you"
zenmack: yes
cc_: Im falling in love with you
zenmack: you haven't met me yet
cc_: scares me a bit
zenmack: just wait until you do
zenmack: your falling in love with the idea
cc_: Yes Daddy
zenmack: the image
zenmack: but the real thing is way better
zenmack: babygirl
zenmack: you are mine
zenmack: you belong to me
zenmack: and me alone
zenmack: I will use your body as I see fit
cc_: Yes Daddy, its a fact
zenmack: do you understand
cc_: Yes

On the internet I can find exactly what I want without having to sift through
all the dudes.

So put up ya shit fella...let's see what your working with!!!

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