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Field Report: 2 dates - Brain-freeze/rapport

mASF post by EarlthePearl

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Field Report: 2 dates - Brain-freeze/rapport
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mASF post by "EarlthePearl"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

Hey man appreciate the honesty. My little brother out here has the same
problem. He's 19, and was freakin' before a day2 the other day with a girl
from his class...anyway, the nerves before the meet up were not helpful at all,
he couldn't even sleep the nite before. He was going to go to a coffee shop,
and have a dessert or something. I told him to hell with that, and go to an
arcade across town. They did, and had a blast, his nerves went away, as they
started to square off over the games! He was way relaxed, and ended up having
a great time.

Something interactive is always best so that the burden of trying to make
conversation is lifted, and you can just chat about the activity. Art gallery,
for example can be nice way to start.

Also I think you might benefit from a lot of experience. Have you considered
internet dating, or speed dating? Just a way to get some experience FAST.
Could help get over the fear some. Just a thought man. Good luck to you.


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