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Field Report: common probs when u don‘t escalate

mASF post by Design

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Field Report: common probs when u don‘t escalate
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mASF post by "Design"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

On 4/11/05 6:08:00 AM, Adamantine wrote:
>I approach these 2
>model-looking (lots of makeup)
>girls with the toothfloss
>opener- they
>couldn't hear me (loud music)
>and they were sweedish it
>turns out so they didn't get
>funny side. I got blown out.
>Later this AFC dude approaches
>her and I overheard him asking
>for her age (she's 25 for the
>curious ones) - and I was
>thinking that I miscalibrated
>the best way of sarging is to
>vibe and and have cool convos
>rather than fake ones with
>stupid canned routines. And
>German and sweedish girls
>don't get those funny

"The best way of sarging." You are overgeneralizing from limited experience.
Lots of newbies try stuff, it doesn't work, so they conclude that the stuff
they tried sucks when more likely the simply didn't do it right. This is true
with C&F, opinion openers, and basically everything else we talk about here.

That said, you probably did mis-calibrate in this instance. Dental floss
opener is money, but like all "outrageous" opinion openers (e.g., the
wheelchair opener), it isn't indirect, so if you try to deliver it indirect,
you will get blown out.

>After a few sets we went
>downstairs next to the
>entrance and were about to
>head outside.
>There was a 5 set and wing
>opened with waiving he's ciggy
>and asking whats a cool
>place to hang. I stood there
>for 1 long minute not knowing
>what to say- topics were
>just not flowing through my
>head. But I did best friends
>and we started chatting.
>I stood there after 1 min and
>I the 5th girl came over and I
>said "oh you guys are mean-
>you left your fried over there
>all by herself". (keeping in
>mind my vocals were not the
>smoothest with a bit of
>stuttering due to talking too
>fast (biggest SP!))

Yeah, that ones deadly. Chances are, you are probably talking TWICE as fast as
you should be. That's why canned material is good when you're starting,
because you can focus on shit like this rather than, "Oh fuckity fuck fuck,
what am I going to say?" When I finally learned how to deliver it properly, my
opener took twice as long to say, and was twice as effective.

>Half the girls were from New
>Zealand and we talked about NZ
>for a while. 3 girls moved
>to the tables about 2 metres

Haha...meters...non-American people are weird.

>from us. I was talking to 2
>HBs while wing was with 1.
>I make fun of NZ to HBtallest.
>HBchubbiest was next to her.
>Me: so why do u have a wierd
>HBtallest: I don't
>Me: yeah you do, count to 6
>HBtallest: Ok, 1,2...6
>Me: u see, here we don't say 6
>like u do. Its wierd i could
>imagine the primary
>schools in NZ where your
>teacher would say "ok kids now
>lets count to 10. 1,2,3...
>six (in NZ accent) not six,
>HBtallest: laughs and the 3
>girls standing away from us
>glance over and the corner of
>eyes sees them smiling.
>We talk about where they met
>and some more convo before I
>ran out of things to say!!
>My wing moved to the 3 other
>girls and I could see him
>trying for kino with one of
>the HBs.
>After some more lame covo
>before I stuffed up, they
>moved in with the 3 other
>girls and my
>wing. Some more talking with
>me not so verbally active,
>HBtarget suggested we head
>to go dance. I thought: shit,
>they're ejecting?! but then
>she tells me to follow.
>the girls were about a 7
>according my wing. but they
>were 7, or 8s in my scale and
>was a 9. I think I'm lenient
>with scales cos of my
>horniness. But my scale is
>changing with HBs- they could
>go up or down without prior
>so we move through a room that
>is like 2 people per cm
>squared!! HBtarget and
>are dancing and I stand there
>for 8 long secs not knowing
>what to do but then I realised
>could just do basic convo:

Ahhh...noooo!!!! Dude, if you can't/don't dance, NEVER follow HBs to the
dancefloor. If you dance badly, you'll lower your value. If you stand there,
you'll lower your value. Use it as an opportunity to RAISE your value by not
being needy. When they say, "Come dance with us," say, "Nah, I'm going to go
hang out with my friends," or whatever. Then make sure that when the HBs are
done dancing you're in another set. Trust me man, I can't dance at all and
learned this lesson the HARD WAY.

>After, some AFC dude grabs
>HBothercutie and trys to bring
>her over to him to
>dance. Doesn't go well and
>HBtarget tries to move away-
>she grabs HBothercuties hand
>goes over next to band and she
>grabs my hand as well.

Oh, hell yeah. Huge IOI.

>So I'm with HBtarget and we're
>dancing together and we talk.
>she asks me how I know wing.
>and I use the 'internet
>dating' routine- which i
>shouldn't have used. she's
>like "oh so
>thats why..."

Ugh. No, man. You are always BEST FRIENDS with your wing. He is always the
COOLEST GUY you've ever met. You met through your other COOL FRIENDS. Or
maybe, you hit on this girl at a bar, she went home with you, and her boyfriend
found and came over to confront you, but you ended defusing the situation,
going out for a beer, and becoming good friends. But not "internet dating!!!"

>Me: no, no, no- I was joking!!
>HBtarget: oh - i thought..
>Me: no, laughs

*cringe* If you have to backtrack like that, do it like SHE'S the one who is
retarded for not getting that it was a joke. "Uh...I was JOKING...dork."

>So HBothercutie drags HBtarget
>over to other girls. and I was
>standing next to HBtarget
>for a moment and she
>accidentally brushes over me
>and says sorry. I stood there
>like a
>bloody chump with the word
>hesistation written all over
>me!!. My wing is dancing by
>himself and HBt and HBo were
>dancing together- I realised
>that HBo was bored thats why
>she took HBt!! so after 2 mins
>HBtarget suggests HBo and her
>Me: why are u leaving, the
>party's barely started
>HBtarget: i have work tomorrow
>and stuff. (she's actually
>from melb- 3 other girls are
>Me: cool, so whats ur no.?
>NZ: yeah, we'll hang sometime
>(with a reluctant look?) its:
>Me: umm, not having my phone
>out and being pessimistically
>assuming she didn't wanted
>to hand over no. I was like:
>ok i got it. She actually
>stood there for 3 long secs
>for me kinda. wait, you got her number but you didn't take it down? I mean, yeah, it
probably would have been a flake, but still man.

>Me: u know, a question every
>guy asks when there with
>someone like u (looking at
>is that....are those real?
>(playfully. her breasts are
>HBblonde: what?! hey!
>Me: (laughs) just kidding

You AFCed yourself right there. You can say fucked up shit like that, but you
must NEVER apologize or backtrack or you will promptly be placed in the "nice
guy" category.

>Me: so what was ur name?
>HBblonde: i'm HBbonde, whats
>Me: I'm Brad Pitt
>HBblonde: oh hi Brad
>blah blah, HBasain recieves
>another text while we're still
>walking towards xxx.
>HBasain: (reads the text:)
>'you didn't come to zz u
>missed out on great sex!'
>HBasain: what should i write
>Me: sorry i was too busy doing
>someone else
>HBasain: no, how bout : 'I was
>sucking on blah blah (forgot
>the what she actually said,
>it was very sexual.
>Me: yeah thats good

Tease her for being a pervert. Women are sexual predators, etc. Don't take
the bait when girls start talking dirty...they are usually doing it because
they are amused by how guys react to it. Don't be that guy.

>HBasain: (recieves another
>text-this one is lame)
>Me: so she's playing hard to
>get, and he's playing hard to

Hah...fucking funny. Nice.

>everyone laughs, good vibing
>going on before I fuck it up.
>HBasain: (talks about her best
>friend at place xxxxxx who she
>doesn't see often)
>Me: hey i thought HBblonde was
>ur best friend!
>HBbonde: yeah
>HBasain: no, she is too, i
>have different best friends,
>its just that i don't see
>Me: (arms around HBblonde)
>don't worry if she doesn't
>want to be ur best
>HBblonde has her arm around
>me...reverse kino--IOI
>...(i was thinking what i
>should say
> a: I'll be ur best friend
> b: something sexual

How about, "Well, WE can't be best friends, because WING here is my best
friend, but I'll tell you what. I'll adopt you and you can be my bratty little

>.....Me: ...I'm be ur best
>fuck buddy!!

>I let go of my arm. HBasain
>wasn't too impressed by that.
>HBblonde didnt responded
>negatively. Wing looked at me
>trying to fix situation, but i
>didn't think it was that
>bad. was. You fried her circuits. It's like, if an AMOG walks up
and tries to get your girl, you say, "Oh dude, I'll pay you $100 to take these
girls off my hands. Hey girls, this guy is awesome, you should go home with
him." Instantly, because she hasn't hit the right buying temperature, she'll
disqualify him right there. That's what you did to yourself.

>Me: hey i was kidding...come
>on..u know i was kidding

This only lowers your value more.

>things were cool, but then i
>had to anti-vibe. Too busy
>thinkind about being C&F and
>forgetting to vibe with convo
>and just be cool.
>blah blah basic fluff
>Me: u know (looking at
>HBblonde) hows ur baby?
>HBblnde:(didn't know waht i
>was talking about but played
>along with it) oh he's 3 years
>Me: (pointing to belly) no, i
>meant how pregnant are u?
>HBblnde: huh! wat!!

Uh, dude, that's not ballbusting...that's just fucking mean. Unless she's a
SHB10 with a perfectly flat stomach. Even then, it would still probably come
off as mean and insecure. Calibrate, my boy, calibrate!

>and we wrestle for a bit. but
>HBasain wasn't too impressed.

>HBasain: i think we should try
>to lose u

She was being serious.

>they look at eachother for 2
>secs and HBasain moves away
>HBasain: I don't know about u
>Me: what?
>HBasain: lets go sit somewhere
>Me: lets go over there
>HBasain: nah (she walks next
>to road)

She's doing everything she can to get away from you because of your fuck ups,
including this last (suggesting they kiss). My guess: you're coming off as
weird horny guy.

>we talk more. Wing suggests we
>go. We walk to the this
>nightclub they wanted to go
>Wing and I r heading to get
>ride home. THe walk was about
>15 mins.
>fluff for 10mins during which
>some more flirting but crappy
>Me: we're all best friends now
>(arms around HB blonde)
>HBasain: nah we don't want to
>be ur best friend.
>Me: oh wait..thats right were
>not just best friends, we're
>super best friends

Ouch...dude, she's trying to BREAK rapport and you're trying to GAIN it.
Something is wrong with this picture. This is ASF 101...if they pull away, you
pull away more.

>I was talking to Wing how the
>logistics just couldn't have
>worked out cos HBblonde was
>going to a wedding early next
>day and back home which is 2
>hours away. So day2 would've

Nah, logistics were not the problem here. Girls will lose sleep for sex...just
like guys. It was your game that fucked this one up.

>been the thing. But I
>couldn've isolated her from
>the group back at that bar and
>took her
>to seats further so wing and
>HBasian could be together too.

Yeah, that would have been a good move.

>But I could still hang when
>she's over here, which she
>would be during weekends.
>note: my perfomance that night
>was pretty crap due to some
>heath reasons and not
>being used to night sarging.

Hey man, don't worry about it. Happens to the best of us. Just make sure you
learn from it.

And if you haven't already, give up on this girl and move on. It is a lost


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