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Mini-poll: what inner game theory helped you?

mASF post by rocker44

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Mini-poll: what inner game» theory helped you?
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mASF post by "rocker44"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2005

DYD E-book, Advanced series and newsletters helped me out a ton. They took me
from WBAFC to RAFC over a period of 2 years. The newsletters were especially
helpful at the time because they continually exposed me to the material over
and over again.

Meeting Mystery though was what inspired me to go out 4 nights a week for the
last year. It's changed my entire life. After watching him in the field last
april at one of the RSD live programs at the Mastery seminar, I knew what I had
to do.

Twenty-six helped me out a ton too. He would point out things I was doing and
saying that were negative that I didn't even realize. He also helped me see all
the IOIs I was getting in my sets, things I didn't even realize were IOIs at
the time. It helped my self-esteem a lot at the time. Now I realize IOIs don't
really mean a lot but it's still nice to know I get them. The two years of
internet dating I did before I started going out had me convinced that I was
ugly. I can't even relate to that now.

GWM descriptions of sexual state and how to persist through LMR have also been
extremely helpful in actually getting the lays instead of almost getting them.

It's mostly been outer game stuff that's helped me though. Going out in the
field at trying every weird thing you read just to see what happens. I've
learned 1000xs more doing that than anything I've read online.

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