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For kavorka; internet dating 101

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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For kavorka; internet dating 101
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

Internet Dating 101
This is a copy of my ad from yahoo.

In my own words:

[ edit description ]

I am 6’ 1"tall, athletically muscular, with a shaved bald head,
Dark eyes and I must admit that I am very pre-occupied with
Stimulating and interesting intelligent conversations.

I believe the greatest adventure is to:


I realize that I look like a jar head outta boot camp but,
I define true passion as not just lust in the moment…it’s
Not even when you are touched so deeply that you find
You give all that you have. It’s when you are touched
So deeply you find things coming forth from you that
You never even knew or imagined could be there.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience this with someone?

I am not a doctor or a attorney. I do own a Personal
Training business in Sacramento California. I am also the
Host of a PBS special called SPIRIT QUEST, and I am
Involved in the human potentials movement…so I have a
Lot of metaphysics to share and teach in the area of mind
Spirit as well as body!

I must be with someone adventurous who LOVES to learn
New things and is longing for an amazing new direction.
Someone who can make up her own mind on what SHE
Finds desirable, and attractive based on her own deep
Feelings and needs. Not because society would approve.
Not because her friends would validate it. Not even
Because it is what she is used to or expecting or
Based on seeing her “type” or what is “typical”, why bother
When typical hasn’t made you happy in the past…you feel me
No, Because she is ready…and I do mean truly ready…
For something beyond what she ever thought could be
Possible. Because maybe feeling that powerful opening
Is the link between the girl inside the woman, and the woman
Inside the girl.


I am big time into touching and intense passionate kissing…
You know…that first soft brush of the lips…so soft your
Not even sure you’ve been kissed yet….and its as if all the
Passion…all the fire that will be experienced in the
Relationship is enfolded in that one…first…SOFT…
Special kiss…just waiting to be explored and made real!

It’s that moment where time stands still and yet in that
One moment there is an eternity of experience to be
Explored. It makes your mind expand to the heavens…
Your knees weak…and your heart soar and every part
Of you comes ….alive…awakened …ready for
Whatever will come into your life next!

It’s That Moment

It’s that moment when you just stop…and look deep
Inside of yourself and your able to push aside all of the
Rules and restrictions that hold you back…you find that
Your free to look at your own desires…with eyes
Unclowded by the fears of what others will think…

You can look deep inside and see that special place
Where you keep all of your secrets…you know that place..
Wink wink…You can see your desires and when you see
Your desires…you know that what you want is right
There in front of you…waiting for you to act on your

Now with me that is a powerful experience. When you
See your desires clearly, mabe for the first time..the exitement
And longing you feel is incredibly strong. The excitement
Of knowing you can just reach out and fulfill these desires
And the longing of wanting to share that experience with
Someone who so understand how you feel…

Sometimes in life we get hurt and let our disappointments
Or past experiences block us from holding onto hope…
Hope that real love with real people even exists. Having
Just ended a relationship I know this…

But behind all that…behind all the cynicism…and hurt..
The let-downs and the disappointments is the part of the
Person who still believes. The one who believes in love
And to me Love has never died. Even through all of my
Let downs I still believe in the power of love!!!!

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