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Field Report: Night out in Jersey...

mASF post by EarlthePearl

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Field Report: Night out in Jersey...
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mASF post by "EarlthePearl"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2004

Hey guys,

So, I am a newbie here, this is my first post (lurking for a few weeks or more
now) and really getting a lot out of the board. I was on some other boards for
a while, and have read the dyd book - found it all to be pretty helpful. Also,
have read the archives of TylerDurden and Mystery (as much as possible).
Recently, I was hanging with a bud of mine here in NJ, and he suggested, here I am. I have been reading for a while, now, I wanna give up my
first FR. Here goes:

So, me and my brother were our recently in Jersey (I live in NJ, but go into
the city a lot). We hit up some bars, just doing some drinking and shit, just
blowing off steam. I was nervous about approaching, but wanted to push myself
and give it a shot. I had done some pretty lame-ones, using the openers posted
here - my fave is the Jealous GF - it's MONEY. So, I see this lone wolf at the
bar, and roll up to "order a drink" hahaha.

ETP: "Hey, while I am waiting for my beer, let me get your opinion on
HBfreckles: "Sure, what's up - but make it fast, my boyfriend is about to get
ETP: "Oh cool, you have a bf, you must be really happy about that - it's good
to see the internet dating thing works for people!"
HB: "Haha - we met through a friend, and he is going to be here soon"
EPT: "Awesome - so my friend recently moved in with his girlfriend, and when
they were unpacking, she found a box of old pictures of he and a past
HB: "Really? Wow - he was keeping that shit eh?"
ETP: "Yeah, so, imagine you were in her shoes, what would you do?"
HB: "Aah, I would throw it away and not tell him!"
ETP: "Wow - really?" At this point, I nonchalantly start to drink her beer -
she doesn't notice.
HB: "Yeah, that's right"
ETP: "Well, this girl wants my buddy to burn it - can you believe that shite -
burn it!"
HB: "That's good - I can see that - yes, good idea - that's what your friend
gets for getting his girls from the internet" She laughs a lot at this.

Now, this chick was hot - but she had the most f'ed-up laugh ever - like, the
fuckin Seinfeld episode - everyone at the bar hears her and looks.

ETP: "Holy shit - you should be a dolphin trainer or something with that laugh
girl...that's like amazing"
HB: "Wha??? You're rude, get out of here - that was mean..."
ETP: (by this point, I have finished her beer) "Hey, you remind me of my
little sister - in fact, I think I will adopt you! You can be my new little
sister - congratulations!"
HB: "Yeah, thanks, then my big brothers won't get arrested when they kick your
ass - now, leave rude boy"

At this point, I felt my state like PLUMMET - and I realized I was overdoing
the C&F...haha - I like that dolphin trainer comment though! My brother was
sitting watching this, like spellbound - he couldn't believe it!

What's the boards advice on C&F though - it always seems to get me blown out.
Like, I am pretty decent looking - have had some cool girlfriends and shit in
the past, but I seem to always get HB's p-od at me and shit...damn bros...and,
of course, this chick didn't have a bf like she said - a friend of hers arrived
and they had a beer together. When her friend arrived, she and HBfreckles (she
had cute freckles -I almost called her Raggedy Ann, but that would've probably
pissed her off more, right bros!!!) started chatting, and her friend looked
over at us with a glare. So, I had an idea. I called the bartender over, and
told him to buy those two girls a drink - on us. But, he had to deliver a
message to them - "To the two most lovely girls in the bar - we are your
fondest admirers...peace on earth, goodwill to the two of ye!" I thought this
might be a cool, funny, joke to perhaps turn the tide. Like I said guys - I am
into learning this shit, so I am willing to push shit to see what happens,

So, the bartender does this - meanwhile my brother and I are playing a game of
pool....just hanging and having a beer. The new girl sends a note back to me
and my bro thru the bartender - I am beginning now to like this note/bartender
game bros!!! Her note reads: "To the two losers shooting pool - learn how to
TALK before you buy us something - here are your beers back, returned to
sender". Anyway, so my brother and I drank the brews and rolled - I guess I
overdid the C&F shit - what's the deal with that?

We then headed out to a new bar/club that has newly opened here in NJ - full of
very hot college girls. I am just out of college, and working here in town so
I love little 20 yo HOTTIES! We roll in and I am looking pretty cool - my
brother though is wearing this big parka jacket, so he looks like a loser.
Anyway, after the bar set, I feel a bit more confident, so I decide to continue
with the Jealous GF opener with no C&F. All in all, I did about 5 sets total,
which I was pretty proud of - what's weird is that whenever I get rejected, I
feel more willing to approach - so, I guess it is about just doing it, and not
going after the results. I have taken a Tony Robbins program - GET THE EDGE -
and he talks about this a lot - he is someone I really admire.

The best set of the night was the last one. Lucky for me, some other friends
of mine were there and my brother could hang with them while I ran my game. I
saw a three-set at the bar, getting some drinks. There were two UGs and one
cutie - isn't that fucked up? The hot girls are always out with some ugly dog?
So, I roll in and open - it seems to go well, but the girls just can't hear me,
so they eventually lose interest. I remember a post of TDs that talks about
this (I love TDs posts, but they are so DENSE - bro - loosen up the lingo, help
the MASSES!) where you will sometimes be blown out jstu because the girls
can't hear you. So, they totally walk away from me - I was bummed, totally
bummed, I really thought the cute girl was my type. So, I decide to go for it
again - why not, right?

So, I roll in - and they totally recognize me - but, I don't care - I just fire
my opener, and sit down very cockily - they laughed and got into me. What was
cool was that the two UGs were totally into me, so their cutie friend got into
me too. The UGs got me into chit-chat, so I just laid back and had fun
(***KEY***) with them, and eventually me and the cutie started chatting...I got
her number, and even made out with her a little in the club. WOW - I was
amazed. Bummed that my brother didn't see it! I was hoping it might help him
out cause he's just not buying into the asf thing right now. Aah well, to each
his own.

Anyway - feeback/comments welcome! Let's all improve and get the girls of our
dreams bros!

Thanks a lot!


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