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Request some advice on kino, dealing with JGirls

mASF post by Organic

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Request some advice on kino, dealing with JGirls
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mASF post by "Organic"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004

Dude, you are so stoked. A friend of mine just arrived in Osaka, and was
loving it.
I haven't been to Japan, but I just got back from Korea, and might offer some
useful advice. Really, I don't know anything about Jgirls, but I started at
about the same place as you when I was in Korea, so that's what I can say. I
had the same problems, -you think it'd be easy, but it's not.... but then,
later you find... it actually is.

On 12/3/04 11:00:00 AM, vonNatzmer wrote:
> ought
>I to build up kino? I mean,
>what, *specifically*, kind of
>stuff should I be doing?

I went through this same kind of thing when I found ASF. I say first start
kino-ing everybody. Any place you touch a guy is certainly acceptable to touch
a girl too. Kino on guys is a little different but also a good idea, it shows
that you are safe, comfortable, confident, etc...
Then, just add more and more... do it over time, and they wont even notice. Do
it in high points in the conversation. Like if you and her laugh about
something funny, give her a look that says "isn't this cool how we are enjoying
ourselves together" and then touch her on the arm or shoulder, or put your arm
around her and give a little squeeze. Like you two are sharing a moment as
friends. Do this once or twice, and they'll come to expect a little playful
friendly kino. Then, you can add more like hugs hello and goodbye, walking arm
in arm, make her sit on your lap, etc... all in the context of friends.
Kino is so awesome, I think the world needs much much more kino. And it
doesn't have to be the aggresive caveman groping either.

>My second problem is with the
>JGirls themselves. I only
>speak rudimentary Japanese,

forget it. You don't need it. Unless you want to learn the language, you can
talk in hand gestures, in drawings, in facial expressions, and then get them
teaching you words too... the fastest way to learn anyway.
A good opener is "do you speak English?" And if they say "no"...(sometimes
they pretend) you say "oh, just a little, ok"... and then keep talking to them
anyway, but use short sentences and small words. like "you... me...
friends..." *smile* *kino* (well, it worked for me)

>to the oh-so-subtle ingrained
>racism that is part of a lot
>of Japanese upbringings.

Erase that thought from your head. They all want to fuck you. You'll see.

>So my second question is this;
>in the event of a true
>language barrier, is there
>anyway to overcome it?


>Or is
>the lack of verbal
>communication simply too great
>an obstacle


>case, what would you suggest
>as a way to get them to open
>up a bit?

As I understand it, in the beginning of a sarge, the focus is on building
attraction, demonstrating value, being playful and fun. There is no need for
any real content in your conversation... just be fun, with little games, and
drawing, and laughing, etc... be creative.
I never got any lays from street approaches, but a number of day 2's. I found
the best place for lay's was bars/clubs, but not may be not necessary. Also
near Universities more girls speak English.

And, if you need training wheels, like I did, you can do internet dating. I
had huge success on the UBlove website, which also has Jgirls, but there may be
another Japanese website too. It's good practice.

Good luck
let us know how it goes

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