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Lay Report: Out of towner at dance club

mASF post by Alter-Eric

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Lay Report: Out of towner at dance club
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mASF post by "Alter-Eric"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, November 11, 2004

Went out to a club tonight at about 11pm. Not a club I go to often, I wanted
to do something different and I didn't have much else going on. I had a couple
of rum 'n cokes and was enjoying the music. My game plan was very simple, have

I approached a 2-set (married woman and single friend), they were friendly but
not interested in dancing quite yet. On the dance floor I introduced myself to
23/7.0. I knew she was connected to a group I had seen earlier. Moved on.
For the most part I hadn't talked to many people, this is something I'm working
on improving.

It was around midnight, I decided to close out my account and drink water. I
go to the bar to get a water and a red head 7.5/26 is beside me ordering a
drink and smoking. I don't like smoking and normally avoid people who smoke. I
motioned the smoke out of the way, faked some coughing and small talk ensued.
She revealed she is single, alone, from SFO (I'm in seattle.) I asked her to
teach me how people dance in SFO. We went to the dance floor, grinding ensued,
I kissed her ear, and her neck a bit.

At one point she asked if I was a pervert. I said, "I don't think of myself as
a pervert. Are you a pervert?" to which she replied yes. I'm not sure what to
make of this, other than I may have been a little fast and forward with the
physical contact on the dance floor. I suggest we take a break. We get some
water and sit down. We talk for a while and then start kissing.

After more talking and kissing, I suggest we go for a walk. She asks where
would we go, and I say I'll point out some of the sights in the area. She
doesn't respond, so I back off and continue talking. After a while, she goes
to the restroom, comes back and we go back on the dance floor.

We dance for another 20 minutes, much of the same stuff. I suggest we take a
break. We go back to the bar area, get waters. There are no tables around, we
talk with arms around each other for a while. She reveals she is staying near
the airport (about 45 minutes away) and has to take the bus back, the last one
comes 2-4am. I tell her there are no tables and we should go to a cafe near by
and hang out some more. She agrees, we get our coats and head out.

Outside, I kind of get lost looking for a cafe I thought was near by. We keep
walking around. Since she's new, she probably couldn't tell we were going in
circles :) We walk by some restaurants but it's going on 2am and they're
closing. We walk along the street to where my car is, I tell her she's welcome
to hang out at my place, otherwise I can help her find the bus stop to go back
to the hotel.

We keep walking and go across several streets, she keeps trying to decide to
take a cab or the bus. I tell her let's go down 2nd street where the bus stop
is (we're looking at the schedule), she then starts walking in the opposite
direction and I follow her. After a block or two I realize she's walking to
where my car was. I guess she changed her mind.

Before entering my car she tells me she is not going to sleep with me. I tell
her, "OK, it sounds like someone has sex on her mind though." She iterates
again I'm not going to sleep with you. No problem.

Back at my place. We start making out, on the couch, on the floor, etc. Over
the next hour I fingered her about 4 times, her top comes off, her shoes come
off. My pants come off, my shirt comes off. She reveals she used to have a
girl friend, but prefers guys and is not bi (so she was a lesbian at one time.)

After I get her really hot, I suggest we go to my bed room. She agrees, it's
around 3:30-4:00am. I keep fingering her and continue with more in bed. I
wasn't feeling horny (laid 2x last night) and was feeling slow to rise to the
occasion. I wasn't sure whether I should give up or keep working on her -- she
hadn't done much reciprocating although she liked the fingering. She revealed
more about herself, she apparently hadn't been laid in over a year and had been
doing a lot of unsuccessful internet dating.

After a while I got her hot again and tell her "I have a condom if you're OK
with the sex thing." She wants to know if I'll think she's a slut and I tell
her that I like her and this feels good. We go at it. She gets sore pretty
fast and doesn't last long. We stop for a while and then start up again 30-45
minutes later.

It's about 6am. She has to check out of her hotel by noon. I tell her I'm
ready to fall asleep and I'd like to see her off. I call the cab company and
they send a cab. We quickly get dressed and I see her off. She's going to
call me later today to hang out some more -- she leaves sunday night 8pm to go
back home.

This is the first out of towner I've had. She seemed a bit nutty as well as
guilty over going home with some guy from a bar. She threw a ton of tests on

- "Are you a pervert?" I take this one as a sign I moved too fast with kino.
- "I'm not going to sleep with you" test. No problem.
- Between make outs she started saying she acts like a bitch and needs a guy
who can tell her to shut up. I answered by forcefully kissing her (so as to
shut her up) and we continued.
- "Do you think I'm a slut if I have sex with you" test. I like you and this
feels good.
- She kept asking if I go out and bring women home all the time. I acted
surprised and told her it had been a long time since I went to the dance club
and some other stuff I do like bowling, etc.
- She asked me why I talked to her at the bar and I told her she happened to be
beside me. She gave the allergic reaction and I added I had noticed her
dancing earlier too. Almost failed this test.


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