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Buying Temperature vs. More solid game

mASF post by BigDog

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Buying Temperature vs. More solid game
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mASF post by "BigDog"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2004

On 9/7/04 6:10:00 AM, hotlab wrote:
>Topic: Buying Temperature
>vs. More solid game
>Conf: >> Advanced
>From: hotlab
>(hot***1@ho***.com[ ? ])
>Date: Tuesday, September 07,

Great Post by "The One!" Too bad a couple of idiots highjacked the thread and
spurted out their own useless JO material! Further comments, below.

>>I try to explain more about my recent
>experiences, those of a friend and how
>this relates to what I read on mASF and
>in a couple of books. I also kinda
>intuitively feel how to treat a specific
>woman, but this intuitive knowledge
>comes merely partly from experience or
>from my nature... instead it comes from
>a huge amount of information I
>assimilated and which over time sank
>into the unconscious part of my brain.
>This, BTW, is how our brain works. First
>we have to think about every detail...
>later the stuff comes out naturally.
>Just think about how you learned to
>drive a car and what you're now able to
>do simultaneously while driving.
>The lover vs. provider paradigm is a
>misconception in my opinion. Sure, there
>are women who merely look for a lover...
>most of them are either young and not
>yet willing to commit or they are in a
>relationship where they don't get what
>they want. And there are also women who
>are looking for a provider in the
>material sense.
>But most women are looking for a man who
>provides for all of their emotional
>needs... which means a lot of emotional
>and physical stroking without
>necessarily having sex every time... and
>most want a family and a man who cares
>for them and is there for them when they
>need him. This is basically what John
>Gray writes in his books and my
>experience confirms this.

This may seem like flaming to you, but really it's more a case of, "if the shoe

FUCK John Gray!!! He'a a lameass, punkass that started out as a go-fer for Tony
Robbins, and who was a virgin well into his 30's!! He writes books for women,
who eat up all his warm and fuzzy, feel good BULLSHIT! Besides that, even if he
did have a fucking thing to say, quoting someone who wrote something outside
the seduction community, (or even within, for that matter), does not belong in
"Advanced!" IMO, crap from morons like John Gray doesn't belong anywhere on
this board (well, maybe in the "O.T. Faggot category").

Now, your second major misconception is, that you have a real relationship with
a beautiful woman. What you have is a fantasy relationship with someone that
may not look anything like what you have seen in the pictures. In fact, to be
more blunt, you don't even know the true sex of this person. You' ve never met
her/him in person! What you have is a virtual reality fantasy relationship,
which you have undoubtedly wasted countless hours on, when you could
be out meeting real women, that you could confirm in real life! Do yourself a
favor, get your head out of your ass and get out and meet REAL women and learn
from it, or do us all a favor and don't post this kind of useless crap anymore,
because it doesn't belong on this board!!!
Maybe on an internet dating/KJ board, but not THIS ONE!!!


PS: Not to mention all the AFC comments you made to this fantasy woman, was
enough to make anyone on here puke!! Haven't you learned a fucking thing from
being on this board? Maybe Form should start temporarily banning people that
post inane and useless crap like this?!!
>I'm interacting since seven weeks via
>email and phone with a woman from the
>other side of the world. To me she is
>the most beautiful woman of the world. I
>will make a picture of her available at
>an appropriate time if she agrees. She
>has also the kind of personality that I
>like: joyous, funny, passionate,
>sensitive, caring, intelligent,
>spontaneous... I could continue for a
>while. From the looks she's way above me
>and in addition she's ten years younger.
>We're communicating several times
>daily... she sent me almost 120
>emails... tells me in every single one
>that she loves me... and there is no
>doubt that we will make love, when I
>will visit her in six weeks... and there
>is almost no doubt that we will marry
>next year. I just couldn't imagine to
>marry half a year ago but now I want it
>badly because of all the pleasure I'm
>going to have with her and already have.
>So what did I do. Basically I gave her
>the impression that I'm the man who
>fulfills all of her emotional needs. I
>do a lot of things that are quite
>contrary to the mASF philosophy. I tell
>her daily that I love her, that I want
>to hug and kiss her... I tell her that I
>think all the time about her... that
>she's a very special woman... I sent her
>poems and pictures of flowers... I try
>to empathize with her and understand her
>emotions... I talk about marriage and
>even about children (although I have
>already children)... and I run patterns
>on her, like telling her how I imagine
>us lying in bed and kissing and
>She reacts by telling me daily that she
>loves me... that I'm a special man...
>that I won her heart... that she wants
>to spend the rest of her life with me...
>and she also runs patterns on me...
>sexual ones.
>I do not emphasize the sexual
>connection, just concentrate on the
>emotional connection. I let HER initiate
>the sexual wooing and merely respond to
>that. She does this in a funny and very
>arousing way... by sending explicit
>cartoons and movies... or lately she
>told me that nobody there speaks
>English, so she can tell me "I want to
>fuck you" everywhere... I just laughed.
>She talks about making love with me in
>every other email.
>I must mention though, that in the
>beginning we had a short but rather
>rational exchange about our rules with
>respect to sexuality and other things. I
>basically laid down my law and she too
>told me her rules... her most important
>one was that she wants a monogamous
>relationship which is ok for me.
>In the beginning I was quite suspicious
>about her motives. She has a rather
>luxurious life that I couldn't provide
>to her. Her parents have money... her ex
>gave her a brand new car as a birthday
>present which she didn't appreciate,
>because they had no emotional connection
>and their love life had worsened. She
>has everything a woman would want, and
>still she wants to give up everything
>for a relationship with me. I couldn't
>believe that... but now I do. I was
>honest with her about what she has to
>expect... no job in the beginning
>because she doesn't know the language...
>no luxury. But she stayed persistent and
>just told me that what she wants is to
>share her life with the correct person.
>Yesterday I talked with a friend, who is
>quite successful with women without
>knowing how he really is doing this. He
>is way younger than me and has a
>relationship since half a year with a
>woman whom he considers the love of his
>life. This guy will soon be without a
>job and will have difficulty to get
>another one here. His girlfriend has a
>job but tells him, whatever he has to do
>or wherever he has to go to find another
>job... maybe even to another country...
>she will follow him. If she finds a job
>there... good... if not they will have
>children. My friend doesn't understand
>why she would do this... giving up the
>economical security from her job, just
>to follow him into an uncertain future.
>What he doesn't understand and what I
>too didn't understand at first is that
>what these women really want is a
>relationship where their emotional needs
>are met. If they find a man of whom they
>think that he will provide for these
>needs, they don't bother about material
>issues and follow him to the end of the
>world if necessary.
>This is basically how I see it... and it
>is consistent with a lot I read here on
>mASF and in books, especially those from
>John Gray. There's an audio tape by John
>Gray ("Secrets of great sex") which I
>think helps to understand how to achieve
>a passionate sex life in a relationship.

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