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Sarging, PUA, and SS online, AoL, & Yahoo! etc..

mASF post by Old60sCockster

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Sarging, PUA, and SS online, AoL, & Yahoo! etc..
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mASF post by "Old60sCockster"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

I had tried internet "dating" before in the past and even as a "natural"... it
really was "gambling" against really "rigged" bad house odds....I had to work
my way through a lot of Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers candidates before I
ever got to a half way decent HB....and even then looks often hid some real

I recently heard a Ross Jeffries & Riker tape on Internet SS techniques...and
I'd like to try InterNet Sarging again using SS & PUA techniques.

First, I'd like to log into either the Aol or the Yahoo internet "dating" sites
to get a good look at Riker's or Jeffries' or any other PU Grand Master's
InterNet Dating/Sarging "Profile" to get an idea how to write a really good
"patterned" SS profile.

Does anyone know their (Jeffires or Riker's) or any PUA Grand Master's handles
on either of those sites so I can get a look at what a really good SS PUA
"profile" might look like?

Would any On-line PUA or Grand Master reading this be kind enough to send me
their On line handle or the address of their internet dating profile so I can
have a look.

Which of the on-line dating sites are the best to go sarging online?

Is there any more material on online internet SS, & Sarging available either on
this site or elsewhere or as audio books or course ware?

All the best to you guys! Keep up the great work.

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