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Lay Report: Sydney Shenanigans

mASF post by Viper

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Lay Report: Sydney Shenanigans
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mASF post by "Viper"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

The day begins as always with Viper waking up at 4pm, and having a shower. I'm
feeling particularly lucky tonight, so I'm sure to scrub up nice and well. I
finish the shower and begin to dress myself for the ensuing night.

On go the chained up Desperado style gold boots, the checkered pants, the
striped shirt, the pearls, the necklaces, the bands and the other peacockery. I
wash Le Teeth, and give Le Wing (Haz) a call. I drive to Haz's place, and we
hope into his car and drive towards the city. Upon driving, we decide that
tonight is more of a sophisticated night, so we skip our usual venue (Cargo
Bar), and head off to Kings Cross to visit the pretentious and always hottie
loaded Dragonfly. It is now midnight, and we both know instinctively that entry
into Dragonfly is tough at this time. We are dressed like we are the shit, and
we know we are the shit so we line up anyways. About nine people in front are
rejected, and we are let in. Score.

A few friends are there, and after a bit of mucking around, we decide it is now
officially time to get laid. We find a 2-set, a blonde 9.5 and a brunette 8.5
sitting down, and quite frankly, they look bored. Ok, time for some
entermatainment. I open with my never-fail opener, which is so god damned
effective i'm going to run my own workshops and only teach guys on the finer
points of this opener. Used about 30 odd times, never failed to open. :)

They are enthralled by my question, and volunteer theories and explanations, to
which I use to riff and vibe. Haz is in there with me, providing the necessary
backup. We're now discussing cooking, and an AMOG moves in. Metrosexual AMOG
comes in from the front with:

AMOG: Hey guys, how are you? I see you're all chilled and relaxed trying to
pickup some chicks.

Instantaneously, Haz is on it, ready to occupy that fucker while I discredit
him. We're tight like this.

Haz: Hey man, you soooo look italian, are you italian?
AMOG: Yes i come -
Haz: *starts speaking some italian to amog*
Viper: *turns to HBs* Sorry guys, i'm not cool like those two. I only know how
to speak english. We can still be friends, right? (Playful tone).
AMOG: *sticks out hand for me to shake*
Viper: *Raises hand then quickly scratches neck* AMOG officially tooled. Walks

Go back to a bit of a viberooni, and am actively forcing a little kino. She's
receptive. Says my pearls look gay, so I backturn that ho. She apologises and
grabs me.

The 9.5 goes to the toilet, so I go get a glass of water from bar, come back
and take her spot. I knew attraction was high, and was proven right as she
comes back and sits next to me, away from friend. Set has officially been

Hit her up with some more kino, run massage routine (Cred:?) and ask her what
her interests are. She says dancing, so I take that as a sign to hit the
dancefloor. We dance to the funky house beats for a minute, and I spin her so
her back is in my chest. Rub her stomach, squeeze her thighs. She reciprocates.
I stick one finger just below her navel line, and she begins dry humping me. I
move in for a kiss, but pull away last second. This drives her fucking insane!

She practically rapes my mouth, and then suggest we get drinks. I get us some
drinks, and she goes to find her friend. Her friend (8.5) says 'You should go
find your friend'. I go look for Haz, thinking he fucked up, but as it turns
out they wanted me to find him so we could make tracks. We head off to car,
drive to their hotel which is two minutes away, and the rest is history. No LMR
(i'm far too fucking suave for that shit), fall asleep next to her, wake up to
a blowjob. Drive them to airport, and they catch their flight back to
melbourne. You hear that, melbourne lair dudes? I'm fucking all your bitches!
Have some sloppy seconds!!

Ok, thats all from me for the moment, be back next week with more reports of
escapades and I promise the next one will be decently written, too.


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