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Lay Report: Same Day -- Inner game» and why it‘s important

mASF post by true_ace

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Lay Report: Same Day -- Inner game» and why it‘s important
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mASF post by "true_ace"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Let me reiterate on how important inner game» is. I did not use any pre-planned
routines, openers, closers. Nothing of that nature. I was plain and simply my
good old self. But here's the thing! If I was myself a week ago, I would not
have gotten laid.

A few months ago I lost all confidence in myself. I started questioning my
style, my feelings, my future. All this happened because of an ex-girlfriend I
was with for 4 years. Yes, to you experienced mASFers, that means I had
one-itis-Regardless, the break up was devastating for me. Until I read some of
the material on Bristol Lair, I did not look at it like I was the prize. Only
the other way around. Ever since I have corrected that, things are only getting

A few days ago I had an epiphany. There is NO POINT in being unhappy in life.
If you are worried about your looks, unless you have tons of money and want to
possibly suffer permanent scaring, there is nothing you can do about it! BUT,
think about this. What makes a person attractive? Is it really all looks? Or
does it go back to body language, or how a person carry's themselves. You have
to admit, confidence is the sexiest quality someone can possess.

Point is, I found this confidence. This confidence has corrected my posture, my
speech, and my attitude. I've rapidly improved all areas of my life. Within a
few short days, I've rekindled old relationships with friends, made tons of new
friends, feel more energetic, feel more positive, women are looking at me more,
I'm getting LAID.

I didn't do anything but feel good about being me!

To the lay report,
It was a Friday night around 10:00pm EST. I get a phone call from a friend I
recently started talking to again. It's his brother's birthday and they're
throwing him a party. I'm invited. I shower, get dressed, and head out around
10:30pm EST.

I drive and get to his house alone around 11:00pm EST. When I come inside, It's
my just my friend and three other guys. We catch up on old times with a bottle
of Captain Morgan and play some beer pong. Shortly after, 3 ladies show up. One
was a UG, but HBPersian8, and HBEmoRock7.5 were looking real good.

The night continues with conversation and drinking. I did not drink too much
because I had to drive home. I already have one DUI under my belt, I don't need
another. I see HBPersion8 and HBEmoRock7.5 outside talking on the deck. I
decide to go outside and introduce myself.

I open the conversation very friendly. Introduced myself and made some comments
about a show I recently went to. At first they seemed a little distant, but
that didn't stop me from pursuing. After a few minutes they began talking more.
Nothing more than mindless chit chat. HBEmoRock7.5 steps inside leaving me with
an opportunity to close in on HBPersian8. We start talking about past
relationships which gives me a chance to show my more emotional side. But do
not get it twisted, I was not supplicating in anyway or crying. I was simply
voicing my opinion on life and its value. Anyhow, she responds with great
interest and begins to talk about her endeavors. We have a great conversation
for about 10 minutes, a little kino. I walk back inside on a high note.

30 minutes later I walk out back again to make a phone call. HBPersian8 follows
me outside and begins talking to me, but in a more seductive tone and with more
kino. I'm no chump, I take her advance and move in for the kill. I tilt her
head back and kiss her. We make out for about 10 minutes. I give a few
subliminal hints through language about my intentions for the evening. She
supplicates. Beautiful =)

She quietly and shyly dry humps me on a chair for a couple minutes. I respond
by telling her it would be a lot better if we had some privacy. I advance by
offering to go back to my place. She accepts.

Her friends try to convince her not leave. I'm not worried. I know the deal is
closed because of the connection I made with her in the back. And I'm right.
Within 5 minutes, we're on our way to my place.

Upon arrival, we make our way into the kitchen. I have a cheap bottle of wine,
but tastes great. We share a glass and have some more chit chat. Soon after, we
head to the bedroom and I throw in a movie. I have no intention of watching
this movie.. She knows this.

I hop into bed and we immediately begin kissing. A few minutes later I take off
her pants and do what I do best. That's perform. She gives me a blowjob in
return and we fuck.. and we fuck.. and we fuck. 3 times in all. Twice that
night and once in the morning.

No LMR, No Bullshiting, No Lying.

I put my cards on the table. She took a look at them, and accepted them. I had
no intention of playing a game. I told her what I was about, and she liked it.
I kept the conversation interesting by being more than a cocky asshole. Sure I
through in a few C&F comments, but that wasn't my game plan because that's not
who I am. REMEMBER, I'm not cocky, I'm confident. The sex was some of the best
I've had in a while. She wasn't a real freak, somewhat innocent maybe, but it
was great.

For the first time since my realization, I tried nothing more than to be
myself. I had no routines, no attraction openers, no closers.. Why? CAUSE IM
NOT BORING. I can make conversation up on my own. Don't get me wrong, I'm not
hating on the people who use them either. It's just not for me. Which completes
what I'm saying.. JUST BE YOURSELF.

But if being yourself means you are shy, feeling unattractive, or in some way
feeling depressed, I really suggest working on yourself before trying to PU
women. The rewards are far greater my friends.

A New Man,


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