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Field Report: sarging the beach!

mASF post by Ay

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Field Report: sarging the beach!
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mASF post by "Ay"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Had some fun today with 2 guys from Seattle Lair.
We decided to meet up at one of the beaches in Seattle, I came first and had my
coffee with a cigarette, got my batteries recharged so to say. Met up with KJ,
opened a few sets, all in good fun. I had (and still have) plenty of energy,
really sarging is becoming pure fun for me.

Anyway, we roll. I think we did close to 7-8 sets, KJ did one really long one
(more on that below).

We opened with David Bowie (KJ's preference) and I did my new "speedo" opener,
which actually works better as a routine. Most chicks said speedos are gay,
lol. I think not and I'll still wear them!

It goes something like this:

Ayy: hey guys, I need a quick female opinion
HB: ??
Ayy: which do you like more, speedos or boxers/shorts?
HB: wha??
Ayy: like when guys go to the beach, which would you rather see?
HB: usually they say no speedos
Ayy: really? that makes no sense. Wouldn't chicks like more of the body exposed
(point to schlong)?
KJ: cuz check this out, this guy (me) is from Russia and over there guys wear
speedos, bla bla bla

This gets the ball rolling, but sometimes chicks walk away after you talk to
them for 2 minutes because it's a bit hard to transition. Funny, I opened a 2
set of girls that happened to be Russian as well, one of them was hot, they
seemed to be friendly but walked away. KJ thinks its because we had no time
constraint and showed to much interest, I tend to agree. Time constraint is
always good to have.

Anyway, so we did some sets, and as we walk by the beach KJ opens this hot
2-set (HB8.5 and HB6.5) with David Bowie. He quickly transitions and goes into
weird directions, mad props to you bro. These chicks are 23 and 25 years old,
the target was 25. KJ is 20, I'm 17 (said I was 19), haha. They shit tested the
hell out of him about age and other shit, he handled it perfectly.

So we bust neg them a little, I bust on their hair (fake blonde, still looks
nice), bla bla. About 30 minutes into the set they start going "this is why we
don't like older guys, because younger guys are usually more mature. You guys
are very mature for your age, bla bla" then they start saying that we're hot
and shit, we bust on them for being pedophiles, haha. They try to make me take
off my pants and walk around in my speedos because they never see a guy do
that. I didn't tho, don't want to be sucked in their frame.

Then two korean dudes come into the set, they barely speak English but they
interrupt the convo and ask for something (dunt remember what), KJ tries to
friendly amog them and it works. It was hilarious to watch, the guys were
asking about places to go on the beach, etc. KJ just starts twisting the convo
in riduculous directions, he pretends that he's a friend with the HB and
they've known each other for 10 years, bla bla. HBs are playing into it as
well. So the guys ask to take a picture, and we do. First it's me, KJ, and the
HBs. Then it's them and HBs, haha. They said they will email it to the HBs and
HBs will email it to KJ.

So them a third PUA comes around, sorry still don't remember your name, bro. So
we all chill, KJ increases the kino, so now they are dancing salsa and shit,
then they wrestle. Good shit, mad props bro.

So we shoot the shit (mainly HB8.5 and KJ), then they decide to go have their
drinks and they want us to follow. So we walk with them for a little, KJ
#-closed the hotter one and she's really digging him going "call me" and shit.
Funny :D

After that we do some more sets. I open these mature looking chicks with
speedo, they stay for a while then eject. It's funny in retrorespect seing how
I'm 17 trying to mack on those 21+ chicks, haha.

KJ opens a 3-set of 17+ chicks, we talk a little. They give him the boyfriend
line, he passes the shit test. So shoot the shit, then eject. Those chicks were
weird, they had boyfriends and said they wanted to marry them, wtf.

So, it was a fun day. Mad props to KJ for pulling that set, it was amazing how
HB's BT went sky high and he framed it like they are trying to pick him up
because they like younger guys, lol. Classic textbook example, attraction,
qualifying, then rapport, some push/pull, then escalate kino, close. Money!

We split our own ways around 5 pm, so I call up the two HBs I closed last
friday, and set up a day 2 with them just for the kicks. I don't really want to
fuck them (well, I'm still deciding) but they'll make good pivots. We're going
to Bite of Seattle thing, there will be lots of food. I told them to bring
money so they can buy me stuff (making it obvious I'm not paying for their shit
in a playful way). Nice.

Oh yeah, we opened a 2 set of french chicks, it was funny. Apparently they were
with their parents, so their mom is like "yeah, they barely speak english, you
guys aren't guying anywhere", lol! I think we did the speedo on them.

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