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Field Report: 2 number closes, great vibing

mASF post by Ay

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Field Report: 2 number closes, great vibing
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mASF post by "Ay"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

"Good things come to those who sarge."

What's up!
Today was very nice. Woke up, didn't feel like sarging AT ALL. Guys, when you
don't feel like going out, go anyway! So, Friday, I was thinking about hooking
up with PUAs from Seattle Lair and hit a club, but didn't feel like sarging
whatsoever and after the ID incident (read my prev FR) I'm trying to stay away
from clubs for now because I'm freaking out.

So, my regular wing AlexK calls up and we decide to go hang out. I picked him
up, we went through the mall, had some food bought some pretty kick-ass
outfits, then we decide to go to our [now] regular place in Seattle, which is a
hookah bar, really nice place.

We roll up, walk in, shake hands with a few regulars (good to have social
proof), then AlexK bus some food and we sit down in the middle tables because
that's where it's usually crowded. Not many people yet, so we just chill. I
drink coffee, Alex eats his shwarma (spelling?). Then one of the regulars calls
up my name, and motions to come sit with them. So we go sit and shoot some BS
with the guys. They are regulars, they spin CDs and shit, etc. Good for social

So as we sit, one of the guys opens a set next to us, he invites the girls to
try out hookah, which is pretty good because these guys know what to mix. So
they like it, a few chicks come back and forth. I'm telling you, this guy has
his groop theory down, he's cool with everybody iuncluding the guys. I wouldn't
be surprized if he's a mASFer, hehe.

Anyway, we sit like that for about half an hour, just shooting the shit. Then a
2 set of HBs come sit next to us. HB8Bad and HB8Nice. My friend is like "hey,
come talk to them", so I go grab a glass of water and plop in the chair next to

Ayy: what's up guys :)
HB8Bad: hey, howzitgoin'
Ayy: what are you guys having?
HB8Bad: (gives me the hookah) we just started smoking it
Ayy: what flavor is it?
HB8Bad: it's grape
Ayy: tastes more like rubber to me ;)
they both laugh
Ayy: my name is Ayy :)
shake hands, exchange names. I'm feeling friendly, good EC and relaxed BL

Ayy: you guys come here often?
HB8Nice: not really
Ayy: you go to school nearby?
HB8Nice: WU
Ayy: ohh, nice, I go to green river
Ayy: it's nice up there, but the building is kinda old. I am enjoying the
nature though, it's really green

more small talk

Ayy: you guys go to any clubs around here?
HB8Nice: no, not really, we live in X
Ayy: oh, I live in Y, it's also called the Asshole of Seattle
HB8Bad: yeah, there are many places like that
Ayy: tell me something, why do you think girls go to clubs around here?
HB8Nice: I dunno, why? :)
Ayy: friendly club routine
Ayy: that's why I go to this place, it has a very friendly atmosphere and great
HB8Bad: agree

Ayy: so are you guys like best friends?
HB8Nice: yes, we are!
Ayy: good/bad influence routine
Ayy: who's the bad influence here?
HB8Bad: lol
HB8Nice: that would be me!
Ayy: oh yeah? got anything to back that claim up?
HB8Nice: lol
Ayy: what's the craziest thing you've ever done?
HB8Nice: girlcoding HB8Bad
HB8Bad: we keep it to ourselves, it's secret ;)
Ayy: really? you know, every time I ask you something you guys girlcode each
HB8Nice: lol
Ayy: I think she's (HB8Bad) the bad one because you're always looking at her
first before you say something
HB8Bad: yeah, I'm the bad one!

Ayy: so you guys balance each other out?
Ayy: powerpuff girls routine
mad laughs
HB8Nice: omg, he knows powerpuff girls!
Ayy: lol, HB8Bad is buttercup!
more mad laughs
HB8Nice: who am I?
Ayy: you're bubbles, you're the nice one!
HB8Nice: lol

more vibing
Ayy: hey, who do you think lies more, guys or girls?
HB8Bad: what do you mean?
Ayy: well, in relationships?
HB8Bad: guys!
HB8Nice: guys!!
Ayy: I think it's girls
HB8Bad: that's because you're a guy :)
Ayy: bad girlfriend routine
HB8Bad: lol, see guys lie more!
Ayy: but no, bla bla bla

more chatting

HB8Bad is having her cell out
Ayy: hey, that thing got a camera?
HB8Bad: yes!
Ayy: let's take pictures!
HB8Bad: ok, let me delete some to free up space
give the camera to AlexK, strike a pose with HB8Bad

AlexK is messing with the cell, for a long time, lol
Ayy: he's gonna brake it
HB8Bad: lol

We give the cell to HB8Nice, she's taking long too
Ayy: it's okay, she's blond, she can get away with that

We take a pic
Ayy: can you send it to a different cell?
HB8Bad: only to the same kind
Ayy: oooo, you probably have verizon!
HB8Bad:lol, yes, why?
Ayy (to AlexK): she has verizon!
we both booo the verizon network
more laughs

I think that's when I introduce AlexK. He sits next to us and starts chatting
up the HBs.
Ayy: this guy is a fucking rock star
So they chat with each other for some time, AlexK does a back turn (smooth,
bro). HB8Bad hits him, lol, good stuff

Some guys they know come in, AlexK leaves the seat, so they come in and I'm
having one of those ideas with a light bulb "group theory!", start shaking
hands and making friends with the guys. One of them had a haircut similar to
the lead singer in Prodigy, so I said it, good stuff. Great vibe with the guys,
turns out later they don't really know the HBs that well.

so I resume:
Ayy: you two like asian guys?
HB8Nice: wtf, lol, he's asking if we like asian guys!
HB8Bad: why are you asking?
Ayy: I like asian chicks, they are very cute!
HB8Nice: hey, HB8Bad is half asian!
HB8Bad: yeah, I'm half asian!
Ayy: no you're lying
HB8Bad: okay, I'm lying
Ayy: you look like a black jewish canadian!
mad laughs, lol
HB8Nice: what do I look like?
Ayy: lemme think

one of the regulars comes in, we chat a bit

HB8Nice: so what do I look like?
Regular: she looks Irish
Ayy: yes, that's what I was thinking

anyway, to make the long story short, we sit like that for a long while, I'm
chatting with every group around us, there's mixed set at out table, a guy and
a chick, befriend the guy, talk to the chick. They appeared to be brother and
Some other guys come in, shoot the shit with them, pass the hookah.

I leave to take some water, shoot the shit with some regulars, do a "cheers"
with one of the DJs. Sweet. I go back, more vibing, good long EC, some slight

So we talk some more, it's around 12 pm so they start packing (befriended AFCs
that came with them weren't very fun for them).

I go "hey", just like that, whip out my cell. HB8Bad knowingly nods, I plug her
in as "Black Jewish Canadian" we laugh about that, she gives me her digits.
Then I get the digits from HB8Nice.

They leave, I give them my special full body hug, they're like "buy Ayy", they
actually remembered my name, which is not just hard to remember, it's hard to
pronounce. So I tell them to come here again next friday, they said ok.

Later we just sat there some more, I opened another chick to my left, shoot the
shit with her for a while. She slowly warms up, but it's late so we decide to
leave. I probably could have pulled two more #-closes that night, very good

As we exit, we shake about 4 times as many hands as we did when we came in,
lol. Great social proof.

On the exit, a bouncer chick opens us with indirect. She looks drunk, we shoot
the shit for a minute and take off.

Great night. I know this is a long-ass post, so here's a summary of good/bad:

Good stuff:
- Befriended AMOGs, group tactics
- Did a lot of routines, all of them flew like crazy
- Relaxed BL, friendly vibe, good EC
- Good social proof
- Good vibing, very friendly and social

I never knew I actually had so much material to spit out! Spent like two hours
chatting, nice.

Bad stuff:
- Dunno, could have opened more sets or something

I feel so good :)

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