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Re: Advice for new City (Vancouver)

mASF post by docandwriter

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Re: Advice for new City (Vancouver)
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mASF post by "docandwriter"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005


Vancouver has a Lair with some really good PUAs. Damn good and getting
better. There are a lot of outings that we organize, and we've met with
the Toronto, Seattle, and Edmonton Lairs so far (I tried to meet the
Montreal Lair, but missed their meeting).

We are putting together a new website as well. Getting into the lair is
exclusive, basically you have to meet us and show that you really have
the desire to become good at this.

You can always send me an email.


Blackthorn wrote:

> H4nsel
> I moved to Vancouver myself about 3 years ago, but without the attitude you
> have. I moved for work reasons and brought all my AFC ways with me. So, 3
> years later, Vancouver was still quite boring for me (knew maybe 5 ppl in the
> city, mostly co-workers & roommates). That was until I discovered
> fastseduction 2 months ago and started trying to put some of the advice to
> Some suggestions for meeting people here/figuring out where to meet people
> (which I've used successfully so far). & are the
> best resources I've found for night club events/parties/after hours. Great
> little know, intimate events that don't get a lot of media hype (underground
> mostly). is a free meeting site with a lot of locally based
> people. Geared towards people that are new to town and looking to meet new
> people. And of course, it's FREE. Not quasi-free, where you can sign up for
> free, but if you want to talk to someone, you have to pay, but totally free.
> Also, consider signing up through the PAIR registry, the do have a local
> here, they get together pretty often to head out on the town for the night.
> Plan carefully where you live. When I first moved here, it was out
> Burnaby/Coquitlam area. Cheap-ish rent, but too far from town which, face
> is where the action is. Night transit sucks, skytrain stops at 1:00, yet the
> clubs got till 3 or 4 in the AM, and then there's always after hours going on
> after that. Paying $60 to get a cab home is NOT worth it. I think the best
> spot for anyone moving here as a student/young person is Commercial/broadway
> area. The Commercial strip is always entertaining with out door patios,
> ecclectic shops and people eveywhere. And, only 10 mins from downtown.
> There's usually posting up on boards in the area of people looking for
> roommates. Also, the Georgia Straight, local rag newspaper has lots of
> looking for shared accomadation, and a great upcomming events section as
> Of course, your school probably also has some sort of rental board/shared
> accomadation board as well
> Hope this helps
> Blackthorn

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