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Outing Report: Direct kind of approach # & @ close despite BF

mASF post by xmlenigma

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Outing Report: Direct kind of approach # & @ close despite BF
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mASF post by "xmlenigma"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

I was at this artsy cafe with free WiFi looking for new location to move to in
the better areas of town.

I had not eaten all day and was very tired, sleepy, jerky and edgy.

I was so bad that that when I tried to hold my hand up it would shake.

On laptop doing stuff..
- Notice this HBLisaLoeb graceful creature with spectacles in a simple black
dress with some books sit diagonally across at another table
(theres something about cute/pretty girls that wear glasses... very very cute)
- Continue working.. (excuser).. keep noticing.. (continue working).. think
about talking.. to her with something..

(GUYS SUGGEST SOMETHING HERE.. I know its excuser.. I was wondering how I could
talk to her without having every person around there who was READING and
STUDYING not begin to stare at us)

Dont end up talking.. She gets up a few times gets water .. blah blah.. she had
some kind of charm.. an earthy grace to her...

- She takes her stuff and goes and sits on the patio outside.. and is

- I had to leave.. so I start packing my laptop etc.. in bag.. notice an Indian
female behind me eating chocholate cake and having a cold coffee..

- I fluff with her about HOW that SUGAR will make her hyper.. etc.. She
acknowledges etc.. Talk fluff.. writing.. shes a writing student.. talk about
writing.. about a friend of mine who writes.. show her my friends work on her
blog.. etc.. adios etc.. (Should have # closed for -FRIEND, - PIVOT - New
SOCIAL CIRCLE_... damn.. )

- I step out and notice HBLisaLoeb is sitting ..go to my car.. put in my bag..
think.. almost sit inside and drive.. and think. I'll see here here another
time I am sure.. EXCUSER.. I am getting this stress and edgy energy in my neck
and shoulder (lack of sleep)...EXCUSER

- I was like.. fuck it.. go talk... I go straight.. and sit down in front of
her.. while I say.. "Hi.. I think you have this grace about you.. its very
sincere".. 'Its not like certain girls that try to show off.. very simple and
sincere yet.. graceful".. I wanted to talk to her and get to know her..

I think she was shell shocked.. and went into she has a BF etc. and if I was
asking to date.. or just talk..

I should have used the "Thats cool, you've got something to do when I am not
around".. But said "Thats fine, it doesnt matter.. Id like to know you. talk to
you.. (something)".

Talk fluff: (never exchanged names)
- LOGICAL STUFF (damn it)
- Studies Mechnical Engg - I Playfully comment - Geek
- Maths etc.
- Some other stupid crap.. Some playful banter from my side.. some very
sincere.. conversation
- She comments somewhere in the middle "that was a lot better than some of the
ways other guys".. essentially.. I think she was +ve about the sincereity with
which I talked to her
- Ask her stuff about herself etc..
- Fluffing.. close attempt.. with gotta go.. but like to talk to u again.. she
says I come here all the time.. blah blah.. catch me here.. I say I am new and
moving to the area... so.. I dont know..
- Somewhere in fluff.. askss what I do.. I say take a guess (says she noticed
me take a phone business calls.. so I am probably a professional etc)... [ THIS
- Contact information.. she gives me her email..on a piece of paper she tears
off from her book...saying she hardly answers her phone.. email is better..
fluff more.. BLAH BLAH
- I take the paper.. hand to her .. give me your number as well.. either ways..
get #..
- Fluff and gotta go.. but catch u later..

PS: I hesitated a lot initially and during the # close but was relaxed and calm
rest of it. Not a long chat.

I sposedly have her #, @ and name. (on piece of paper).

I am not sure if I made her
- uncomfy
- nervous
- attracted

etc or a mix of those.

- She liked my sincereity and direct confidence AND
- She was nervous so she ended up giving me stuff

- She was just nervous so she ended up giving me stuff to get rid of me

Not the best.. but slowly exiting my EXCUSERS.

New Lairs started for Houston and Dallas
Keyboard Jockeys wake up.
No manual, No books, No seminars, No tapes.
Field is god...and Field is the way.
MASF is the learning shrine..
Take her home .. or do a takeaway.

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