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Positive/Negative effect on sex drive/erection?

mASF post by xmlenigma

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Positive/Negative effect on sex drive/erection?
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mASF post by "xmlenigma"
posted on: mASF forum: Sex Discussion, June 6, 2005

Care to share what you are doing to learn / master this ?

On 5/1/05 7:01:00 AM, Echelon wrote:
>Focus more on the mental side
>of lasting longer, not the
>physical ("Stalin Technique").
>I've reached the point of
>being able to last as long as
>I want - CHOOSING when to cum.
>It's all about believing that
>it is possible, and calming
>your mind.
>This "Stalin Technique" just
>sounds silly to me...
>"I believe that wanking
>"correctly" can build inner
>game." -Riker_AUT

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