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Outing Report: # close & bridge naturally w HBSingleMom8+/9

mASF post by xmlenigma

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Outing Report: # close & bridge naturally w HBSingleMom8+/9
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mASF post by "xmlenigma"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

OR: # close & bridge naturally with HBSingleMom8+/9

HB - HBSingleMom
LG - LittleGirl

I think I got tired of being out of the game for so long. Havent been sarging
at all. I wanted to get out of the whole routines and C&F and everything
structured based.

Anyways, I am working from home (remotely) and realized that I had not eaten
anything all day and it was around 2/3 and I was hungry. I shave, shower, dress
(jeans, brown shirt) and am about to step out when I notice out of the
apartment balcony window.

HBSingleMom8+/9 (could be 9+)

- Young, quite pretty, & cute. Could be very beautiful if she dresses up
- If I had seen her alone would probably think shes in college
- Seen her around apartment complex w her 7-8 yr old daughter
- I think I might have caught her "looking at me" once while she was driving
(the feeling that someones looking)
- Possibility that she 'checked me out' sometime during one of the apt. complex
poolside resident gather events, where I was chilling with some of the young
chics that work in the leasing office



HBSingleMom8+/9 (could be 9+) just leaves her Honda Element "center" doors open
to go to her apartment and I notice the daughter sitting inside waiting in back
seat with a 'Rabbit Cage' with a Rabbit inside. [ AS OBSERVED FROM BALCONY

I am still in apartment finishing some things before I head out to eat. I am
thinking --- Rabbits -- situational--- and wondering if she will be back, get
in and drive out before I get a chance to talk.

I finish some crap and notice that the cars still there the same way and
think.. damn it.. this is destiny... (ive been having some thoughts of going
full mode on PU over the last few days).. youve checked her out.. shes checked
you out (assumed ;) ).. time to hit the iron..


I walk down and realize that I had not parked my car in the usual area (which
is near her apartment / usual parking) but had been lucky to park right next
to my apt. (DAMN.. what excuse do I have to walk that way now).

I was like I am going to go look at that rabbit no matter what.. and talk to
the little girl ( I love hanging with kids and most of them love hanging me ..
). So, as I kind of reach slightly there, I notice her perpendicular walking
towards the car from my left as I walk towards it straight.

CONVERSATION MIXED (main items I can remember.. in hopefully chronological
order.. slightly mixed):

- Open about rabbit..cute.. (my convo was very much mixed between HB & Girl..
Talk a bit with mom & a little with girl)
- LG
- ur t-shirt color matches the color of rabbit cage (purple).. HB
- does he like carrots
- what do you call him? "Punsy".
- what kind of a name is that.. I dont think he likes that name.. Should be
something like Bugs Bunny (Bugsy), Roger Rabbit, something famous you know
- He doesnt like you for keeping that name
- See.. let me call him .. bugsy and punsy..
- HB
- Find out shes a teacher OR did she volunteer that info ? (dint ask what grade
- Is moving out of apt end of month (Me- I am too.. )
- Where to ? (Louisina.. shes from there) (Me - To the inner loop of city...
more stuff to do..)
- Since shes off from school in summer all they do is - working out & swimming
- She Fluffs about - new fancy fitness center / upscale
- New job / interviews
- Find a lot of commonalities
- Moved into Houston 2 years ago (both of us)
- Took my baby cousin to Disney last year (they are going this year)
- Co-incidences and commonalities were popping up like anything.
- Joked - Eyes had marks.. liike she was in a fight.. boxing or kickboxing or
something.. talked about her eyebrows threading.. and she had been kickboxing
at the fitness center
- Somewhere in between I bridge her to catch lunch and somewhere I number close
her ( we exchange & she asks my name 3 times.. twice initially....... later
when entering into cell phone) [First half of Real name is tough for Americans
..maybe I should use ALEX.. hehe say what SC.. ]
- Ask her what kind of cooking she does.. Cajun Vegetarian.. I am like I am
too, Indian, Asian, Cuisine etc(we align) [Damn...Why did I not talk to her
- I am like too bad we did not get a chance to talk earlier.. Its funny how a
rabbit got us talking.. She says "yeah, hes quite the conversation piece".

- I was calm confident and very relaxed and would move my attention naturally
on my own accord between LG, HB & Rabbit
- She was volunteering information.. left right and center.. Said we live in #
XYZ, invites to come over..
- Asks about me.. what I do where I am from..
- Asks me my number twice (When I asked her for her number I started getting
the LG's number and ask LG when are we open to do lunch.. and she says
anytime.. since no work.. I say.. Oh.. I wasnt asking you.. I was asking her..
LG gives me her number.. (her moms cell phone number as I find later... HB asks
my number & name after I # close LG.. then i ask her number.. and its the
same.. )
- LG - comes and holds me 2-3 times.. like giving me a hug.. holding on to my
- She seemed quite happy that I had come to talk ..etc.. and was kind of
looking forward to next meet
- She asked me if I was a single guy (related to me moving to the Inner Loop)

- I used to originally be of the thought that if kids are involved then never
meddle. But, I think the reason she is single mom could be some -ve factor with
father / etc. BOTTOMLINE: SINGLE MOMS also need some loving.
- Seemed like she has been out of SOCIAL SCENE for a while..
- Seemed like she has liked me from before or liked my cool, calm demeanor

- I want to CLOSE this one. Also because I like her.. shes very pretty,
- I am thinking the following:
- I dont have too much time in hand with her.. I move out 17th. She leaves town
close to end of the month.
- I should avoid day2 day3 day 4 scenarios.. day2.... at the most day2 venue
changing etc.. and close or worst case day3
- Avoid talking on the phone.. keep the intrigue.. and stuff to talk about..

- Wondering how to set up things where we can get together but I dont know if I
will be able to Escalate (which I KNOW I need to do FAST before things go
STALE) with the little girl around (CONCIOUS?)
- Dont know if I can ask her to not bring LG..
- Actually I think LG should be fun to hang with.. will majorly DHV and SP me.

Basically one of the things has to happen
- LG - goes to sleep (afternoon nap.. or late night sleep)
- LG - is taken care of (babysitter, babysitting, her friends place or

< I know HB will try to make LOGISTICS happen if things go the right way.. But
I dont want to set up a scenario where it becomes really wierd and difficult
for HB to fix logistics.. I am sure none of us want to do STUFF with LG
watching >

Some of the possible alternatives...
1. MEAL (outside or at her place..she invited to come over) + SOME ACTIVITY w
HB + (if LG ) + LG Sleep
2. Mid afternoon / evening COFFEE.. + Walk around / GO somwhere and walk around
to go for ESCALATION..

I am not sure.. this thing is kinda compllicated or I am just complicating
things for myself and should go for it my way and let her take care of
logistics. But I am thinking I might LIMIT her ability to handle logisics by
going one of the routes.

- Note: New place that I am moving to possibly is the best location.. Its near
a park and is a big house belonging to my possible roommate and he will not be
in town for next 2 weeks. Maybe I can leave LG to watch movie and fall asleep
and then we can do our own thing. I know that if I keep logistics right... IT
WILL HAPPEN. DONT LET HER ESCAPE. (She might be a candidate for LMR & ASD due
to LG)

New Lairs started for Houston and Dallas
Keyboard Jockeys wake up.
No manual, No books, No seminars, No tapes.
Field is god...and Field is the way.
MASF is the learning shrine..
Take her home .. or do a takeaway.

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