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Becoming good at PU without good help

mASF post by rafcjax

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Becoming good at PU without good help
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mASF post by "rafcjax"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

I feel ya man... I live in a city where there are no mASF PUA or advance dudes.

I'm going thru the grind since the beginning of the year and here are some of
the stuff I've been doing.

1. Started a LAIR/group, recruited others to join, so have wings to go out
with everyday... heck even recruited from and It's so
bad here that I had wings that are 40 y/o and 53 y/o. I'm 33.

2. Joined online LAIRS that are sorta nearby or a day trip away (eg, I'm in
Jacksonville, FL - joined Tampa/Orlando lair (225 miles away), South Florida
lair (300 miles away). Which leads to three

3. If you get wind that a PUA or advance guy will be in your town, try to meet
up with him/them. Had that recently happen (Nilatak/J-Muffin) and they gave me
tremendous feedback/felt really improved my game. Ego dropped of course.

It's all about trial and error... and not giving a FUCK. - Erik H

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