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PUAs, read my story and advise me (long)

mASF post by Scoob

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PUAs, read my story and advise me (long)
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mASF post by "Scoob"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

The main issues I see from your long post are that you are very analytical by
nature, you have some mild social phobia and you lack experience in
non-platonic interactions with the opposite sex. You are not going to find
confidence to approach by reading books, I can assure you. I speak from
personal experience. I spent most of the 90's trying to find a magic pill
within the pages of the latest feel-good publication. It doesn't work that way,

I really don't think you could sarge solo at this point. You have too many
negative preconceptions about it. In time you will learn that people who are
secure in themselves couldn't give a rat's arse if you are alone in a public
place. For now though, you need guidance from an experienced wing in your local

Check out the PAIR listings for your city. Send out some emails to the guys and
see if you get a response. Also look for local lairs. You need somebody to give
you a push into sets and then give you honest feedback afterwards. This is by
far your best recommendation. Don't consider a workshop until you've done some
approaches and had some small successes (and tons of failures...they are to
make you stronger!).

Your age and inexperience is not a factor. One of the best PUAs to develop
through these boards lost his virginity at 26 and within two years was pulling
more ass than you could imagine AND instructing at workshops. What you need is
encouragement and positive reinforcement from somebody who knows how to talk to
women and can evaluate you HONESTLY.

Keep us posted on how your search goes. This board is for support as well as
advice. When you hit the field do not be afraid to put up a field report for
review. You will learn more from one bad set than from ten good ones.

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