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Rock bottom

mASF post by Jon King

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Rock bottom
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mASF post by "Jon King"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

A few ideas:

1) Find a dedicated wing in your area and go sarging clubs/malls/campus 2-3
times a week. Try the lairs, try PAIR, and be willing to travel a bit if you
have to.

2) Start sarging in class and on campus. Make Socializing and social-circles
from A to Z
<URL:> by Kineti[C]harm and similar posts your bible.

Honestly, I think finding a productive wing would be ideal. I would have
seriously considered trading in my whole university social circle for a good
wing to be out practicing with over those four years. A good wing and good
skills = potentially infinite social circle because you're always
meeting/sarging new people.

But if you can't find a wing, just start sarging solo all over your campus and
even the bars/clubs. Plenty of other guys here do it.

As far as your targets go, practice sarging guys just as much as girls. Some
are really friendly and make good insta-wings or guys to chill with. Just stay
really chauvenistic and talk about the HBs in the venue or in general so they
understand your intentions ;). Kinetic talks about how to close these in the
post above. Seriously read it.

- Jon

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